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  1. Ms. Rice is correct about those benefits to compulsory national service. I was drafted in Dec '72, and spent two years of active duty, in the Army. I was not the most enthusiastic, soldier, but it made me a better person. One of the most valued things was spending time with, those of different backgrounds/regions. I came home more mature, and finished getting a college degree. I started playing in a band there, aslo and playing music, professionally, have still been doing so into retirement. i also credit that experience as making me aware of the US Constitution, as our guiding principle, for this nation. It is more important than any president.

  2. Susan Rice, anybody remember her blaming the Benghazi attack on a video! Five times! Amazing how liberals tend to forget history!

  3. Susan Rice…..you are a very wise, brilliant and faithful American! Thank you for your encouragement…we can keep our democracy strong if we are not afraid to search for truthful information and seek representation that benefits the strength, knowledge, and optimism of being encouraging and compassionate to others in our country and encouraging to other countries to also stand up and learn everything possible about true democracy

  4. I'm so glad Rachel brought up that she too is worried about the fairness of the 2020 elections given the past gerrymandering and Russia's influence and grateful that she asked the question, "what can we do?" Thank you! I think I needed the dose of Susan Rice's optimism as she answered the question.

  5. In the Last Days, Our Enemies will be friends, Our friends will be Enemies. This President is doing this in our faces!!😢He wants War, He's wageing War on his on Country. The people of United States have to Remove this President because the Senate will not and dont want too!! Sad to say!!War coming soon to America!! Am Scare dont know about U!!😢😢😢

  6. All the years of hair straightening chemicals on her head has fried her brain
    They should put her in prison for going out and lying about Benghazi, over, and over, and over again
    Instead she receives a huge pension

  7. Listening to a real Strategic American politician is the first real analysis of the American position I have heard since Trump went into the Oval.

  8. Maddow: "I found your book unexpectedly moving and inspiring and it made me think harder about the way I work"

    Now I'm intrigued. Never have I ever heard a comment about a book that made me so curious to read it.

  9. Susan Rice approved the CIA ops in Libia and Syria. She also approved the increase of drone strikes in Afghanistan. She is a war monger and possible war criminal. Listening to Ms Maddow and Mrs Rice speaking is hard. Col Lawrence Wilkinston say about Mrs Rice that she has a limited mind. What she is saying about Russia behind division on gun control, race and social issues shows what you can expect from her and Ms Maddows. Last time I checked all those issues are homegrown. All made in America. Americans are killing Americans, not the Russians. Inequalety is created by Americal lawmakers. Raceial tensions have exsisted in America since before the foundation of the United States of America. Mrs Rice say that all this is created by an external enemy. Do you belive that?

  10. Aren’t casino owners/ property developers, their families and associates , honest model citizens full of integrity ?
    Hasn’t Trump led a life dedicated to public service always putting his country before his personal interests ? Even with Bone 🦴Spurs !
    Isn’t Trump The Coward and Obese of The Corruption States of America ?

  11. If any citizen is all right with trump trying to shut down and intimidate the free press, suppress freedom to peaceful protest, incite violence against minorities, allow foreign interference in elections, thry dont deserve to enjoy those liberties they are so freely selling out. Rice advocates mandatory service as any good authoritarian would. She is underestimating trumps destructive force by suggesting we have survived worse. We will repeat the civil war and equal rights era if one underestimates trumps destructiveness to our country.

  12. sell out u.s. to china? maybe u.s. would be smarter then. pretty sure u.s. has BEEN in debt for years before trump & china's been one of those people we've been in debt TO… if trump didn't hand it over willingly… how long would china tolerate us not paying the debt we owe?

  13. so smart yet so wrong. drafting poeple to help the community is more of a conservative "prove your patriotism" ideal. the problem is bad people exploiting stupid poeple, so less money into military and more money into schools. and yes people need to be up to debate more often, but right wingers lie to so often. they give so many feels arguements and pivot so fast and much.

