Southern Dirty Rice, My Version

Southern Dirty Rice, My Version

Ok, we have been to New Orleans. I Don’t even know how many times we’ve been there but a lot, and there are many, many different versions of Dirty rice so I’m just gonna do my version. Ok. Alright, so we’re gonna start out with turn my camera round right there Teeny bit closer and we’re gonna start out using some bacon grease And I like using the bacon grease to cook the onions and Celery and the bell peppers just to give it a little bit of a smoky taste and that’s about a couple of tablespoons of bacon grease smoky bacon grease Alright and I know y’all are gonna ask where did I get this little strainer thing for Bacon grease cuz that’s all that I put in it. This came from Amazon. I think I’ve got it linked on my Website on products I highly recommend. I really was looking for one. Just like my mother had but I couldn’t find it so I opted for this one and I like it because you can actually Pour from it with a little spoutl thing teninny, but it’s there. Anyway, and I keep this in my refrigerator. I took it out a while ago so it would be more of a liquid So we’ve got our skillet heated up, and again, let me emphasize this is my version ok alright, so we’re gonna start out with 2 cups of chopped celery and I did use my Vidalia Chop Wizard to chop all of this up, including he garlic. All right next we’re gonna dump the celery in. That was 2 cups of celery this is about a cup and 2/3 of chopped onion The last thing I chopped was the bell peppers and this is a Vidalia Chopper it’s leaking right now. And this is the bell peppers I did put a couple of slices of red bell pepper and some of the orange just what I had in the freezer and the other part is Fresh green bell pepper. I Use this size to chop the vegetables Dump that in, so that’s let’s say about a cup and a half of bell pepper I’m not going to put the garlic into a little bit later but I chop the garlic and I chopped using the finer grade, that’s about two tablespoons or three really big cloves of garlic and what I do is slice them, not real thin, but each one is sliced about three times I just lay them on here and pull the lever down and that’s what you get. All right. So we’re gonna cook these really until the onions are translucent, but it’s really no big deal because the onions because they’re gonna cook more in the rice. So the meat that’s gonna go Into the dirty rice. I’m using four pieces of cooked bacon and two slices of just regular pork sausage and This was some that I previously cooked and froze because we only eat like one piece of sausage each when we have eggs sometimes at night and so I always freeze the rest of it and the other thing that I have is, hold on This is country pudding and This is what mr. Buckey likes It’s actually made in Orangeburg South Carolina and it is pork liver and I’m gonna insert a little clip right here In the middle of this video to tell you what’s in this and we’re going to use this Instead of chicken livers or chicken hearts or chicken gizzards or whatever chicken But you can use that. Alright, so we’re gonna cook this until those onions at least are translucent. So it’s gonna be a good while, maybe at least 20 minutes. And we’ll be back. This is the country pudding I will be using in the dirty rice Now you can use chicken livers. That’ll work. Just great because you probably can’t get this where you are I think this brand is kind of a southern thing but anyway comes from Orangeburg South Carolina and it’s called country pudding and I don’t know if y’all can see this or not But what’s in it? It’s pork skin, pork snouts, pork spleen pork stock pork Livers pork livers so you definitely taste the liver in this We’re going to put one section of this in The dirty rice there it is and I will insert this little part of the video in the appropriate place in the video All right And the peppers, onion, and celery have been cooking for about ten minutes and I’m gonna sprinkle this garlic right on top of that The garlic is little bitty squares.I’m gonna put a lid on it and cook a little longer, than will stir it a little more when this gets ready, we’ll be back Alright I’ve got my exhaust fan on here because I’m gonna add some old eBay probably a teaspoon and a half, and I have to hold it up over the fan to do it. All right, we are back, hold on let me get my camera adjusted here. all right So the reason I do that is because I’m allergic to the pepperine and black pepper if I inhale it So I have to get it all wet because it’s only got a little bit of black pepper But I don’t trust it, so I have to hold it up in front of the fan, And so now we can add the rest of the spices, so I’m going to put in Some red cayenne pepper, not much but a little bit. Don’t want it too hot. Maybe a quarter of a teaspoon, Also add some paprika Half teaspoon of that Use a couple of dashes of chili powder, maybe 3 dashes. Go ahead and use some onion powder while I got it here We’re going to put a couple of Bay Leaves in after we add the liquid but not right Also put some Parsley in and after we add the liquid And we’re also going to put some this is