Super-nutritious rice cake (Yeongyang-chaltteok: 영양찰떡)

Super-nutritious rice cake (Yeongyang-chaltteok: 영양찰떡)

(bright upbeat music) – Hi everybody. Today I’m very excited
to release this recipe. Yeongyang-chaltteok, I’m
gonna call this rice cake, super nutritious rice
cake, how about that? Why I call this super
nutritious rice cake? Because it’s super
nutritious, yeongyang-chaltteok, yeongyang means nutritious. Chaltteok, chaltteok, even
once I hear the chaltteok word it makes my mouth water
because since I was young, this chaltteok has always been
delicious stuff for me. But if you are not Korean, you
never heard of chaltteok what chaltteok is, why Maangchi thinks this is mouthwatering. That’s my favorite and my daughter’s favorite. I like to make this when my daughter comes over my house. I want
to impress her by making this. When she comes over, she will enjoy it, so let’s get started. To make this rice cake the
first thing you have to do is soaking the beans,
because it takes long time. I soaked this for 12 hours. I did all kind of
experiment for eight hours, for 10 hours, at least you need
to soak these beans 12 hours. These beans are special,
the inside is a green color. We call this seoritae. I used one cup, I soaked
these 12 hours ago. Look at this, they’re huge, right? Huge difference! Let’s drain. (water running) These beans are very tender now, you can squish this with your fingernails. I’ll put these beans here, for beauty I’ll just take some and just skin these beans,
not all, just a little bit so that later when I make
this yeongyang-chaltteok, it will look really delicious and colorful. Just only a handful. Black and green, the
contrast is so pretty. And just a little bit. I’m going to add other
ingredients to this bowl, and meanwhile lets make syrup. Rice syrup, 1/2 cup. Then water, same amount, 1/2 cup. 1/2 cup and 1/2 cup which is, one cup. You can use brown
sugar or white sugar. I will use dark brown sugar, 2 tablespoons. One. Two. Turn on the heat, I’ll boil this until all
these bubbles are coming up. It’ll be really delicious syrup. (water running) Other ingredients, to make it nutritious, These are frozen chestnuts. You can find this in Korean store easily. Chestnuts peak season is in fall, but frozen chestnut is always available. That’s why I always buy a few packages and
keep them in my freezer. It’s vacuum packed. Meanwhile, look at this, it’s bubbling. Just stir this, Chestnuts, about this amount. Around one cup. Put the leftover chestnuts back and freeze again. This is done, so I cooked this for 5 minutes over medium heat. Turn off. See, it looks like this. Next, let’s cut chestnuts. Slice these. Add 1/4 cup water, and 1 tablespoon sugar. Cook over medium heat. Next, jujubes. This is really large.
We need to remove the pit. Push your knife here
until you touch the seed, and then cut around like this. Only seed is coming out, like this. Okay, let me check my chestnuts. Look at this chestnut, the color is changed to a little bit yellow. You don’t have to cook thoroughly. I think that’s cooked enough.
I’m going to turn off. This is too big, so I like
to cut it two or three times. My beans, and let’s add to here. 1/4 cup pine nuts. Nutritious stuff is inside,
that’s why it’s called nutritious rice cake, literally in Korean, but I say
super nutritious rice cake. Syrup, oh my, looks so good. And then I’m going to add honey. About two tablespoons honey. Stir this well. All these nutritious stuff and
syrup are just ready, What I have to do is
to take care of rice flour. (water running) You gotta find dried glutinous rice flour, this is 1 pound. Just less then three cups. Add 1 teaspoon salt. I need perfect amount of
moisture. Add 3 tablespoons plus 1 cup water. Oops, (laughs) I still have this, I
was going to use this. I want water! One, two, three, and one cup more. Just wait a little bit. I’m using my rice scoop, and mix this together,
then slowly add some more water. just around one third cup. And mix. And more. All. So you see lot of lumps now. We have to break all these lumps. First use a wooden spoon
or rice scoop like this, as much as you can and then
