Taiwan Street Food and Attractions – BLOWTORCH Steak at Shilin Night Market! (Day 2)

Taiwan Street Food and Attractions – BLOWTORCH Steak at Shilin Night Market! (Day 2)

Everyone good morning it’s Mark Wiens
with migrationology.com This is Day Two in Taipei and we are heading to breakfast Breakfast is included in our hotel, so we’re going for breakfast now, and today is going to be a sightseeing day in Taipei. Breakfast is located at
the other location of this hotel, which is just a block away and it’s a
breakfast buffet and it’s actually pretty impressive over here I got a
plate of vegetables with some kind of pickles and then this is a plate there’s
a little bit of noodles there and then I think that’s just stir fried onions in
tofu and then I got a bowl of dumplings and vegetables hmm Oh lots of garlic and sesame oils we are
walking towards the longshan temple which is one of the oldest and one of
the main landmarks in Taipei that’s where we’re headed now okay
there’s the sign up there to longshan temple 700 meters I can see the sign in the distance we
are approaching Guangzhou Street so we’re getting very close to the temple we made it to longshan temple you can
see in the back of me back there the Sun is blazing hot right now from what I
read it was built in 1738 originally by immigrants from the Fujian
province of China but now it has been rebuilt a couple of times because it was
destroyed in various natural disasters as well as in World War two but this
remains one of Taipei’s most important landmarks and buddhist temples longshan temple was very amazing to
visit really busy today and full of energy and now we’re walking across the
street to the MRT station we’re at the MRT station now and gonna look into
buying the EZ card which is a card so you can so we don’t have to keep on
buying single journey tickets but we can put money on that card and then be able
to take the metro easily I didn’t see this at first but it’s a vending machine
to buy that easy card tickets is our pleasure to serve you easy card purchase
ok successful the card cost 100 for deposit and then we added 100 for ticket
fare this will be much more convenient we are at the very front of the train
but it’s so clean and so spacious the MRT in Taipei is really nice we’re
getting off the MRT at Chiang kai-shek’s nation here’s the map says for us to take exit
number five and then walk through the park to the Memorial Hall and one of the things that really
strikes me is just how massive it is so in the photos you can’t really judge how
big it is but in reality or when you’re here it’s huge and there are from what I
read there are 88 steps to the first platform of the Memorial Hall and I’m
going to go climb those now and see what is up there this whole square is really
nice some really nice buildings and over there behind me is the National Theatre made it to the top of the staircase and
there is a great view behind me and coming to the memorial now we just
happened to catch the tail end of that ceremony but now we can walk in here and
see the memorial the memorial is open from 9 a.m. to 6
p.m. and they have a changing of the guard ceremony every hour we’re back on
the street now but before we left the hotel in the morning I looked up a place
to eat Taiwanese soup dumplings which is not too far away
so we are walking there now and I hope we can find this restaurant for lunch I think that is the sign I think that’s
the restaurant we’re gonna eat right there with that red sign downstairs is where they are making all
of the dumplings and doing all the cooking and then upstairs they have a
really nice dining room sitting in the AC right now feels really good and about
to order some food heated and Suzanne thank you pork dumplings okay Shalom bow the soup
dumplings have arrived and you got to eat these immediately as they are hot
and fresh these are just little beauties you can almost feel a little bit of
juice swimming around in these little pockets of wrappers put it into my bowl
and you have to be careful biting into these you do not want a one bite these
because all that soup will come squirting out and can really burn your
tongue in your mouth so you want to be careful be nice five sizes okay they’re not that hot probably
because I took so long taking photos of them but that flavor is wonderful the
rapper is kind of gummy and then the pork inside is really soft and tender
for my next fight I’m going to reach over and grab that chili oh that is a
pretty oily but good-looking chili sauce put some of that on to there and then
but they put the rest on into the bowl for the for the next dumpling yeah along with soup dumplings this
restaurant is also famous for their fried chicken at least everybody seems
to be ordering it so let me taste this that is quite quite a deep-fried miss
around the edges of the chicken that’s crazy crispy on the edges Paul
and then that chicken is not overcooked on the inside it’s really juicy as well
well that’s good and it’s not over salty either now for the shrimp dumplings and you can
see they are a little different similar shape but at the top they spread it out
instead of closing it and stuck a little shrimp on the top but before I will dip
it quickly into this chilli sauce and we also got a couple plates of
vegetables oh that’s very nice and crisp really
juicy and a little bit a little bit salty and sweet oh because they’re very very garlicky
that’s good we just finished with lunch those were some excellent soup dumplings
