100 thoughts on “Spider Cookies Taste Test Ft. Shayne Topp | FOOD FEARS

  1. Josh, you're amazing and super charismatic. You're so motivated, and you disembowel your anxieties to fuel your confidence, and I adore that about you! Keep being your Mythical Best!

  2. Why does this video just not load??? It's just endlessly loading the past few refreshes then I left then came back later and it's still just endlessly loading.

  3. Wow I’m super excited for more cooking from chef Josh! I don’t watch every episode of GMM but I do make sure I see these videos every Sunday so I’m really looking forward to a full season of it!

  4. when you watch this even tho you are deathly afraid of spiders and have the jitters the whole vid and now think spiders will be in your food

  5. My favorite smosh member with my favorite chef alive(besides mom) ever his twisted way of thinking with his knowledge of food and that happy snappy personality, makes me feel all happy inside. Being a cook myself, it's cool learning new things.

  6. And uh…It's..great… great time!
    I had soo much fun!
    [contractually obligated]FUN!!
    see you next time.

  7. Josh's buttonholes on his shirt confuse me. Two are vertical and then the top one is horizontal. After noticing it, it's all I could think about this whole episode.

  8. How am I only now seeing this?! I’ve been living under a crusty rock!! This is epic gold!! Nicely done!! Amazing instructions.. Thank you for making my day!!

  9. Pleeaaase make a show with you and shayne! Pleaseeee! You have such a great chemistry togheter and I love watching you guys mess around while talking about food. The experienced professional abd the complete noob (maybe not, idk what skills shayne has in the kitchen)

  10. Josh is one of my favorite people under the entire mythical umbrella including smosh. He is so freaking hilarious. This was great 👍

  11. I feel like this show is the physical representation of my morbid humor completely devoid of fear…

    …yeah that’s what this is

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