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  2. what makes tacos al pastor appealing is the orange red color, I think maybe you could have use more liquid and created the marinade separate, mixed it well and then put in the meat. Also, this is the first time I've seen someone put in the avocados in the frying pan with the meat, I'm not saying it's a bad thing but very unusual. Looks good though.

  3. I agree these are not the traditional tacos al.pastor, but they look terrific!!! And could be the gourmet option, I'll do them!

  4. Those are not Tacos al pastor you missed some important ingredients -.- . And also….the original ones don't have avocado.

  5. El proposito de la piña arriba es para suavizar la carne asi no se aprovecha su funcion.
    The pineapple on top is for soften and tenderize the meat, the way is cook in this video is worthless.

  6. This is how you get H1M1.. all that prep just to pan fry it? And all the extra meat you lost searing it? Smh this video was nonsense

  7. Eres un pendejo para aser tacos al pastor compa…. As defraudado a mexico y a 50 millones de gente con tus pinches tacos awados

  8. everything seemed good but then the pan showed up and everything was for nothing from there. Good take on tacos recipe but cant call it something its not. Flavor may be good and works but this is not al pastor. Where are the caramelized onions?

  9. I use both Pork and beef with lots of onion and pineapple 😋more flavor. Que no falten Los Chiles guajillos for the color.

  10. like the marinade (i would of mixed before placing on meat) & open fire cooking method of the meat would of heated the tortilla & sauteed the cilantro & onion plus garlic with the meat in olive oil

  11. It hurts that he does not know how to make a taco, I do not think there was any sense in the pineapple, since his juice was thrown into the charcoal, that's why the shepherd's tops are vertical.

  12. I’m just saying, I don’t care much for the speed video. It takes away from this being a tutorial experience, something to learn from. I’d like for him to slow down and show us beginners, step by step, how he slices this pork shoulder and creates tacos al pastor etc. Am I alone on this one YouTubers?

  13. Needs guajillo chilis in the marinade. Helps with the red color that the achiote failed to deliver here as well as more flavor. Unless you have a vertical spit, ditch this cooking method and grill each slice of meat over hot coals, then slice and plate it on the taco. No need to pan fry. You get a more consistent texture of burnt 'ends' and fully cooked jucy meat with every single taco. Just my preferred method.

  14. He made a major mistake by adding fresh pineapple to the marinade. Pineapple has an enzyme that breaks down the meat into mush if left to marinate for too long.

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  16. Guajillos and ancho Chile pods onion ,garlic cumin, salt and pepper pineapple. ::Pastor marinade

  17. Nope not tacos al pastor. This looks like a very lazy mid west recipe. Someone who has never traveled to Mexico, Texas or California to have REAL pastor tacos. I mean, who the hell puts warmed avocados in anything. And what was that train wreck red sauce at the end on that dry ass corn tortilla? Chipotle sauce?? This is like someone from Maine attempting Texas BBQ. This video was a fail in so many ways. 🤦‍♂️

  18. Hay que ver el episodio 1 de The Taco Chronicles en Netflix. ESOS son tacos al pastor.
    You need to watch episode 1 of The Taco Chronicles on Netflix. THOSE are tacos al pastor. 😉

  19. Wrong recipe. You need ancho peppers, chipotle peppers, guajillo peppers,clove, oregano pineapple juice and orange juice , garlic , onions

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