  14. Really enjoyed watching these two brilliant ladies speak. Great interview Rachel!! You can always tell when Rachel gets star struck!! 😁

  15. Susan Rice–a filthy left-wing, race-baiting, Obama-spawned, anti-American, Trump-hating POS! Even her eyes are brown! ha ha Viva la TRUMP REVOLUTION! The Obama mafia must be PUNISHED for their crimes against America! No more immunity for TRAITORS!

  16. Susan Rice, work with HRC to prevent the investigation against the Clintons. She has no credibility to criticize Trump.

  17. The FBI ridded Clinton's town house yesterday: The State Department reportedly has ramped up its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server, potentially reviving an issue that dominated the 2016 presidential election campaign.

    The Washington Post, citing current and former U.S. officials, reported late Saturday that as many as 130 current and former officials whose emails found their way into Clinton's inbox have been contacted by investigators. According to The Post, those officials have received letters notifying them that their emails from years ago have been retroactively classified and their transmission could constitute security violations. State Department investigators began contacting the officials around a year and a half ago, then the investigation seemed to fall by the wayside before picking up steam again last month, officials said.

    Senior State Department officials denied they were acting at the specific direction of President Trump, who is facing an impeachment inquiry led by House Democrats.

    “The process is set up in a manner to completely avoid any appearance of political bias,” a senior State Department official told The Post.

    “This has nothing to do with who is in the White House,” said a second senior State Department official.“This is about the time it took to go through millions of emails …”

    Several of those questioned, however, told the Post that investigators seemed to be pursuing the matter "reluctantly, and under external pressure."

    Jeffrey Feltman, a former assistant secretary for Near East Affairs, told the paper he found the recent retroactive classification of more than 50 of his emails to be out of the ordinary. “I’d like to think that this is just routine, but something strange is going on.”Those being investigated will not face criminal prosecution since the FBI investigation of the Clinton email case closed before the 2016 election.

    The FBI began investigating Clinton's use of a private email server in July 2015 based on a referral from the intelligence community inspector general. In July 2016, then-FBI director James Comey announced he was recommending the case be closed with no charges, saying Clinton and her aides' handling of classified information was "extremely careless" but not criminal.

  18. Is this the same Susan Rice who illegaly unmasked many of Trump administration.

    Is this the same Susan Rice that was involved in Benghazi. Refused to send help to the American soilders .

  19. China and Russia interference our democracy we are not stupid as Putin want. Only president not the people's.

  20. It going to a be shock and surprise like the days of Noah ,who have eyes let them see, who have ears let them hear, it's not joke ,laughter and excuses

  21. The history of the handshake dates from the time when men carried knives as weapons. The handshake shows there is not a knife in either man's hand. In modern times, I guess women started carrying daggers, necessitating a handshake.

  22. As long as they have their junk food and reality TV, tens of millions of Americans do not care that Putin is running their country. In fact i would bet that a quarter of the population have no idea who Putin is. They prob think Putin is an emergency device for taking a dump in so they don't have to miss a second of the Kardashians by going to the toilet!

  23. “I will hire the very best people”, looks to me like Obama actually did that! This lady is scary smart, articulate and has a bit of class about her, credit to her and Obama. Contrast her with that puppet Pompeo, Kushner, Sean Spicer, Huckabee and God help us Conway and I guess it serves as a good measure of which President had the talent, credibility and integrity to attract and manage real people. The current bucko has built a team of gargoyles.

  24. The Sytnyk (Ukraine director of national anti-corruption…lol)  tape is about to drop where he admits he helped Hillary and the democrats interfere in the 2016 election for Hillary . BTW Sytnyk and Leshchenko have already been convicted of interfering in the US election in the Ukraine court system. The Dems are about to hit the fan.

  25. Obama, Clinton's, Feinstein, Pelosi,many many others,sold out American.
    CCP,a genocidal regime,whose goal is global dominance.

  26. If a "lie" is told to you & never corrected its not a "lie" it's BRAINWASHING?

    Poor guy .. Always dreaming that he is the best ??he ain't sleeping he BRAINWASHING ?

