47 thoughts on “Tabbouleh Recipe (Salad)

  1. yes Tabouli has green onion if not available u can use red onion , lemon better than lime, fresh mint or dry mint is fine but less burgol ! I am from Lebanon plus I have my Middle Eastern Restaurant ! Thanks for sharing all your Recipe's

  2. Only need to soak the bulgur for five mins. Keep it a bit drier and it will soak up any excess moisture from the vegetables, which ensures the salad is fluffy not soggy. The parsley needs to be sliced as finely as possible.

  3. for the real tabbouleh (Lebanese) you need more parsley and you need to chop them nicely, you need to use onions instead of green onion,less burghol is used, and they need to be soaked in room temperature water for longer time.

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