Spanish Fried Fish Tapas – Pescaito Frito Recipe

Spanish Fried Fish Tapas – Pescaito Frito Recipe

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today we’re making one of the most popular dishes from Sevilla España a
fried fish medley known as Pescadito Frito in Sevilla basically we’re gonna
grab a couple different types of fish coat them with some flour season them
with sea salt and then fry them in olive oil guys this is insanely out-of-this-world
good it’s so simple yet it´s so extraordinary seriously guys this is truly one of Spain´s
most treasured dishes and it’s so much fun to make let’s dive right in
we’re gonna begin by rinsing two clean tubes of squid under some cold running
water I bought these frozen and thawed them out
you wanna make sure you get water inside of the tube then pat them
completely dry with some paper towels and cut half-inch thick rings from each tube of squid next I’m gonna add 1/2 a cup of all-purpose flour
into a clear plastic bag generously season with sea salt and add the rings of squid in there
and mix this all together until it’s well combined
I love coating my squid rings this way it evenly coats each one and it makes
for an easy cleanup for the next step I’m gonna pat down a
fillet of cod with some paper towels this is 14 ounces which is 390 grams
again I bought this frozen and thawed it out so important to pat it completely
dry to remove any of that excess water inside of the fish then I’m gonna cut it
right down the middle and then into 1-inch pieces to end up with 1 inch
cubes then I’m going to transfer the cod into a large bowl add in about 1/2 a cup
of all-purpose flour season generously with sea salt and gently mix this together
until all the pieces of cod are perfectly covered in that flour and that sea salt for the final fish to prepare I’ve got
half a kilo of fresh anchovies here this is about 1 pound so important to use the
freshest anchovies you can in this recipe we’re gonna begin by cleaning
the anchovies I like to have a bowl of water next to me instead of doing this
under cold running water I’m gonna cut the anchovy belly open and get in there and
remove any of the innards give it a quick bath in the water and add it into
a separate bowl and continue to do this until all your anchovies are clean if you
prefer you can remove the head but I like to leave it on there as it gives it
so much more flavor once all the anchovies have been cleaned
I’m gonna rinse them under some cold runninng water make sure you drain them well
give them a quick pat down with some paper towels add in about 1/2 a cup of
all-purpose flour into the anchovies season generously with sea salt and
using your hands get in there and gently mix them around until each anchovy is
perfectly coated in that all-purpose flour and sea salt and again guys so
important to be gentle here you don’t want to break these anchovies apart
alright let’s start cooking up our fish I’m gonna grab a large frying pan heat
it with a medium-high heat and add in about 1 cup of virgin olive oil after heating our olive oil for 4 minutes
and it’s nice and hot I’m gonna start cooking the anchovies first you
want to cook these in batches to not overcrowd the pan about 90 seconds after
adding the anchovies into the pan I’m gonna start flipping them you want them to
have this nice light golden color to them you don´t wanna over cook them
after a total cooking time of 3 minutes I’m gonna start removing the anchovies from the pan
transfer them to a dish with some paper towels and then cook up your next batch
of anchovies once your last batch of fried anchovies is done
transfer it to the dish with the paper towels and cover it with
some foil paper that way they stay warm now using the same pan with the heat
I’m gonna add the pieces of cod in there and you wanna mix these around occasionally
that way they all fry evenly about 4 minutes after adding the pieces of cod
into the pan and they have this beautiful golden color to them they are perfectly cooked
I’m gonna go ahead and remove them from the pan as always guys when you’re removing this stuff make sure you shake off any of the excess oil
transfer to the dish with the paper towels and once again cover this with foil paper
to keep those warm and for the final fish to cook same pan same heat
I’m gonna add the squid rings in there again you wanna cook this in batches
to not overcrowd the pan and again we’re gonna about 90 seconds per side
on the the squid rings once you have all your fish cooked this is ready to go
I’m gonna transfer our fried fish into a serving platter garnish it with a couple lemon slices
and top it off with some freshly chopped parsley ok guys are Sevilla-style fried fish medley is done
look how amazing this platter looks let’s give it a try and
see how it turned out I’m gonna start with the anchovies wow so good
now a piece of the cod this is so unfair here guys take some wait a second I’m not sharing this with anybody this is all
mine last but not least guys let’s try one of the calamari wow everything is
so good it’s perfectly cooked what an incredible and classic Sevilla style dish
guys you guys are gonna absolutely love this easy to make done in about 30 minutes if you enjoyed today´s video hit that like button
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41 thoughts on “Spanish Fried Fish Tapas – Pescaito Frito Recipe

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