  27. Who's still in control " THE BRTISH" colonization of the Americas house "SENATE" ,Wich is now too many non whites
    only way chump will be impeached is with real people physically stand in front of him COWARDS ALWAYS RUN

  28. Isn’t this the same president that held the largest 4th of July celebration that I can remember?
    The president that completely rebuilt our military ?
    The same president that is building a secure border around the United States?
    That president that brought full benefits to The VA .. significantly reducing suicides for our veterans of war ?

    The democrats tried to sew the wind, and reaped a whirlwind … re -Elected President Donald J. Trump

  29. there is nothing wrong with what he is doing. if you restrict your information about government activity to american sources, you almost certainly will be lied to.
    anyone who was literate in the run-up to the iraq will be well aware that usg and major media organizations orchestrated a criminal attack on iraq. i was paying attention when we were lied to about vietnam, so my word on it: the usg is an habitual liar, and uses lies to commit war-crime.
    perhaps you see the importance of getting outside viewpoints?

  30. One of the ideas that came up in the past was to trade two years of public service work for a paid college or trade education. NRP talks recently have been encouraging more high school time devoted to Civics and recent history. One of the complaints being that our own American students would be unable to pass the test required of a naturalized citizen. Today's high school seniors have never been through an impeachment, and yet, next year they will be working and voting.

  31. Trump is a traitor. America is currently at war with boots on the ground. Yet, Trump has involved foreign governments in the potential overthrow of our American government. Our laws do define treason and we do execute traitors. No court is going to protect a treasonous president. If he's done nothing wrong, let the evidence speak for itself. However, it's probably a good time for Trump's enablers to reconsider their position. If they don't want to go down for Trump's crimes, now is the time to share information.

  32. Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia now Ukraine. Maddow selling more conspiracy theories and fabricating consent. Still upset Hillary, the worst candidate in history, lost to Trump. There's plenty of dirt on Clinton and Biden selling out Americans without Trump. MSNBC, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

  33. I think it should be mandatory that all university students complete a study abroad program for at least 6 months.
    Most Americans have a severe lack of knowledge about different cultures and history. If you want to be considered "educated", you must have a basic understanding of the world around you.

  34. i think we need to come to terms with the fact that trump is only magnifying everything the republicans have been doing or wanting to do for a long time.

  35. Susan Rice has on her hands the blood of Ambassador J Christopher Stevens 😞 nobody’s talking about the cruel killing of the Ambassador…

  36. 9:22 is a fear I keep trying to echo to ppl who would listen. The rise of digesting news through social media is going to be dangerous for our future. U can literally spend all your life getting news from one source and YT algorithm will keep feeding u things similar to that. U literally get clickbait titles and sound bites that feed to ur political tendencies

    As much as I listen to MSNBC, I still go on fox every once in a while bcuz I have to know how the other half thinks. And sometime in the future, the tables could be reversed and I'll already be married to my political bias that I ignore what the other side is touting

  37. even if he losespower how will we ever recover or regain trust of the rest of the world. ? seeing what he has done to the Kurds? The rest of the world seeing that he has support from other high ranking politicians how could they ever feel trust in our system. I dont. Its just a game of power to them. It has nothing to do with the constitution or the people

  38. There are people who mistake tRump's crude unlikability for "being tough." He isn't tough. He's just crude and unlikable (among a host of other massively negative qualities).

  39. Who comes across as a more intelligent,educated, informed person Ms Rice or Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Tough call right?lol.

  40. Sounds like the same old same old across the aisle working together. The moderates are a bigger problem than the nut case teabaggers and extreme right wing because they try to cooperate!!!

  41. Wow “Bogus dirt”-“I’ll make you a good deal”
    He didn’t say anything near that. The trash these Chinese Bought Politicians say is amazing…

  42. Rachel isn’t even going to bite on Susan’s BS about Trump “selling America”
    Trump Started the trade War! For America now she is pretending China has Control. Hahahahaha

  43. As Trump asked this question about Obama ,,, is trumps wife a US citizen??? has he ever married an American ?? And great interview. Love Rachel's work always well spoken


  45. Deal boy couldn’t switch tracks after becoming president so he just continued on as though he’d inherited another large piece of real estate called America. Sad.

