Being in the kitchen is all about having
fun whether it’s taking leftover food making a fantastic meal icing a birthday cake or just
experimenting with your taste buds. Sharing what we eat really brings
people together and sharing our passion builds a strong bond between friends and
family. Now YouTube knows no borders and nor
should food. So join me on this gastronomical journey
when we look for food that excites the palate delights the eye and expands the mind. Ho, Ho, Ho. Pour it over the top. and if I pop my Cherry. Has asked me if would make him some Goo as he calls it. Get involved in the Steve’s kitchen community. Be good. I’ll see you there

33 thoughts on “STEVE’S KITCHEN – WELCOME

  1. Good job!  I think you did a great job of showcasing all the amazing food you make as well as the many cooking shirts too. 

  2. Hi, very good add***
    Your kulfi ice cream was fantasy ice how ever you mentioned about 1 teaspoon of Cardamon powder but your recipie says 1 table spoon…..

  3. Nice job with this. You've showcased your channel well.
    I've been meaning to redo my own channel ad for about 6 months now.  
    Hopefully I'll get to it by soon.  You've set the bar high.  Well done!

  4. Tried it again this morning and it  worked. Loved it. Didn't think there was anything wrong with it…don't know why it wouldn't play last night….go figure.

  5. After watching this video, I think that I now realize why you wear loud and bright clothing. You cook food that looks good by exploiting the color experience.

  6. Great ad Steve. I look forward to every vid. But I have to ask…why the gunshot sound at the end of you intro sequence?

  7. Hi Steve, was my pleasure, at least it's right now.
    Made Kulfi again, and it turned out better than last time, I did still use a tea spoon before and now,
    Great recipes .
    Do you have a cook book?

    Frank. ;0)

  8. I think you need to have me in the kitchen! I've just moved out and don't cook because I get bored by it. I need to know how to have FUNNNNNNN!

  9. I cannot wait to try the Irish Soda Bread and will report on my findings as soon after as I can. Thanks Steve!

  10. lovely channel 🙂 I'm not a good cook – I'm learning on my own. I would very much appreciate to see some more basic dishes and your "beginner friendly" recipes – like the "perfect rice" etc. .. That one I enjoyed a lot!

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