[SUB ESP / ENG] {161119} NCT Life Korean Cuisine King EP 05

[SUB ESP / ENG] {161119} NCT Life Korean Cuisine King EP 05

[The indigenous beauty and
value of Korean food] [NCT, fascinated by Korean food] [Korean dish challenge
June 14 1994] [TAEYONG, Korean,
July 1, 1995] [YUTA, Japanese,
October 26, 1995] [DOYOUNG, Korean,
February 1, 1996] [TEN, Thai,
February 27, 1996] [JAEHYUN, Korean,
February 14, 1997] [WINWIN, Chinese,
October 28, 1997] [NCT LIFE, Korean dish challenge] [Last episode] [The second traditional Korean dish]
Today I’m going to teach you… [High-end traditional Korean dish, Galbijjim]
Galbijjim (braised short ribs). [After tasting galbijjim
chef Kwon made] [Making their unique galbijjim!]
It smells… [Making rapid progress with chef Kwon’s lesson]
Make a couple of slits. Garlic, carrot. [Master galbijjim following bibimbap!] [Episode 5. Galbijjim (braised short ribs),
how far have you made?] I taught you basic galbijjim. [This is finally happening…]
This time… [The real competition among
three teams begins now!] Make your unique galbijjim. [Make your unique galbijjim!]
The third mission is making your own galbijjim. [Based on the galbijjim recipe they learnt]
Incorporating your idea, [Make unique galbijjim that suits global palate!]
and make galbijjim [Make such galbijjim!]
that appeals to global palate. But it’s not easy to
make it right away. I’m going to give you
some time to think. [Brainstorming session with teammates!]
Brainstorm your ideas for your unique galbijjim. [What kind of unique galbijjim
will come into being?] What do you want to make? – You should come up with your own
idea. – How about galbijjim with cheese? I think that’d be too greasy. What else…
Something global. Since you’re from Thailand, you won the first place,
bringing authentic Thai taste. [Smart DOYOUNG, developing vision as
an apprentice] Let’s bring Thai taste, by adding a little bit of
the Tom yum sauce you made [Tom yum sauce…]
just to add some flavor. – I think that’s a good idea.
– We can add some shrimp. [The menu is decided thanks to DOYOUNG!]
That’s good. [Apprentices will be in charge of Korean taste]
Mixing Korean and Thai taste… [TEN will be in charge of Thai taste!]
– Let’s make enough soup separately. – Right. [Apprentices support chef TEN so well~!]
Leave the soup aside. I like that idea. The traditional Korean galbijjim taste
that’s not too strong, and Thai Tom yum sauce
that’s not too strong, they’ll meet halfway. I thought the combination of galbijjim
and Tom yum is a decent idea. [Thanks to the idea of apprentices]
That’s why I came to [Having confidence in Tom yum galbijjim]
believe in that idea. Tom yum galbijjim. I think it’s a great idea. Since TEN is from Thailand,
he should be good at making Tom yum. It was a great idea. – Hello, I’m Tom! – I’m Yum!
– I’m Kung! [Our menu is Tom yum galbijjim]
Tom yum kung galbijjim! In my opinion, let’s make something
out of this. And we need some global flavor
in galbijjim. – How about curry?
– Curry? [Coming up with the idea right away!]
We can add some curry flavor. We need some change,
and we need something easy. Traditional galbijjim has
some herbal flavor. We’ll keep that flavor. And we’ll be adding
some curry flavor to appeal to global palate.
That was our focus. Yes, I love curry. And I love traditional Korean galbijjim. Let’s not make it too
“cheap (?)” – Cheap?
– Yes. – I mean, salty!
– Right. It shouldn’t be salty. [WINWIN is worried as his dish was salty]
We should make it less salty. We can win this thing. We’re confident. Because JAEHYUN made it quite often. I didn’t make it often. But I’ve made galbijjim before.
I’ll do my best. – Strawberry. – Chocolate.
– Milk! What should we make?
Your thoughts, YUTA? For galbijjim, is there any ingredients
other than meat? Something with texture like meat, [Light ingredient]
but not too heavy. Something comes to my mind. – What is it?
– Lobster. – Lobster.
– Lobster. – What do you think? – I think that’s nice.