about 3/4 of a cup of chopped Green onions that got the tops and everything. Alright so now I’m gonna mix this up and we’re gonna put in the meat. That country sausage is here and it does have rice already in it So it’s really not as much as it looks like four slices of crumbled bacon, and this is two patties of Sausage just regular pork sausage. I put all that in That celery and bell peppers and onions put a lid on the skillet and it really takes it to Cook a lot faster It smells really really good, you know for this Country pudding that’s got a pork liver in it. You can definitely use chicken livers for that Let’s just set this aside And we’re going to get our pot ready for our rice. So I’m using Two cans, these are fourteen and a half ounce cans of chicken broth And I did wash the top of my cans before I opened this. Alright, I’ll put that in, And this is low salt chicken broth And so now I’m gonna go ahead and put in it’s about two tablespoons of dried parsley, I’m gonna put that in and I’m gonna go ahead and put in two Bay Leaves, just gives it a little another little layer of Taste I think I’d like to also use the bay leaves in soup Now it’s interesting that the trees that They get the bay leaves from actually grow in New Orleans, and they also grow here in South Carolina Just stir that around, and I’m going to add to that kind of a heaping cup of rice. I am using jasmine rice Of course you can use any kind of rice you want. Might need to add more water I’ll just wait and see if I do. Alright so now we’re going to add this mixture to the rice Alright, I’m just going to stir that around a little bit. Smells really really good. It smells like a restaurant New Orleans to me. Put the lid on this and let it cook for about 20 minutes until that rice is done now I’ve got my burner on sort of medium high just till it starts to cook. Then I’m gonna turn it down to low and Let’s see. Okay. I’m gonna go ahead and Put in the green onions right on top of this Alright go I’m gonna clean up my stove here and get my other stuff cleaned up and put out my spices and We will be back in about 20 minutes and hopefully this will be done. All right, we’ll be back All right. It’s been about 20 minutes. So, let’s see if this rice is done. I Think it is. Let me move this just a little bit closer. Yeah, so I’m just gonna cut this burner off Turn this up a little bit And we’re gonna leave this sitting here I’ll go a little closer closer so you can get a good look at it I’ve already tasted of it. It’s delicious. All right, y’all we’ll be back in a little while See if we can get a I think I’m gonna fix some eggs and toast to go with this This will be our main meal of the day. We’ll be back. Alright. We were gonna have some country eggs with this dirty rice And some toast and I think probably applesauce, but I want to show you how Mr. Buckey showed me how to make country eggs What you do is just go ahead and put some kind of grease in the skillet like butter or whatever in my case I use butter and you let them cook almost like they’re going to be turned over eggs, and then just before They get completely done go ahead and break the yolk add a little bit of milk, or half and half, just a little bit, maybe a couple of tablespoons. Put a little bit of salt on them, not much, just a little bit. You know, so it makes a really soft scrambled egg but you see you can see all that the white from the egg too Anyway that’s what he calls country eggs like his grandmother made and his mother made So that milk, or half and half in there this helps to gently cook the yolk too Now he used to fix things all the time for us at the beach because the kids love eggs like this He always fixed grits too. Alright Y’all this is ready so, let me get this on the plate and I’ll show you what it looks like with the dirty rice. I’ll be back. All right, the meals ready everything’s hot and we’re having…. this is actually Italian bread toast The eggs country eggs and there’s the dirty rice. We’re having that with some warm apple sauce with butter a little sugar because it was unsweetened apple sauce and a little cinnamon and of course our iced tea. Here’s my plate and this is our main meal of the day Because we already had our greens with the smoothie this morning. So there’s nothing green on the plate today All right, y’all we will see y’all next time. Hope you’ll try this dirty rice and if you already have a recipe Maybe you could leave it in the comments below, you don’t have to leave the description You don’t have to leave the description because that would make the comment too long. But just tell us what ingredients is that you use. All right, y’all we will see y’all next time. Bye for now

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    No offense you know I love you. I’m just not a southern girl! Yankee through and through which may not be a good thing but it’s the truth!

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  9. These comments have reminded me of eating pickled pigs feet when I was a child. We raised our meat and believe me nothing was wasted.

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