Steph & Ayesha Curry Get Cooking in the Kitchen

Steph & Ayesha Curry Get Cooking in the Kitchen

You have your own restaurant. You have your own show, your
cooking show on Food Network. You have your Cover Girl. You have a lot of
different things going on. So we’re going to see how well
he does in the kitchen tasting. We have a little challenge. And Steph is going
to put a coate on. And you’re going to be the chef. OK. Ayesha, you’re going
to be the hands. So here we go. Oh this way. Oh this way. Oh. (LAUGHTER) Yeah. You’re going to get behind him. All right. Put your arm through there. Oh I get to be Chef
[INAUDIBLE] today. Yep. Here. Here. All right. Gotta go on the sleeves. Be my arms. Behind every great man
is a greater woman. Is a greater woman
with working hands. OK. All right. OK. Booya. Booya. Yeah. All right. Do you have a call
sign in the kitchen? A call sign? Like when something good
happens, you’ve got like a– Woo woo. We just make up. We go sssss. OK. We go ssss. All right, we good. So all right, first
what we need to do is mix up all the ingredients
together to create the dough, you know. So we’re going to take
the spatula and the spoon, and we’re going to pour
it into the flour there. It smells delicious. We’re going to
stir that up nice. And I like to mix it with
my hands not the spoon. That’s how we do it in my house. So I like to get up close
and personal with it. All right. It’s so good on your skin. So from the time, we’re going
to move to the pre-made dough right here. So we’re going to twist it in
the shape of whatever you like. There’s no method to it, but
you can toss it in the air and do a little boom shakalaka. Toss it in the air again. Boom shakalaka. It also makes a great
necklace that you can purchase in our store. Those go into the oven
wherever the oven is. And here’s what they are
look like when they are done. This is what they look
like when they’re done. Look at that. They look like that. Beautiful. Yeah. You know what goes great with– But do you know what goes great
with these nice pretzels here? Dip. So if we go over here, and
can you help me move this? Thank you. We’re going to remove this. We’ve got dip here. So we’ve got about seven or
eight different types of dip. So we might as well
try all the sauces. So let’s get nice and low here. Let’s try them all. You know what? Let’s just do them
all at the same time. Just little, yeah. Wait. I’m gluten-free. Are these gluten-free? I don’t know, but I’m pregnant. Actually I would like the
dijon with the ketchup, with the mustard, with the–
what is this right here? Give me something. Come on. OK. No. No. I want all of them together. That’s how I do it
all of them together. That one and that one then that
then that one then that one. There we are. Did that make you thirsty? A little bit. [CROWD APPLAUSE] Yo My– Yeah, these
pretzels are– [INAUDIBLE] My team’s better than the
other team, Team LeBron. I think my pretzels
are better too, right? Are you thirsty? Huh? Are you thirsty? I’m very thirsty. I should give myself a drink. That’s what I should do. I’ve got to squeeze it. There you go. Take it easy. [MUMBLING] Give myself more. [CROWD APPLAUSE] Give myself more. Oh. Give my– I don’t know when
to stop myself. You can catch the– I don’t know when
to step myself. You don’t know. That was a lot of tequila. That was tequila. Yes. That was teq– I thought it was water. No. That was tequila. Oh wait. The game’s not today, is it? No, it’s not today. You can catch the NBA all-star
game this Sunday night at 8:00 on TNT. And I have a gift
for you, because you seem to have an issue with your
bite plate thing, your mouth guard. So I know what it is. So this way, you put
it around your neck, and then you just hook it
on, so when it goes away, it just comes right back to you. You can’t throw it. Hey, Ellen. Yeah. Yeah. You’re going to save
me a lot of money. I know. All right.

100 thoughts on “Steph & Ayesha Curry Get Cooking in the Kitchen

  1. Oh God. I dont want a Victoria secret, or a sexiest woman or actress of the year or a woman with a curvy body or a thot. All I want is a woman who will take care of me, love me from her heart for being myself like ayesha curry taking care/loving steph…❤❤😍😍

  2. I love her show ! When I first saw it,Stephan came in and I'm like screaming "Isn't that Stephen Curry??? That's his wife!? Woah the family is talented !"😄😄

  3. Mr Curry is beautiful
    Mrs Curry is beautiful
    Their kids are beautiful
    I'm Canadian, I'm happy & sad at the same time!

  4. I'm a big fan of Stephen Curry I did used to be a big fan of Justin Bieber but Stephen Curry changed me he makes me want to play basketball

  5. every time i see That Girl with Curry I'm Jealous! I Know She's Wife But I'm Jealous super 😒😢😢

  6. stephen "gimme somthin"
    ayesha "dips in ketchup"
    stephen "no no i wont all of em"
    ayesha "ewwww"

  7. I fr thought, at the beginning, that steph was wearing a backpack cause I thought his stripes on his shirt were the straps on a backpack

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