– You think so? [Picking ingredient with some…
ulterior motive] Lobster, then? – In Singapore.
– In Singapore. I’ve had the famous chili crab
in Singapore. It was delicious. So I thought about this. – How about adding chili sauce into
galbijjim? – Sounds delicious. How will it taste? We’re going to make galbijjim using chili sauce and
lobster. We’re going to be making
that galbijjim. [See you later~!]
Then we’ll see you soon. [Look forward to chili lobster galbijjim~]
– See you next time. – See you next time. – Bye bye.
– Bye bye. [Making your own galbijjim]
[JAEHYUN, WINWIN, Curry galbijjim] [TAEYONG, YUTA, Chili lobster galbijjim]
[TEN, TAEIL, DOYOUNG, Tom yum galbijjim] [Considering time to cook short ribs]
Since it takes a long time to cook it, – I’ll give you 1 hour and 20 minutes.
– 1 hour and 20 minutes. Now let’s get started. [Cooking my own galbijjim contest starts!]
Start! [Hey, apprentice! Get some garlic]
Tell him to give you garlic. Give me some garlic, please. [Hey~ apprentice! Boil short ribs]
Let’s boil short ribs first. [Quickly~] [Main chefs know how to manage
his apprentices~] First off… [Hey~ apprentice! I need this]
I need this for Tom yum kung. – Alright.
– We need to make the sauce first. – Then I’ll blend fruit!
– OK. You have to peel it
and chop it. [He’s nagging so much…]
– With that. – Alright. [Double check]
– Understand? – Yes, chef. [Peeking] – After the sauce,
deal with the meat. – OK. – You should say, “Yes, sir”.
– Yes, sir. [Bumpy ride ahead due to strict chef TEN]
Yes, chef! Grate this, please. [Awkward~] [Here we go again…]
Hold it vertically. It’s easier to hold it this way.
There you go. [Getting better than the beginning] – This is really comfy.
– I know, right? [Amazed by JAEHYUN’s
wisdom again today~] Grate an apple. [Thanks to JAEHYUN’s tip,
the sound is different] [And he starts to bounce] Amazing. [Tap it in the end]
Remove it and tap it. [Looks like WINWIN’s
Korean dish challenge…] Off the grater. [Tap tap tap] [The grater and JAEHYUN is perfect]
Perfect. What’s next? [Apprentice WINWIN being upgraded]
– Do you need water? – Yes. Apprentice, apprentice! You look happy. [Are you happy, WINWIN?]
He looks happy? [I’m happy to be JAEHYUN’s apprentice~]
Water, water, water. [???] [Can’t hide his happiness] [Apprentice WINWIN became
a fan of JAEHYUN!] [What about YUTA who
aspires to become an apprentice?] [Carefully place the pot on the cooktop]
This is really spicy. This one. [Pressing the other cooktop]
– Not this one? – This one. – Not this one?
– This one, this one. [Embarrassed…]
I’m sorry. [Don’t be nervous~]
It’s because you’re nervous. [Let’s cover the pot]
It’s okay. Your role is important, YUTA. No, we need to put that
into the pot. [Mountain guy YUTA, lost in Mt. TAEYONG…]
– Right now? Not yet? – Right now. While I found cooking fun yesterday, it was tough today. [Sunken eyes]
It was a bit hard. [Lobster]
Let’s clean them! How should we clean them? [Becoming a kid in front of shellfish…]
Rinse the body with water. It’s a little creepy. [Alpha male is getting scared]
He said it’s creepy. YUTA is always nice, so I feel comfortable. I feel a lot more comfortable. Because I can treat him roughly. [Pushover apprentice finished boiling water!]
– It’s done now. – This is soybean paste. This is soybean paste.
Add a little bit of it. [Dissolve soybean paste in water to
rid of the smell] Reduce the heat to 5. [Parboil a lobster with belly side up]
Turn lobster belly side up. The color turns right away! [Lobsters’ shells turn bright red] [Let’s remove the lobsters
from the pot] Be gentle! [Remove lobsters without losing meat]
You could lose meat. It’s somewhat harder
to have an apprentice. [It’s sad being an apprentice] [Just kidding] [Approaching JAEHYUN’s team without
reason] – Doing okay? – Yes. Are you doing okay?
