91 thoughts on “SUPER SPICY Hairtail Stew + STREET FOOD Tour of LARGEST Market in Seoul, South Korea – Namdaemun

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  2. Hey guys just posted a video of some amazingly GOOEY and delicious Hotteok on the streets of Seoul check it out here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fal0xzsc1XY&lc=z23eytgr5tndelpumacdp432f2xoclw20vfdra2phu5w03c010c

  3. Korean food is so unintereasting, uncreative & unartistic. Everything is just of either of red pepper/sesame/garlic/soy bean paste flavor…

  4. Hi Luke, would like to know about what time when u having street food at namdaemun, I thought the market closes about 3pm daily?

  5. Love it! Could almost taste it through the screen! Btw, since you're in Korea, the seaweed sheets are called "kim"…. "nori" is what they would call it in Japan…

  6. My personal opinion, the foods in this video don't look that appetizing. From my experience eating at Korean restaurants in the US and in Incheon City on my layover, in Korea it's probably better to eat at full-service restaurants. You'll get more and better banchan.

  7. Got a raw video, then a travel video shortly after. Oooh lucky day!….Thanks you. Safe travels and keep up the great work guys!

  8. 🌟👌What fun, to be transported from the comfort of my seat, to these markets-across-the-sea! Thank you for all you're gathering, creating and posting!✌

  9. Great video! I'm a fairly new subscriber and am loving your content. If I could make a suggestion, it would be nice if in the respective country you are in, if you could call the food by the name that's used in the country. I've noticed in your videos in Korea you use Japanese names or say it's the Korean version of….dried seaweed is called Kim/keem not Nori, raw fish is called Hwe not Korean sashimi, kimbap is not Korean sushi, it's just kimbap etc. These are of course just suggestions that I think would be helpful since you travel so much! Thanks and looking forward to your upcoming videos!

  10. Looking at the flames coming from the grill you're lucky you didn't get hurt or set your hair on fire sticking your head through the window young lady

  11. Congrats on 70k subs Luke, you and Sabrina deserved it! Always love watching your videos. Hairtail doesn't sound appetizing lol

  12. keep it up dude nextime come here in Philippines try our food in manila cebu ilocos pampanga bicol bohol cagayan it's up to you which you like bro #keepsafe 🇵🇭

  13. Judging by the look of the food served for them, I think they didn't choose the right restaurant at all. The food looked too dry or overcooked with less vegetables….it seems like they don't have any idea where to go….

  14. Fantastic channel my dude. Having said that, the food here looks the same and not very appetizing as someone mentioned before. Like red mash paste thrown with noodles and rice and fish etc. I think the soondubu is the best paired with some burnt rice. Do more Taiwan stuff, the food looks 10x better and they seem friendlier.

  15. One of my FAVORITE countries. You brought back some memories of when I was stationed there in Korea and would venture into the markets for the street fare. YUMMY

  16. I remember seeing aunties carrying trays of food but did not see where they go or came from. I guess we didn’t manage to get to the real inside of Namdaemun

  17. That food may taste freaking good, it looks good, but le't talk about the the hygiene in that restaurant, is about 0% everything looks dirty , how can they even let those black bags on the floor next to the food 2:58 ?

  18. Omg I went to that exact dumpling place in the summer!!! The lady is so so so sweet and gave us like 6 free dumplings!

  19. hi luke martin, let's visit in lombok-indonesian , many foreign tourist who visit here, please search in google or youtube to she the beauty of lombok-indonesia tour it wait my brother. love you so much:-D

  20. Love this video!
    And Chinese caption submitted,waiting for verification now.
    There are lots of restaurant serving kimchi pancake in Taiwan
    Really want to try how it taste in Korea.
    BTW I've mailed you since the comment below the cold noodle video.

  21. Very good food nice place for food and lots of nice stalls very clean place fresh fruits and vegetables thank you for sharing Bless you all love the fresh fruits and healthy food thank you for sharing Bless you all love to watch your. Channel very good love it .

  22. 갈치 조림
    조금 더 비싸고 맛있게 오래 요리한다면 오래 숙성 시킨 김치(맛있게 숙성시키기 힘들다)와 무 줄기를 말린 시레기(비싸다) 들어가고 기타 향신료들이 더 들어갑니다.

  23. Love to watch you both enjoy shopping and eat very healthy food nice place fresh food and lots of fresh fruits thank you for sharing Bless you all.

  24. I like the way you narrate stories about food it's very informative hope to see more food vlogs, keep it up and more power to your channel.

  25. I want you to taste the food in Thailand. the food is very delicious.😘😘

  26. Look very. spices bowl of soup very good food beautiful healthy food nice stalls and lots of food very good healthy food thank you for sharing. Bless you both , 26–11–18;

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