SPICY Chinese Street Food Tour in Chengdu, China |  BEST Street Food in Szechuan,  China

SPICY Chinese Street Food Tour in Chengdu, China | BEST Street Food in Szechuan, China

Alright so check it out It’s Trevor James I just got back into Chengdu, China I’m at a morning market We’re going to go find some special Sichuan street foods And then we are going go go find a nice big hot bowl of spicy noodles And then I’m going to give you guys an update about where we are going for the next big foodrangin trip Let’s go check it out When you come to China You have got to visit a market Because it will completely blow your mind The amount of smells and sounds All the things that are in your face The vegetables The produce It’s all over This is one of the best places to visit in Chengdu for a morning market You’ll see a lot of stuff Look at all the liangban This is all liangban chili oil with sesame That is going to be Oh this looks good We have some lungs here This looks so spicy? Oh look at that Now you’ve gotta add some lotus root This is my real favourite here The crunch Look at that Covered in Chili Oil Seaweed, we gotta get some seaweed on there Oh and then the secret Add all of the chili oil Chili with broth, Chili broth This is just great What I love about markets in China And markets in general, is that they are seasonal And every season you can try new food And the vendors always have a turnover There is new vendors here every time I come Oh yeah, look at that Hongyou, with the lotus root, peanuts, and the freshly sliced chilies and seaweed And I got a tasty chicken feet treat on the bottom Let’s try that out Oh yeah That is incredibly delicious The peanut crunch, the crunch from the lotus root And the incredible aromatic fragrance from the chili oil, with the slight seaweed The hongyou, there is like a slight numbing I’m so happy to be back in Sichuan, haven’t tasted that fragrance That numbing, floral, that flavor just brings you to life And just look at this, look how crazy this market is Look how alive it is All the stalls All the produce It’s busy And that’s what is so fun about markets in China It’s seasonal It’s fresh, and it’s delicious And oh this chili oil We are going to keep exploring Hello Oh look at all the chilies Sichuan peppercorns That’ll numb your mouth off OK so now we are coming into the produce section You get your fresh veg Oh look at the bamboo over here Ok we are going to have a taste of his It’s like a steamed rice flour, fermented I think I can actually smell the alcoholic, fermented flavor to it And this is really nice Its like a steamed rice flour Next up, I see a little liangmian place, cold noodles Cold noodles Oh yeah, salt, MSG, Sugar, Sichuan peppercorn Fresh chilies That’s rutabaga Green onions And then garlic, that’s garlic water Oh, vinegar I’m already getting a little mouth water going on here Oh that’s where it’s at Look at that Oh yeah That’s where it gets the flavor Nice Nothing like visiting the market, cold noodles I don’t think I’ve shown this before on my channel, so we have to eat this together OK Oh yeah You can really smell the chili oil Chili oil for life Oh and the seaweed This is like the noodle version of the dish I just had It’s about a dollar Less than that Let’s open this up and take a taste Oh the seaweed is bursting out It’s like a seaweed chili oil, garlicky Bowl of cold noodles With fresh sliced chilies Oh yea lets get right in there Oh yeah The cold noodles are so refreshing The chili oil is actually not spicy at all The only thing that is spicy is the freshly sliced chilies And there is like a slight seaweed flavor in there So right up here we found a spot We are going to get some wontons and noodles Look at these So over here, we have a nice bowl of dan dan mian Look at all the fried pork, crispy fried pork and green onions on top And look at the bottom, that’s the real secret Oh it’s so good to be back in Chengdu for these couple days Just mixing chili oil and eating chili oil And oh guys this is really sensual here This is really something This one smells like it’s a slight smokiness There is nothing like eating dan dan mian Look at that Lots of chili oil Sichuan peppercorn Green onions It’s so good to be back here in Chengdu When you come here and eat a bowl of these Your life is just elevated You just feel happy when you take a bite of dan dan noodles Chaoshou, Sichuan wontons Oh yeah look at that Chili oil on the bottom Ganban is where it’s at Oh look at that thick layer of Chili oil just coating them Oh yeah this is what life is about Look at that Look at how thick it is there It’s fully aromatic, its deep and full I think there is some black beans in there Ground black beans and dried chili flakes and sesame We are going to taste these dan dan noodles This is what life is about right here We are going to taste these bad boys Oh yeah Oh yeah Those are pretty good These are a little tangy, not that spicy What is good about dan dan noodles Is that every bowl you find on the street is slightly different These ones taste a little smoky Like charcoal almost Wontons Now those Those, that pork is juicy You can see the pork filling is really just juicy These are very satisfying The juice just fills your mouth when you take that first bite And that chili oil It’s the same flavor as the dan dan noodles But its’ really all about the juice from the pork My mouth is just alive with joy Alright so thank you so much for watching these food and travel videos It means so much to me I read every single one of your comments So please leave me a comment down below And I really hope you enjoy these food and travel videos Please click that thumbs up button Subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already And stay tuned because we have a huge Xinjiang food tour video series coming up We are leaving in the next couple of days And it’s going to be the trip of a lifetime And the food is going to be amazing Thanks guys

