Taiwanese Street Food in Taipei, Taiwan at Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

Taiwanese Street Food in Taipei, Taiwan at Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

Alright, so it has been a few hours since
we last ate and tonight we’re going out for Taiwanese street food (台灣街頭食品). So we’re heading to the Shilin Night Market
(士林夜市) and we’re going to take the MRT to get there. Let’s go eat. Sam may be feeling a little bit hangry right
now. Just a little bit hangry. Let’s ask to be sure. Hey Sam? What? How hangry are you on a level from one to
ten? I think I’ve burst through ten. I’m eleven. So to get to the Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)
you want to take the red line to Jiantan Station (劍潭站) and then take exit 1. So we have just arrived at the Shilin Night
Market (士林夜市) and it is still quite early. It is 4:30 PM. Most of the stalls start opening closer to
five o’clock and things will only continue to get busier as the night goes on. And apparently this market can run until like
one or two in the morning. So yeah, still very early. We were hungry so we couldn’t wait any longer. So we are having some kind of Barbecue roll
with green onion (黑胡椒豬肉卷) in it. Okay so we are having our first snack of the
night. And if you have a look over here it is basically
a pork roll and it is filled with green onions and she also asked us if we wanted it spicy
so she put some powder over it. Of course we said yes. Yes. Haha. Always. So look at that. Oh that looks good. Mmmm. Oh man. Do you like that? That is really nice. Yeah. I’m so hungry right now. What does it taste like because I’ve never
had anything like this before? Well, have a look at it here. It is filled with green onions. That is like the main ingredient in the middle. So you taste both the pork and the green onions. Okay, so Sam’s going in. Time for me to try it. Mmmm. That is really good. I like that the green onions give it like
a bit of juiciness. Yeah. Yeah. And the pork is a little bit salty but it
is not too as spicy as I thought it would be. Yeah. And we paid the equivalent of five dollars
for this. It was a bit expensive. A little bit pricy but I mean. It was 150 Taiwanese Dollars. So yeah. But it is good. So there is one drink I’ve been wanting to
try ever since we got to Taipei (臺北市). I love bubble tea (珍珠奶茶) and apparently
it originated here so voila. Look at that. Look at that. I got one with brown sugar so you can see
me mixing it. You can see the brown sugar. So good. On the sides and then you can see the like
the pearl tapioca jellies at the bottom. Man, that looks good. Oh man. Oh man. Mmmmm. Real deal? That is so amazing. I love this drink so so much. Is it nice and sweet? Mmmm. What can you taste? Don’t want to choke on the tapioca balls but
it is almost syrupy. The brown sugar. Like it is quite thick. So you really get that flavor coming through
and I love that it is made with milk because apparently you can just get straight up tea
and I was like no no no let’s go with the classic. Give me some milk here. The milk in there. So yeah, it is so good. So good. So Sam just had to get a taste of it as well. Of course. I’m sharing. Sharing is caring. So how much was this one? Mmmm. Okay, before I talk about that I just have
to say how good and sweet that is. Yeah. You really taste the brown sugar. Oh man. And then you get sucking up all of the jellies. Man, that is good. Okay so that was 50 Taiwan dollars which is
about a dollar fifty US. So yeah that is a nice affordable cheap drink. And so worth it. So worth it. And you know what else is cool. They give you a really thick straw so you
can get at your bubbles. Yep. Exactly. Suck them bubbles. So for our next Taiwanese street snack we
are having Taiwan fried chicken (鹹酥雞) and this was quite the process. Like first he took the chicken breaded it,
deep-fried it and then he took a pan and added the sauce. We got sweet chili and then pan-fried the
chicken even further in the glaze. And are those rice cakes beside it? These look like these could be little rice
cakes. Yeah. Oh wow. And then on top of that he sprinkled peanuts
and sesame seeds. It looks amazing. Yeah. And that was one hundred and ten Taiwanese
dollars so you’re looking at about three US bucks for that. A little bit more. A little more than three US. How is that? Mmmm. Oh my gosh. Good? It is so tender but so juicy at the same time. How about the sauce? Sweet. So sweet. Which is really good. So this was Sam’s pick tonight. And I think you’re going to be very pleased. I think I will. Oh that is so good. Isn’t it? Like you said really tender. Yeah. And I love the combination of nuts and sesame
seeds on the outside. Yeah. It gives it a crunch. Yeah. Mmmm. Perfect combination. And it is a bit spicy too. So if I can offer one piece of advice when
visiting this market it would be to come a little bit later in the evening. We arrived around four thirty and it was you
