SUB)짜파게티 먹방 파김치 겉절이 군만두 꿀조합 리얼사운드 jjapagetti mukbang asmr eating show 炸酱方便面 fried eggs 目玉焼き

SUB)짜파게티 먹방 파김치 겉절이 군만두 꿀조합 리얼사운드 jjapagetti mukbang asmr eating show 炸酱方便面 fried eggs 目玉焼き

hi, I’m boki Today I will have 3 jjapaghetiies 3 fried egg , kinds of dumplings, geotjeori, green and green onion kimchi let’s pour a coke first↗ Jjapaghetti X fried egg) (crazy crazy..) wow.. so really good (so fresh!) (put some egg york~) (does anyone know what I just said?..) (I don’t know..) I will have some fried dumplings) (it’s fully filled inside) (taste I knew already but always new) (this is Godpaghetti..) (and kimchi) (green onion kimchi and fried egg) (with Jjapaghetti..must eat together (Jjapaghetti with green onion combination is..) (real deal) (trusted eaten) (JMT) (jjan jjan jjan jjan) what dumpling should I have~ have to drink coke first haha kimchi shrimp dumpling~ (so tasty) (really nervous) (when did you come over?) (meat dumping~) (it’s fully filled) ah kimchi kimchi! (happy boki..) (Jjapaghetti.) (put seaweed on top~) (gimpaghetti.. inhale!) (dumpling is fully filled with) (getting rid of obstacles) really good (let’s go on a trip guys~) (to where?!) (Welcome to bokihole~) come in come in! come in!!! hair go away.. (Seaweed dumpling muckbang) (I’ve put some onion) (it’s crispy and get rids of greasiness) (doing onion muckbanging) (wait needs some snack) (you go back to seat!) I will finish up with spoon J gimpaghetti. sushi~ it’s the last (picking up clearly again~) (clearly!) finished all.. ate well bye~

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  1. 자막은 설정에서 활성화 해주세요 💗

    안녕하세요 복희예요 🥰
    오늘은 넘나 먹고싶었던 짜파게티 파김치 조합과 ! 사이드는 어떤걸 함께 먹을까 고민하다 만듀만듀만두만듀~ 를 데리고왔습미당 🤗
    양파를 먼저 볶고 삶은 면과 스프를 넣어서 같이 한번 더 볶았는데 식감도 아삭아삭한게 그냥 짜파게티만 끓여서 먹는거보다 훨씬 맛있더라구요 🤭👍🏻
    그리구 만두는 고기새우만두, 김치새우만두, 사천튀김만두 , 고기군만두, 김치군만두, 깻잎군만두, 체다치즈군만두까지 🥟 창화당에서 샀어용!
    비쥬얼에 반해 바로 달려가서 구매했지만 솔직히 가격대비 좀 비싼 느낌도 있규 맛있긴한데 막 찾아가서 먹을만큼은 아닌것같았서요,, 이것은 제 개인적인 의견쓰 ,, 🙏🏻 헤헷
    그렇지만 만두는 실패할 수 없다는거 😆
    짜파게티랑 같이 돌돌도로록~ 말아먹으니까 맛이 두배여써요 ✌🏻
    넘나 맛있었던 파김치and겉절이도 함께 ,, 💕
    오늘도 잘 먹었습니당 😋

    Hello everyone ! I’m Boki 🥰
    Today, I brought jjapagetti and various kinds of Kimchi that I wanted to eat a few days ago 😃✨
    And I prepared many kinds of dumplings, Kimchi shrimp, meat shrimp, cheddar cheese, spicy dumplings, etc.
    It was really good to eat together 😝👍🏻
    Enjoy your meal too 🙏🏻💕

    🍎복희 daily instagram🍎 @_luvmun
    🍒Mukbang instagram🍒 @_eatwithboki

  2. You look so happy while looking at the food and that makes ME HAPPY. Like look at how cute that smile is 🥺 that’s pure joy right there

  3. Actually i have given up eating because of a problem in my kidney and i might get cancer if I don’t stop eating, kinda miss the taste of those food i had before and eating big amounts

  4. 어쩜 저리로 맛나게 음식을 먹는지….전 대리만족 확실히 되네요~^ 홀로 빠질땐 진짜 침이 꿀꺽 넘어가요~~~예쁘게 맛나게 먹는 먹방중 잴인듯요~

  5. 남이 먹는 소릴 좋아하는 사람들이 이렇게 많구나… 쩝쩝거리고 먹지말라고 어릴때 혼난 기억뿐인댑…

  6. Екі шайнап бір қылқытады ғой, көк пиязды өздері қатты жақсы көреді

  7. 이거 보고 있는데 짜파게티 냄새나는 것 같아 ㅜㅜ 짜계치 먹고 싶다 죽어죽어 이 밤 중에 보고 있으님가 더 먹고 싶어 엉엉 ㅜㅜㅜ

  8. 싫어요 왜이렇게 많지..? 내 기준 먹방 유투버들중에 손에 꼽을 정도로 맛있게 크게 예쁘게 잘 드시는데..? 진짜 넘 좋음

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  10. I love to watch her while eating cause it make me feel hungry! My favourites korean food°° i love kimchi and noodles from korean

  11. I think she starves herself whole day and eats once a day I mean that plate of noodles can fill 3 to 4 stomachs 😭 I'm so hungry

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