  46. Unfortunately, the reality of what Republicans claim to be their initiative is a priority for less government intervention.
    Though less government regulation and oversight allows big business, those who support Republicans, to do whatever
    they choose as Americans and the world are currently witnessing. But the priority is not a reaction of looking out for
    Americans it is Republicans looking out for Republicans, and ultimately profit, most often at any cost.
    MANY Republicans in gov't receive a great deal of cash from companies they then support and defend. Clearly not
    in the best interest of those who vote. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yh4nhkuvuFc
    It's clear Republicans continue to defend the president with little to no actual awareness of the facts.
    "You can have your own opinion, you can't have your own facts."
    Many Republicans have yet to even read the Mueller report. How can any of them think their actions or statements
    are reasonable or appropriate and not possess knowledge of the facts. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by in
    excess of 3 million votes suggesting considerably more Americans chose her to be their president. But, it was a
    reaction of the antiquated Electoral College that put DJT in the Oval Office. The Electoral College was designed
    many years ago out of concern the North would outnumber the South, in a direct election system. At the time,
    slaves (more than half a million in all) in the South could not vote, but the Electoral College let each Southern
    state count slaves, with a two-fifths discount, in computing its share of the overall count. Had the system’s
    pro-slavery tilt not been overwhelmingly obvious it quickly became so. For 32 of the Constitution’s first 36
    years, a white slaveholding Virginian occupied the presidency. It is however rather astounding that so many
    ontinue to volunteer opinions and not make even the slightest attempt to confirm what they think they know.
    Many constantly argue what they want to believe, might I suggest researching your opinions in advance of
    making yourself look as stupid as those statements? Making it a priority to only speak of that which is truthful
    and actually took place shouldn't be a great deal to expect.
    DJT is a troubled and very troubling individual. He can and does volunteer what he wants Americans to believe but
    the facts continue to contradict a great deal of the information he dishonestly claims to be truthful. His insecurities
    drive his obsession with Obama and his need to constantly, daily, tear others down is a childish attempt to motivate
    attention onto himself, by then building himself up. Inferiority is at the heart of his behaviour. Constantly bragging about his lifestyle, wealth, his "stable genius" "big brain with the best words," is a psychological reaction of the insecure doing so to convince themselves that they really do have worth. DJT is not the success he would have anyone who listens believe.
    While some still believe Republicans to be the party that’s better for business. Well, like most things Republicans say
    these days, it’s not true. In fact, it’s not even remotely close to true. The truth is: The economy does considerably
    better under Democratic presidents. Indeed, it does a lot better—so much better economists are almost kind of
    confused by it. The United States absoloutely experiences far greater prosperity and benefits under a Democratic
    administration. And anyone looking to argue that fact should take it up with the American Economic Assoc.,
    it's not a partisan claim, it is not an opinion, it is a fact.
    While one can easily cherry-pick brief periods and economic measures that show superior economic performance
    under Republicans, over any lengthy comparison period (say, 25 years more), by pretty much any economic measure,
    Democrats have outperformed Republicans for a century. In fact, the Republican initiative is in part some of the reason
    for the inequality the nation experienced and it's only getting worse.
    As is so often the case with Conservatives they attempt to use arrogance as a way to motivate support in their
    direction and arrogance is nothing more than an attempt to disguise insecurity. But it is the lack of actual facts or
    that most of what Republicans suggest rarely comes to fruition that ultimately leads Republicans to bad mouth and
    insult Democrats. The "squad" threatens Republicans by being truthful, something the GOP has very little interest of.
    Republicans fail to understand "insulting others is the reaction of insecure people with a crumbling position trying to
    appear confident." It doesn't take much effort to understand "trickle-down" doesn't offer what was sold.
    In fact, similar economic plans are what motivated the Great Depression when H.Hoover pursued a similar idea. The
    Republican economic myth had previously been known as the "horse and sparrow – "feed the horse enough oats, some
    will pass through to the road for the sparrows.' The term "trickle-down" originated as a joke by humorist Will Rogers and
    today is often used to criticize economic policies which favour the wealthy or privileged while being framed as good for
    he average citizen.
    Many economists believe that cutting taxes for the poor, and working families generate better returns because they'll put
    that cash back into the economy. A 2019 study in the Journal of Political Economy found, contrary to trickle-down theory,
    that "the positive relationship between tax cuts and employment growth is largely driven by tax cuts for lower-income
    groups and that the effect of tax cuts for the top 10 per cent on employment growth is small."
    Stands to reason, and common sense, decreasing taxes leads to less cash to spend motivating greater debt to cover
    for lost revenue but increasing taxes leads to greater benefits and less debt.