know pretty quiet. Things are starting to pickup a little bit
but our food options have been a little bit limited because people are just you know showing
up and opening their stalls. So later in the evening is best. Thank you. So Sam is leading the way with this one. What are we having next? Alright moment of truth. We’ve been playing it kind of tame. Playing it kind of safe so far. We’re going right in to the classic Taiwanese
street food (台湾街头食品) here. We are having Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐). Oh my. And it is funny because we saw this tofu stand
and we’re like is this stinky or not we don’t know. So I walk up to it and I go. Sniff. Oh yeah. That is the real deal. That is stinky. That is definitely the real stuff. So if you’ve never tried this before I was
reading on wikipedia earlier this afternoon that it smells something like stinky feet
or garbage. Rotting garbage. Oh my. So yeah it is strong. I’m going to go take a bite here. Yeah. I think there is some cabbage. You can see it is on a double skewer here. Yeah, a double skewers and it has got cabbage
in the middle. Somewhat like a sandwich. Oh my. A little overpowering there. That is something else. Oh. It is spicy. Um. Oh man. I’m keeping my distance. It is just you really taste the sourness of
it. And the fermented aspect and woah. That is something that would take a while
to get used to. I don’t think I’m ever going to enjoy this
one to be honest. How about a second bite to. Alright I’ll do one more. I’ll do one more. Maybe it’ll grow on you. I also kind of want you to eat most of it
so I will have very little left for myself. So just go ahead. Oh. Go ahead. That is something. I don’t even know how to describe it because
I’ve never had anything quite like it before. So. Wow. That is fascinating. How much did it cost? That was only forty five. So just over a dollar. About a dollar thirty or a dollar forty for
that. So it is cheap. And you should try it if you’re in Taipei
(臺北市). Why not right? Yep. And did I mention that scooters come zipping
around out of nowhere. Okay. So after stinky tofu (臭豆腐) comes the
reward. Although that being said I don’t deserve a
reward because I didn’t try the tofu. But we decided to get something sweet instead. This is for you Sam. I’m going to sample it for you to make sure
it is okay. So we got a crepe (蛋餅) with oreo ice cream,
Nutella, banana, whipped cream, chocolate powder. Yeah, it was the whole process of making it
was pretty fancy. Mmmm. How is that? Mmmm. Sweet tooth cravings fulfilled? Haha. You’re speechless. That is how I know it is good. For your bravery. You are being awarded an ice cream. This is my reward here. Which I’ve sampled for you. Hey don’t make out with the ice cream. Mmmm. I’m still going to have some more. Oh I’m going to be making out with the ice
cream some more. Hey! Sam! That is so mean. It is all over your lips too. That is so good. So decadent. I mean I just got on the second bite a lot
of Nutella and like woah. With the ice cream and whipped cream and then
the light fluffiness of the crepe. Man, I haven’t even. Oh yeah it is a good dessert. I haven’t had Nutella yet. That is a nice Taiwanese dessert here. So we’ve already had dessert but we thought
‘hey’ there is always room for one more. Dessert just keeps rolling. And this is definitely the most colorful thing
we’ve seen out here at the Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) so far. So apparently if you can see here. These are pieces of strawberry that have been
put on a skewer and these are candied (糖葫蘆) or called a toffee kind of fruit. Yeah. And you also notice sweet tomatoes and also
plums as well. Yeah. We decided to go with strawberry. Yeah. So let’s try that here. I’m going to try eating a whole one. Oh my. Oh wow. It is like properly hard on the outside. Mmmm. Okay. Oh wow. Mmmm. That is like a super quenching. That is like a super crunchy sweet glaze on
the outside. Mmmm. And the fruit extra juicy on the inside. Is it warm fruit? It is. You can tell it has been like warmed up. Cooked up a little bit. Yeah. It kind of tastes like if you’ve ever had
strawberry shortcake the way the strawberries are kind of a little bit warm like that. Oh yeah. Being placed next to a cake. Look at that color. It is so good. Ruby red. We forgot to take a picture. Mmmm. And you know what? A tomato snuck into the mix. Look. Are you serious? Strawberry, strawberry, tomato. Where is the tomato? The little one. Oh wow. Ah. You’ve gotta bite hard. Yep. Yep. Oh, look. It is seeping all over the place. Hahaha. Whoopsies. Oh my gosh. So what do you think? I’m making a mess on someone’s storefront. Do you like it? Yeah, it is good. But we better run off now. So that is a wrap from Shilin Night Market
(士林夜市). We really enjoyed eating all of the different
Taiwanese street food (臺灣菜) and we’re going to be eating up at a lot more night
markets here in Taipei (臺北市) so stay tuned for that.

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