100 thoughts on “STREET FOOD Journey into RARELY Seen China! SICHUAN’S TIBETAN STREET FOOD!

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    We’re having an amazing street food journey through Sichuan. I hope you enjoy the foods we are finding! We arrived to Litang, one of the highest towns in the world, at 4000+ meters, and both had insane headaches from the altitude, so we left the next day, but this is the video from a couple days ago when we journeyed to Litang in search of delicious local Tibetan food! I hope you’re enjoying this tea horse road series! I would love to hear from you in the comments below! I hope you’re doing well and eating well!

  2. Hallo Trevor, sehr schöne Reise in die Berge, erinnert mich ein bischen an Pas de la Casa in Andorra. Du lobst die Köches sehr, drücke doch auch mal ein Lob für dei schmucken Teller und das Arangement. Gruß Leo

    Hello Trevor, very nice trip to the mountains, reminds me a bit of Pas de la Casa in Andorra. You praise the cook very much, but also press a praise for the pretty plate and the arrangement. Greeting Leo

  3. Did you have to learn 10 different languages to do your Asia food tour or does one language hold true for China, Tibet, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc…

  4. 不良评论以印度人为主,看见这种评论,回他 锡金自由,东北印度自由,克什米尔自由。他们就会生气

  5. Thanks for the amazing videos on delicious food. Enjoyed every episode so much. By the way, I don’t find the bell you have mentioned for us to follow your videos.

  6. This is definitely in Tibet🙏 Only 40% of Tibet's previous land is accounted for the "tibet autonomous region" now… either way in my heart this is Tibet

  7. In the just one comment cold you leave the visual descriptions on the screen for a few seconds longet for those os year viewers who ate hearing de-fluent and take slyyyrly longer to take in what you are saying cheers Rick

  8. Based on videos, looks like u really love china food, settle down in china somewhere and eat chilly oil, schwan perppercorn, noodles and yak/pork/beef meat for rest of your life!

  9. U r very blessed that u not only got chance to visit TIBET also ate Tibetan food, me being TIBETAN never been to my own mother land TIBET. Hope to get our country back from China n to settle in my motherland.

  10. What's for dinner ?

    Whole Human Fetus full fry / half fry with boiled rice and crispy roasted lizards with Pig's bladder soup.

    Fuckin' Twisted Sick minded citizens of Hell.

  11. Your description of food is so yummy.. I'm salivating.. it's like a appetizer for real….😜

  12. Thank you very much for exploring the most beautiful and most peaceful country in this world…wish to visit Tibet once in my lifetime…

  13. Bro dont go talking shitty Chinese over Tibetan ppls….u dont knw the history fucker…if u dont know the language stfu n jst eat

  14. I am crying because I can't go to Tibet because CCP won't let me and most of Exile Tibetans who live all over the World can't either even though they citizens of different countries. Tibetan who live inside Tibet are also blocked to travel out of Tibet. It has been a prison since 1959. Tibet will Free one day. 😢😢 I will go to Tibet when it is Free from Communist China.

  15. LIthang is also Tibet. These Tibetans speaking Chinese but their mother tongue is not Chinese they speak Tibetan. They speak Chinese because of Chinese language is forced in Tibet. The houses are Tibetan design and also interiors are Tibetan. Love to all Tibetans in Tibet.

  16. Tibetans have culture of buying your lunch and give free food to even strangers that doesn't mean they are rich. Thats part of kindness because anything can happen tommorow.

  17. u are very lucky person traving tibet.i also want to travel amazing mountain like u. its santuary even some ppl would not know why it is. hving big mountain means theres some santuary god protecting the mountain. it will be the house of him

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