47 thoughts on “Tabbouleh Recipe (Salad)

  1. of all the food in the world , tabouli / tabouleh is my absolute favorite. i feel like i am eating pure health. thanks for clip. : )

  2. yes Tabouli has green onion if not available u can use red onion , lemon better than lime, fresh mint or dry mint is fine but less burgol ! I am from Lebanon plus I have my Middle Eastern Restaurant ! Thanks for sharing all your Recipe's

  3. Now THAT'S what I call tabbouleh! 😀 When some westerners makes it, it looks waaaaaaaay to pale and they use so little parsley and TOO much bulgur!

  4. I am going to change to lemon and add kalamata olives chopped and maybe some dill. change also to quinoa and a little black seed oil. love this stuff

  5. awesome ill try this for sure, we grow soo many types of mint and 5 or so varieties of parsley to test it out with

  6. I just recently start eating this because of the great taste but have only trying the one from BJ's but now I think its time to make a fresh Tabbouleh. Thanks

  7. Yum,..I grow all this,… will be a great summer… I have so much parsley and mint. Just wondering if I can use Cous couse

  8. This looks amazing!! I have a few questions, how long will this be good for if I leave it in the fridge? and also, do you know how many calories there are?

  9. Thank youuuu its amazing 
    – I asked my mom for the tabulah recipe and she gives me the ingredients but not the measurements thank you so much

  10. Only need to soak the bulgur for five mins. Keep it a bit drier and it will soak up any excess moisture from the vegetables, which ensures the salad is fluffy not soggy. The parsley needs to be sliced as finely as possible.

  11. for the real tabbouleh (Lebanese) you need more parsley and you need to chop them nicely, you need to use onions instead of green onion,less burghol is used, and they need to be soaked in room temperature water for longer time.

  12. too yek restoorane arabi Tabbouleh sefaresh dadam, kooftam shod enghadr tond bood. 2-3 ghashogh bishtar natoonestam bokhoram… male shoma engari intor nist… sepas…

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