100 thoughts on “SPICY Chinese Street Food Tour in Chengdu, China | BEST Street Food in Szechuan, China

  1. Mandarin and korean are so similar… cold noodle in mandarin called Liang Mian, in korean called Naeng Myeon

  2. Love your videos! You're so famous now. China's so massive for someone to recognise u in public that's an achievement😀

  3. Trevor: Do you wanna eat cold noodles??🍜

    Ramdom man : yes please 😋🙏🏻

    Trevor: buy yours over there! 👉🏻

    Me: 😆😆😆😆😆

  4. Chinese people so friendly? He constantly gets ignored when he says hello to people. Not sure I would call that nice people

  5. Do they eat pho in China? I have not seen you had a bowl of pho in China from your trips.or maybe you did have it..Just a thought, but I have enjoyed your every trip and most of your dishes you ever have had.Thanks for the experience you have shared….God bless all your trips.

  6. Never fails it freaks me out every time he starts speaking Chinese 😂… I barely have a grasp on English 🤦‍♂️

  7. I just love the Chinese people. I've been studying their different cultures and foods intensely for for a few years now, and you can really see how wonderful they truly are here. I'm really learning a lot from these videos as well so thank you Trevor!

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  9. 嗨,我来自印度。请中国人给你你的WhatsApp号码吗?我想知道一些食谱。

  10. Hi, I'm from India. Please any Chinese people give me your WhatsApp number ? I want to know some recipes.

  11. Trevor..you truly must be humble and sweet man at heart. Because wherever u go. Be it Pakistan, China or anywhere ,you get people who offer you free food…but the man was awesome too…love to see such love in people. Love from India🥰♥️

  12. I wish I was a polyglot…speak at least 4 to 5 languages like for example Spanish Mandarin Italian..German or any other combo would be fine as long as Spanish was in there 😊

  13. Hi trevor i was live in chengdu too but i can't find you i just find your recomendation 你的视频太好看了
    I hope hope hope and hope when i was there i can meet you hahaa

  14. don't know if people still watch it, but Trevor you are awesome, and so are your videos, you are nice and polite and so are the people around you. <3 <3

  15. What a blast! I live vicariously through you on your travels! Great job on all of your videos and great job on your travels. I'm envious but again, I love watching you and your lovely girlfriend on these trips. Thanks for taking us along with you!

  16. Wholly molly man.
    Hate to be anywhere near the toilet when u go lol with all that chilli.
    I'm going to china next week and I'm not that brave to eat so much chilli but I'm gonna try lol

  17. 4:27 trying to get the vendor attention so he could say the food is delicious..

  18. Why put so much ingredients out on display when only a third is going to be sold? Why not keep most of it fresh packed in storage for later?

  19. the way you say MMME, at every bite of the dish, almost exotic, ,like a woman;s dish, lucy lady, enjoy the food and the women xx tysm

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