I have nothing to do… – Are you assisting him well, WINWIN?
– Assisting? Yes! Of course. [A senior apprentice does it so well]
– Of course. You’re good at it. – Cooking is easy. [Cooking is so easy] [Who’s making galbijjim sauce?] – Do you remember all of it?
– Yes, I’m done. [Smart apprentice, DOYOUNG] – Should I add grated radish?
– OK. – He always says okay!
– Because… It’s Tom yum, so it has to have
some refreshing taste. [Fully agree!]
What do you think? [Is it…]
OK. [Something is a bit off…]
I’m the bottom of the pecking order. [After that…]
– Grate this much and add it. – OK. What do you think?
Is it big? – It’s cute.
– More? Take a look. – More? – Add more? Take a look.
– About a third? – Not one more?
– Why are you asking me? Ask him. Don’t add. – One more? – I don’t think it’s necessary.
– Alright. [Who’s chef… and who’s apprentice…]
– That’s not necessary. – Alright. [Boiling short ribs is
done by apprentice DOYOUNG] [He’s playing a major role] Why don’t we add the
Tom yum sauce to taste it first? [That’s a good idea]
OK. Add a little bit. Things are organized
thanks to my apprentice. DOYOUNG is good at cooking. [Smart DOYOUNG]
He knows what he’s doing. I think you look like an apprentice. [Finally revealing his feelings…]
I’m a chef, but they made me do things. [Finally revealing his feelings…] – We just do all the cooking.
– Right, to be honest. TEN just comes up with an idea,
and we take care of the rest of it. When TEN has an idea,
we make it come true. [Realizing TEN’s imagination] Tom yum is awesome.
This is so yummy. [Would this team be okay…]
It tastes better with Tom yum. [In the meantime,
WINWIN, the king of apprentices~] [Preparing mushroom] [Meticulous till the end] [He becomes more experienced now~] [Allowing JAEHYUN to
concentrate on cooking] Why aren’t you doing that? – What?
– Cut the meat. [Almost forgot]
I almost forgot. – Good job. – Should we do that?
– Yes, we should. [WINWIN is doing great]
Great job. Give me one. [JAEHYUN forgot to make
a few slits in the meat!] [Galbijjim lesson 2 hours ago]
To make seasoning get inside the meat, make a few slits. [Making slits for tender texture]
Toward the bone, not all the way through. [The skill learnt from chef Kwon]
Like this. It’ll be cut if it goes
all the way through. [Apprentice WINWIN manages to
remember the tip] – Our teamwork.
– It’s awesome. [WINWIN got compliments
from chef JAEHYUN] – What is this?
– Curry powder. [Thanks to WINWIN’s support,
they start making curry sauce] [Mixing galbijjim sauce
and curry] [The color is gorgeous] [Pouring golden sauce
onto short ribs] [Golden waves that make you
give a big hand] Clap your hands. Stir it with a spoon. Chopsticks? Fingers. [Amazed by WINWIN’s wit] [Add in-season vegetables] [and mushroom WINWIN prepared] [Boil it] [Smells great]
It smells great. – It’s hot.
– Our dish is No.1. I trust JAEHYUN’s skills. Way to go, our team! [Will this perfect team enjoy
golden victory?] [TAEYONG is] [preparing for chili sauce] It almost looked like
he was conducting research. I grated fruit and ginger. [Making chili sauce in an orderly way]
I kept tasting it with YUTA [The first dish he made with YUTA]
to make this dish. [How would it taste?]
Taste it, YUTA. – It’s delicious.
– Is it spot on? [TAEYONG is the best]
– Spot on. – Really? We’re going to grill this scallop. Like you grill steak. [Exaggerated reaction] [Providing even commentary] TAEYONG is
grilling it with salt, pepper, and butter. The color is nice as well. – Do you want to taste it, YUTA?
– Can I? – Yes. [Predictable reaction] It’s yummy. [Putting chili sauce into short ribs]
We should add seasoning. [Simmer it to allow
seasoning to seep in] [YUTA’s third tasting]
Nailed it. This is perfect. [Oh, it’s hot!] [How does it taste?] – Nailed it.
