Street Food in the Gili Islands MASSIVE SEAFOOD BBQ!! Gili Trawangan Indonesia

Street Food in the Gili Islands MASSIVE SEAFOOD BBQ!! Gili Trawangan Indonesia

tonight we are in gili trawangan in bali
just off bali actually and we’re going to be taking you for our street food to
us so they’ve got a night market here that commenced at 6:30 p.m. each night
and it’s actually sighs happy well last year the earthquake hit gili trawangan
and as you can see it’s due showing the effects it was hit pretty hard besides earth I think sighs already
chosen what she wants to give this might seem so that you can peek
bitch squeeze that you can pick and then the
video for you for me yes this one looks interesting I think it’s made what made
us this one yes what is what made it chicken we don’t want vegetarian what fish is
this one what piece is it Oh wanna eat everything snipper some be
politically how much 20,000 honestok if you’re mixed binder is already recording
with rises every year it’s like three kind with rice this is simply twenty
thousand each minimum you select three four three and you get up afraid okay
nice yes i think we found our deal as you can
see it’s really busy so it’s about 7:00 p.m. and there’s not much sleep you really have to line up can I have
one entry sorry you want more than three crazy now
everyone just get three people just normally stop on 33 you normally like
one two three masses this week on 24 one you 24 one yeah okay I get that
I won that I’m hungry I get it okay and mahi-mahi yeah and I’ve been done yes no yes please
Thailand you think about me I didn’t you my one is more expensive like anybody
else know you’ll have to leave psy alone for one minute and she spends like your
monthly budget we went to the cheapest and are you still many these guys they’ve gone to like okay are you got
the jackfruit okay I’m gonna try the what is this one
seen it yes and Chili’s like it’s it’s definitely my one who meets them all
together cleaner and ties love there a flood it’s cheaper they’re growing
stream it depends what market where chinese-american oh my god like that’s
why you offer food thank you so much can I open it here I think this is snappa actually so weird with peanut sauce with
it it’s like for chicken so the sticks are 20,000 H so it’s like $1 50 US and
you get two at this store they’re all got different prices but at this one you
get to choose three different salads so I got pumpkin corn so sweet side tamales two plates yeah leave it there no done and was craving season so much I
was like being baby so like a baby’s like we are man how come there’s no
seafood and that other side showing me a photo of this magazine
oh okay let’s make our way out better watch your step it’s like a Iraqi war zone so here they
have all the deserts should we try one our ninth a little bit
coconut mango shake okay so we gotta get what is this one
snake ha ha ha because the skin that’s look like oh I’m
gonna try how do you eat it yeah yeah Salah by sama yeah but is different from
time is look different the shape the shape I want is like more bigger thicker okay so wait want to get a juice look like garlic look crazy friend from high that was it yeah it tastes more like a
daiquiri but it have a strong strong taste strong smell yeah it’s like
jackfruit yeah detectors like that fruit but the smell is stronger he’s not in a
bad way weed appetizers now and it’s not that sweet so we are gonna finish the night with
shake because we’re not gonna eat during our early know you guys everybody been
saying in the comments that sides getting fat so now she’s gonna eat I
know myself I’m tied to the nasty haters in the comments now she want a dessert so the night market is just right along
the foreshore so the beach is actually behind us so it’s a really nice place
but good ambience to come and enjoy but what is this guy doing back there huh you need help what’s going on back
here oh you feel it yeah do you want bikini
body so I’d be like model yeah six-pack have you got six-pack wait can you do
again there look at that that’s like I love to count off the six too many do
just it up or not sometimes sometimes and you’re eating good food well me running every day how far yeah
I’m half an hour one hour you must have lots of girls yeah you must have lots of
girls you show them this one he shown that you get the girls in there
specially about you oh you party we do a training event
okay like festival they do like Ronnie yeah at the running swimming swimming
like you’re doing the whites you look like good Shia do surfing also everyday
Wow don’t cuss bitch nice you have time just hang out there yeah what’s it
called bonkers wait okay we’ll go there
tomorrow we’ll check it out you you’ll be there I start open like seven ok
hundred six what are you doing the surfing joining
okay we teach people how to surf okay thanks uh sir how much how much do
you charge to learn how to surf well it’s if it’s private it’s like five
hundred thousand here for each but if you are like more than a fight
scotchy like 350 each to bring more people how long’s a girl for like two
hours we can explain you on the ground before
we jump to the water lap who saw you the basic first and it’s good surf yeah yeah
good surf yeah and this week beams like good webs tomorrow she’s scared of
shakhter yeah don’t worry just go yeah you go instructor alright so there you have it they’re keeping fit
so if you want to learn surfing it’s like 20 US dollars per person for two
people and about $35 per person for one person you’re scared we’re going to wrap
up tonight’s video we’re just walking on the boardwalk here tomorrow we’ll make a
really nice video of the island to look out for that one
but until next time dream bigger my suna please I like that it’s good

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