I wish I would have wouldn’t have taken so many photos so I would have been able
to eat them when they were hotter and fresher because they would have been
even better but still they were really good we got to the main street and you
can see just in front of me that is the famous Taipei 101 building we’re not
going to go there today but maybe sometime in the next few days for sure
so stay tuned for that it’s about 5:30 in the late afternoon we are heading
towards the Shilin night market we just got off the metro and we’re
going to take exit one for shillin night market just a quick travel tip I was
waiting until we could find a tourist information center which is right there
right here at the exit of the Metro but in Taiwan you can get a student kind of
a youth discount for many of the attractions as well as some
transportation all you have to do is to qualify as B from the age of 15 to 30
and so I barely barely qualify just for a couple of more months I’m 29 years old
you fill out this really short application just your name and your
birthdate basically and then they give you this little pass and if you are 15
to 30 years old when you come to Taipei you can do the same we got here right at dusk and already
there are lots of people here and we’re walking down one of the lanes they’re
just shops mostly closed shops right now on both sides of the street and there we
passed a lot of food already and I know there’s going to be more food coming
soon but we’re just going to leisurely walk around for a while there are so many people here tonight
and just packed it’s single file but I think this is a food lane at least it
looks like and so we’re going to walk down this lane okay we’re going to stop at this stall
first for some fish balls we got the dark colored and they said it
is the spicy version oh that is very spongy and I can date
some black pepper and a little bit of chilli deep we just came to the end of
the market and we found a shop that is selling I’m not I’m not sure what
they’re called I will find out and write it here but they are pieces of dough
which are filled with either meat or something sweet and then cooked wrapped
into like a calzone and then just like naan they are slapped on the edge of the
oven and cooked and all this is just warm and all beautiful and then topped
with just a ton of sesame seeds and I got that pork version oh that’s ridiculously good oh and
here’s something funny when I took a bite one of those sesame
seeds like blew out and flew into my nose that bread is really crispy and
then inside the meat is a little bit sweet and I can taste onions and
I mean wow that’s delicious I’m gonna can you order me one young Oh in demand gun okay I’m going to order
one of these tofu on skewers all this yes please
thank you spicy yes please I just ordered what I
think is kind of a tofu hot dog without the hot dog so it’s basically a two
strips of tofu which looked appeared to be deep-fried and then I think there is
some cabbage and I’m not sure what else inside of there and then stopped with
cilantro and she topped it with a little bit of pepper or chili powder oh yeah oh
it’s just one giant piece of tofu wrapped into a u-shape and then drizzled
in dark sauce oh that’s very fluffy tofu and then the
outside has kind of a crunchy skin around it I think this might be a
surprise piece of stinky tofu because it does have a little bit of a but it’s not
very strong I was thinking though I had some stinky
tofu and when I was in mainland China a couple years ago and it was much like
had a more pronounced flavor and smell to it but this is not not very strong
maybe this is a mild stinky tofu but it’s very good I’m still not sure if that was stinky
tofu or not but if it was I was totally surprised I had no idea it was stinky
tofu and it was delicious I can taste a little bit of a like kind
of rotting sewage fish taste but that tastes pretty good and I love
that tofu it was a really good texture really like spongy and kind of crumbly
it was a little bit sweet but that kind of compromised with it being a little
bit spicy and then that cilantro touch on top that was awesome we are still
walking around Sheol in night market this market is incredibly huge and there
are so many shops and so many food stalls that it’s mind-blowing even though I’ve only been in Taipei now
for two days something I’ve been noticing a lot on the streets is little
cubes of snake which are grilled and then blow-torched
finally I could not resist ordering one and so yeah they’re little cubes of
snake he he blowtorch them a couple of different times and you could just see
the oils and fat just sizzling there were a couple different ways you could
order it one which was just salt and one was pepper but I got something called
singeing cumin which I have no idea how you pronounce that but it’s it’s cumin
and I can oh I could just feel that juiciness in that skewer all that is extremely juicy it is it’s
not quite buttery so it doesn’t fall apart in your mouth but it has some
texture to it I can’t really taste the cumin on that and then it’s perfectly
salted on that note of finishing that blowtorch steak we are heading back to
our hotel now it’s been another long day and I’m going to end the vlog here and I
just want to say thank you for watching this vlog please remember to give it a
thumbs up leave a comment below and I would love to hear from you and thank
you very much for watching and see you on the next video

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