– Your face doesn’t say so. – What? What’s the issue?
– What I’m worried about is… YUTA always tells me it’s tasty
no matter what I make. As an apprentice,
when he tastes something, I hope he’ll tell me
if it’s not good or too salty. [Hoping for him to be honest when
tasting] I hope he’ll do that. I’d get in trouble
if I told you it’s not good. [Between a rock and a hard place] [Lobster galbijjim is getting ready]
Take a look at his skills. It looks pretty good. [JAEHYUN and WINWIN
are attracted by the smell] [Smells nice]
Buddy. [Tasting all of a sudden]
– How’s it? – How is it? Hold on. [Stepping back] No, no, no.
Be honest with me. [Saving his breath]
It’s just… [There it is, No. 1]
– No. 1. – No. 1? – Winner. This can win the competition. [JAEHYUN tastes it] This is right. This is just… delicious. When I first tasted TAEYONG’s dish, I was a bit disappointed
because [He expected something new]
I expected it to be something unique. [Tastes like chili sauce, not galbijjim]
But it just tasted like chili sauce. – How was it? – It’s a little spicy.
– Is it? It’s still spicy. It tastes weird. I think we’ll be No. 1. TAEYONG will be the runner-up. Everything TAEYONG cooks is so fancy. [Will YUTA’s compliments act as a poison
or a benefit?] It’s so hot. [TEN’s team, still under the leadership
of apprentices] It needs Korean flavor. 15 minutes have passed. [Discussing Tom yum sauce]
We should set a third of it aside. – This much? – Yes.
– It’s too much. [Add one more spoon of Tom yum
while boiling] [When other members area away] [Main chef TEN who looks like
an apprentice tastes it] It tastes ambivalent. This isn’t right. [Taste it]
Are our taste buds off? – Oh, it’s hot. How’s it.
– No, no, no. – There’s no Tom yum. I can’t feel it.
– Punch! – There should be a flavor punch.
– Right. [Adding Tom yum sauce]
– More. – More, more, more. – More? It smells just like Tom yum kung,
don’t you think? [It’s not the authentic Thai cuisine]
– Don’t you think? – If we put more, It will just become Tom yum kung. [Broth became too red already
for galbijjim] Stop adding the sauce. [Lost in thought]
Something… Something is missing.
Let’s add some lemon. [Put lemon juice to
add sour flavor] [Chef TEN, keep tasting it
without a break] [It doesn’t satisfy my palate]
Something is missing. What’s missing? – What’s missing?
– Is this salty? [Keep coughing due to Thai spice] [But a Thai is fine]
How come I’m okay… I became ambitious
in this galbijjim competition. [Out of ambition, the food became
more spicy] I wanted to do it well. We’re going to add that, right? – Coconut milk. – Add it.
– Add it right now. – I have no idea why I’m adding this.
– Did you add mushroom? [Two spoons]
Is it enough? It looks okay. [Drink water to cleanse his palate] [Ready to taste it]
The perfect taste. [Would it be able to]
Is it delicious? [captivate TEN’s taste buds?] It’s not bad. [Finally affirmative response]
It’s not bad. [Trust my palate
and taste it] We lost! [Chef TEN is put off]
We lost. Let’s go home. It became coconut galbijjim. [DOYOUNG tastes it]
No, no. Because we keep tasting it, [It’s because we tasted too much]
we got used to the taste. [Chef TEN in peril]
It tastes like Thai food. [Can he recover?] You have one more minute. [Making your own galbijjim
Final touch] [Showing NCT’s outstanding creativity] [The best match] [Time is up]
Finish it. [How will their unique galbijjim
be evaluated?] [How will their unique galbijjim
be evaluated?] [NCT LIFE
Korean Dish Challenge] [Their given time ends]
So you made your own galbijjim. [What’s left is tasting and evaluation]
I’m going to taste your dish. [Who’s going to be evaluated first?] [Winner of Bibimbap contest, TEN’s team]
TEN’s team. Bring your dish, please. – Finally.
– Why is my heard racing? [TEN’s Thai-style Tom yum galbijjim,
with sour and spicy flavor] [Get a little bit of ribs] [Focus on the taste] [Is it over already?] Thank you.