eventually you gotta pray to the God, (laughs). With your two palms! I think this is good.
It’s time to break the lumps with my hands. Use all. Use both hands. About two minutes you gotta do this, pray to the God, (laughs). You make for your family
member, your loved one. “Oh I make this yeongyang-chaltteok
for my daughter and I hope she loves this. And I’m going to show her my love.” “I’m making for my wife,
my wife will give me lot of compliment!” How about that? All this rice flour should
be evenly moist. And then just cover this. We’ve gotta wait for 30 minutes. At least 30 minutes. If you like to make
this rice cake tomorrow, put this all moist rice flour into a plastic bag, and refrigerate, and tomorrow, when you are
ready to make this rice cake, you can use it. But I’m
busy now, I’m gonna make this, I’m gonna finish this video, right? So I’ll just put it here and
wait for 30 minutes. (gentle tinkling music) 30 minute passed, my rice
flour should be ready now. How do we know this is evenly
moist? Just grab some and then squeeze it, so it looks like this. You can make this one lump. Cover this because I
don’t want to dry it out. Let’s add the chestnuts,
along with a little bit syrup. Wow, nice, beautiful colorful huh? In my steamer, around 2
inch water is boiling. When it starts boiling I’m going
to steam this rice cake. So it’s a steamer basket.
It looks kind of dirty, but actually it’s not dirty, this is hemp cloth. You guys also
can use cotton cloth. You can find this kind of stuff, in the kitchenware section of a
Korean grocery store. First I’m going to wet this. (water running) Put this in my steamer basket. I will add just about a few
tablespoons syrup here, and it looks shiny and very delicious. Put these here and spread it nicely. Put the jujube skin part down for beauty. My steamer basket is 12
inch, exactly 12 inch. I will add all this rice flour. And spread this like this, evenly. And this leftover mixture. You see green color, so pretty isn’t it? just a little bit of green color. Now put the jujube red side up. And cover this. Now my water is really
boiling, put it here. 40 minutes later, see you soon! My rice cake smells so
good! 40 minutes passed! I’m going to lower
the heat to very low, and simmer it for 5 minutes. 5 minutes passed, so
I’m going to turn off. Ooh, quiet! I will just put this rice
cake on my cutting board and before doing that, this method is very easy. I will use my tray, this
is 13 by 9 inches tray. You guys can use any baking sheet, too. I still have a lot of
syrup, I will just add half of the syrup here. Oowa! See, wow, my rice cake
is like this, awesome. And this is really hot
so I will wear gloves. Just grab the edges of the cloth. Flip it over. I will bring some cold water. And then spread this to
make 9 by 13 inch size. Let it cool for 10 minutes, and then
I will just flip it over and cut, that’s it! I’m going to drizzle this syrup over top. Just a little bit left over,
I’m going to leave this. I’m going to flip over this. Yay! look at this! And use all this leftover. Look at this, all kinds
of good stuff is inlaid. Let’s cut it up. I cut this rice cake
into eight equal pieces. You can put it in
a plate and serve and eat. We usually wrap each piece individually. This rice cake’s both sides are pretty. Look at this! Isn’t it pretty? I’m going to eat this. What I’m doing is, this
is a zipper bag I put it this and freeze. Later when you take it
out from the freezer leave it at room temperature,
when it thaws out it’s like a really freshly made rice cake. So you don’t have to reheat it. Let me taste! Rice cake is well cooked. Hmm. Sweet and chewy, and
beans are well cooked. umm~ This is so delicious, that’s
exactly what I wanted! I wish I could share
with you but instead of sharing with you I’m
teaching you how to make it and you follow this recipe,
exactly what I’m doing, then you’ll make this one. I know all of you guys
are good at cooking, I’m always amazed
by your cooking skills. Today we made super nutritious rice cake, yeongyang-chaltteok, enjoy
my recipe, see you next time! Bye. (bright bouncy music)

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