    A few additional facts related to what DJT wants Americans to believe.
    (CATO Institute was founded as the Charles Koch Foundation in 1974)
    *Illegal immigrants

    Since World War II . . .
    9 of last 10 recessions have occurred under Republicans
    Almost 2x as many jobs created per year under Democrats
    (1.9 million jobs under Democrats vs 1 million jobs under Republicans)
    The deficit under Republicans more than 2x that of Democrats.
    Dollars= Republicans have increased national debt by $4 trillion
    GDP growth has been 44% higher under Democrats.
    Business Investment Growth has been 165% higher under Democrats.
    Unemployment has been 18% higher under Republicans.
    Average increase in weekly earnings 72% higher under Democratic Presidents

  47. This woman talks about a sell out as she lied on 5 networks about the deaths of 4 Americans, one a U.S. Ambassador. The word traitor comes to mind.

  48. China, Ukraine, Australia or Russia if you are listening please find Trumps Tax Returns.(not his nude photos with Russian hookers)😉😉🤣

  49. She's a Bosssss!!! I had no idea she was this wat am I looking 4…… She just outstanding and now I feel she doesn't have to hold back or b so political bc she's not n office now. Nice 2 no how it really is supposed 2 happen . Thank u 4 ur service.
    And it's also scary!!!!

  50. It's like a bad hollywood movie script! Never again will I vote democratic thats a FACT! Trump has done everything I hoped Obama would do and more. PRISON REFORM!!!!!!!!!!! Best Pres EVER!!!!!! Right to Try Absoulutely amazing!!!! Go TRUMP 2020 the new republican party the same people that voted Obama in twice, yes thats us!

  51. I bet that in 2020 when trump is voted out the Trump name will be crap then Trump Doral will be bankrupt just wait .

  52. Dirt on Joe Biden doesn't exist? We have video evidence of his dirt. Even in sports they have replays to review both teams actions, but not in political corruption I guess.

  53. Susan rice the black white wannabe
    Fix the problems of poverty drug addiction poor education large jail population poor health access of your own blacks in USA, miss Rice, please
    Don’t just keep blaming China
    Admit you are black first
    Deal with the issues of black peoples in USA
    Find solutions to build a more equitable USA society

  54. By criticizing trump susan rice opens up the Pandora's box of her failures in Syria and Libya.
    She's not helping … let impeachment proceed without commentaries from people who's own foreign policy failed. She's raising publicity for her book which is a very selfish act given the problems Americans face with trump

  55. Trump just signed a nice trade deal with China. What deals did Obama do? Why did you let 5 great guys die in Benghazi. Black ho's no mo.

  56. It's impossible to get people who support trump to do anything for this country. If they can watch him at his rallies and STILL support him, if they can hear the things he says and STILL support, if they can know the things he done to tear down this country and STILL support him, there is absolutely nothing that can reach them..

  57. First choice for a new government should be to remove tax excemption for churches.
    Next thing is to put into law that religion has no place in school boards or politics, i.e. any bill based on a religious view will automatically ne turned down.
    Third thing is that running for office is wrapped in an investigation of the personal finances and conduct of the runner, before they are allowed on the ballot.

  58. Why on earth would trump’s base want this gangster in office! He is doing nothing for them, and nothing for our nation’s reputation and social/ financial future? With him in office, every day becomes more dangerous and we will have to answer for the abuse he causes!

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