SOUPS to warm the SOUL 🥣

SOUPS to warm the SOUL 🥣

Is there anything more confident than a bowl of warm soup? Hum… Specially in the Fall and Winter months, it’s like a big warm hug in a bowl. But if you’re somebody who’s not interested in soups, I get you, I’ve been there but I’m really optimistic that the soups we’re going to be sharing in todays video it’s gonna change your mind I’m gonna share with you 3 different soup recipes today, recipes that are amazing additions to any pot lucks or festive get togethers you might be going to or just make it and enjoy it on your own. The breakdown to each recipe can be found on the blog and we also always provide PDFs for each of our recipes, just to make it easier for you to refer to while you’re in the kitchen. Todays video is in partnership with WIX. They are the amazing platform that we use to create the Pick Up Limes website. I’m going to speak more about them at the end but for now let’s dive in. The first soup is incredibly delicious, creamy it’s a total crownd pleaser. I’ve made it for 3 pot lucks now and everyone always asks for the recipe, so here we go. we begin by peeling and roughly dicing two medium yellow onions and we are also gonna roughly chop three red peppers also known as paprika as well as one medium zucchini also known as courgette These vegetables are going to be blended later on so no need to cut them properly And to a large pot on a medium high heat we are gonna add a bit of oil and saute the onions until they are lightly brown and soft which will take about 5 minutes we are going to add splashes of water as needed to deglaze the pan and prevent burning and sticking. We are then gonna add two cloves crushed garlic

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  1. Soup, for me, is one of the ultimate comfort foods. But what’s your favourite comfort food? We’re thinking of creating a “classic comfort foods” recipe video sometime in the new year 😀

  2. Why are you so beautiful and gorgeous? 😍💞 I admire your personality, love your channel… these soups recipes are delicious

  3. From the first recipe can I substitute almond instead of cashew? And I’m a strict Hindu in Hindu practice I will not use onion and garlic.

  4. May I ask which immersion blender you used in here? There are many in the market but I am looking for this particular one, thank you 💞

  5. I think your recipes look delicious but I don’t think they’re the healthiest, would you make more recipe videos that are healthier and lower in fat because I realised most of your recipes are high in fat and low in carb. And I think your videos are very beneficial for people that are willing to go vegan. Thanks

  6. Thank you for all your amazing videos. Because of your positive easy approach to vegan food I am trying veganism for the first time in my 49 year life. I'm excited for this adventure!

  7. I don't know what is wrong… I did the soup of sweet potatoes (the red one) and the taste is very… "sweet" I don't like it… how can I fixed? I follow step by step of the blog… is normal that "sweet taste"? 😔😔😔😔 help me please 😔😔😔 I wanna enjoy it 😔

  8. I have a bit of a stupid question: every time I have tried to use an immersion blender I end up with splatters all over my kitchen and myself. How do I prevent that?

  9. I loved it! Wish I discovered your channel a lot sooner. Simple ingredients and recipes are my thing. Food looks delicious. ❤

  10. Hi I hope you're doing well.
    I'm vegan and I love cooking. Yours videos are just amazing, you make me see the meals differently that I sow before. I'm really glad you share your passion and great talent with us. You inspire me every day.
    Thank you so much.

  11. Sadia, I just tried it, and I can honestly say, that this is not just recipe for a soup, but also a recipe for eternal adoration from your boyfriend after serving this masterpiece for dinner. It goes on my coulinary iron list 🙂

  12. Is there a substitute for coconut milk? It tastes a little sweet! Will normal milk do?
    Btw, love the pepper zucchini soup:"

  13. I am big fan of soups, i have tried potatoes and beet root soup and it can tell it tastes so amazing. I will defiantly try two of your other recipes.

  14. I love your videos!!! Quick question — could I substitute vegetable broth for the bouillon cubes + water in these soup recipes? I've recently started making broth on a regular basis from veggie scraps that I keep in my freezer (and then I freeze the broth).

  15. I´m moving abroad in about two weeks, and I´ve decided to reduce my meat comsumption drasticly when doing so. Unfortunately I´m a bit of a picky eater so I can´t go all in from the start, but take some small steps. This lasagna soup however looks like just right up my alley, so I will definitely try it!

  16. I decided to become a vegetarian about 2 months ago and after coming across this video a few weeks ago I really wanted to try the lasagna soup and I made it for me and my parents today and they loved it! Especially my dad who always was a big meat eater, I'm pleasantly surprised he liked it!!! Thank you for this awesome recipe I'll definitely try out your other recipes!

  17. I love your site but just need to say bell peppers are not also known as paprika. Paprika is a ground spice made from red peppers and produced mainly in Hungary and Spain. That soup with the peppers looks lovely though, I will definitely make it!

  18. I made the Lasagna Soup with ground Italian sausages and added about a cup of red kidney beans. This one’s a “keeper” for sure. ESP for the fall and football season!

  19. Awesome 👏🏻 m so inspired by ur meals , love each and every recipe. M binge watching it . Soon I will be choosing these meals as my goal for life. ❤️❤️❤️ so healthy and nutritious

  20. Just found your channel and I'm thrilled :O I can't stop watching your videos.. Just made the tomato soup and the chickpeas curry, can't wait to try them. Love your videos and the details, the old cutlery and drops 😍

  21. Nice recipes! As a Russian cannot help advising Borsch😉traditional recipe includes meat,but there are tons of ideas how to cook it without meat and it tastes even better. And no cubes or any other flavour enhancers needed👌I always cook it with kidney beans. will not write the full recipe here,Im sure it is available on YouTube. Hope you will enjoy it!)

  22. Hei. I ve made crutons in the oven ,but without olive oil and they have been fine. But when i ve put them in the soup, in just a few seconds they became soft. I ve done it wrong because I hanen t put oil on them, or is this the way all croutons are, soft in the soup?

  23. 2 first two look incredible ! 😋 ( That last one , no-go for me, looks like the lasagna fell on the floor and then I put it in a pot. Who relates? 😆)

  24. Sadia! I just made the coconut zucchini soup and OMG! It tastes so good!! I served with some whole wheat bread! For sure making
    This once a week! Thanks! 🙂

  25. What's that cube??? Actually from India n never heard about I try UR every recepie so plz help with this as u use it in most of it

  26. I never think about beetroot so much.. To use it for so Much different dish . You are lovely person thank you so much ❤🌼

  27. Yay I have almost ALL ingredients !

    People say eating better is expensive! psshh yesterday I bought all these veggies and more under 20$!!

  28. Omg you guys I tried the first soup 🍲 it’s amaaaaaaaazing I can’t tell you how delicious 😋 it was last night I cooked it and today I’m only eating it 💞💞💞💞 I can’t wait to try other recipes that k you soooo much 💞

  29. Dear Friend! The first soup I made in only 30 minutes! It is delicious😋✨ fast and full of nutrients. THANK YOU A LOT WITH ALL MY HEART💖

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