Please go back in. [The chef is especially cold today]
He didn’t say anything. [So silent and so scary]
He’s so silent. The title of our dish is… This galbijjim, what should we curry. [Smiling with his eyes
by their cuteness] [This galbijjim, what should we curry] [Eating just enough to
taste the dish] [Focus on the taste
without evaluation] [The most fancy dish,
TAEYONG’s lobster chili galbijjim] [Eating the ribs slowly] [Anticipated] [Taking a bite of lobster] – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you. [After tasting TAEYONG’s dish] [The assessment is finished] [Giving out the rankings]
Now that I tasted it, I’ll announce the rankings. [The apprentices are
more nervous] Among these three teams, The winner and the runner-up
will compete in the final mission. The losing team [Demoted to an apprentice of the
winning team] will become apprentices. I think we’ll lose. No, we can do this. He thought we were going to lose. I told him, “We made this dish.
We shouldn’t lose this thing”. I told him we’re going to win.
The runner-up is TEN? And JAEHYUN’s team will
be the loser. I can’t expect the rankings. I think we’ll come in third. – I’ll announce the runner-up first.
– Please. [Who’s going to make it
to the finals?] [Who is the runner-up of
making unique galbijjim contest?] Tom yum kung. [TEN made it to the final as the
runner-up] TEN’s team with Tom yum. [Give me a hug,
apprentices] [Mixed emotions] Because of coconut milk, [Exotic coconut flavor]
it’s a little exotic. But the ingredients and flavor
didn’t go overboard. I believe people in Southeast Asia
will like the dish. I believe people in Southeast Asia
will like the dish. – Thank you.
– Thank you. We’re safe! It’s unbelievable. I think it’s the most shocking news
in 2016. – Turning TEN’s imagination
– into reality! – Tom. – Yum. – Kung.
– Way to go! [Time to announce the winner]
Among two teams, I’ll announce the winner. [Winner goes into the finals]
The other team will be the loser. Who is the winner? [Something is off
in the back] Stop it, YUTA.
Stop it already. We’re the winner. We’re the winner. As I told you earlier, [TEN’s prediction was correct! We’ll be
the winner] TEN was the runner-up. Today’s winner is… We’re the winning team. We’ll come in third. [The winner who’ll go into the finals]
Today’s winner is. JAEHYUN! [Blown away] [Pinch me, is it a dream?] [The happiest moment
in his life] [Congratulations] [Loose-lipped] [Can’t help but smiling]
The adaptation of familiar curry [Combining Indian curry]
and the hot spice [and Korean red pepper powder]
balanced the general flavor. [Fantastic fusion galbijjim with two spices]
It’s a fusion Korean galbijjim. [Fantastic fusion galbijjim with two spices]
It’s a fusion Korean galbijjim. WINWIN was so excited. I felt proud in front of WINWIN. We won! We won today. [So excited] [Why did TAEYONG’s team lose?]
The reason why TAEYONG lost is… [Fancy ingredients: beef, lobster,
scallop] They used lots of nice ingredients. But to be honest… I don’t know what dish it is. I really don’t know. I’m sorry for the ingredients. But we’ll eat all of it. [Sorry for wasting money]
Director and staff of “NCT LIFE,” we’re sorry. [WINWIN is giving the apprentice apron] Now he’s the senior. WINWIN becomes the senior apprentice. WINWIN, take it out on him now. [I’m the senior apprentice?] I’m the senior. [Let’s do this, junior]
Let’s work hard, way to go. [Yes, sir] [Korean dish challenge finals] TEN and JAEHYUN’s teams
that make it to the final. You should develop
unique Korean dish. The winning team will get to include their dish
in the actual menu of a restaurant. And the restaurant will
sell the dish. [Next episode] [In “S” restaurant] [A long-waited final contest]
Your imagination becomes reality. – F.
– 4. The final mission.
Make your unique [Make unique Korean dish]
Korean dish. [I won’t yield an inch] [The sparks fly over the title of
the winner of Korean dish challenge] What’s wrong?
What’s wrong? What is it?
What should I do? [Captivate the taste buds of the
“S” restaurant chef and global fans] There’s a laser-thin margin. Please. [Who’s going to win and include
their menu?] Way to go!

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