TAKEOUT-STYLE TOFU AND BROCCOLI | vegan Instant Pot recipe

TAKEOUT-STYLE TOFU AND BROCCOLI | vegan Instant Pot recipe

Hi there, it’s Nisha, and welcome back to
another video. Today I’m going to show you how to make a Chinese Takeout-Style
Tofu and Broccoli in the Instant Pot. This is a recipe from my brand new
cookbook – The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook, and I can’t wait to share it with you.
it’s really easy to make, and incredibly flavorful. The first step in this recipe
is to press out the excess water in the tofu. I’m using extra firm tofu which is
the best variety when you’re stir-frying it as in this recipe , and I’ve covered it
in a bunch of paper towels and then I put a heavy skillet on top of it. that’s
generally how I press tofu and I let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes and I changed
the paper towels in between. And now I’ve got this block of tofu that is pretty
much removed of all the excess water. And the reason you want to do that is if you
don’t, your tofu will get waterlogged. It won’t get crispy and it won’t be as
flavorful. So I’m just gonna cut the tofu into cubes and then I’m going to
marinate it in these ingredients right here, just for like five minutes to get
it a little bit more flavorful. I’ve got a gallon size zip top bag and I’m gonna
put the tofu directly in there. If you don’t want to use plastic you can go
ahead and put it in a shallow pie plate or something like that, pour the marinade
on top, and massage it with your hands. And then you can just go ahead and pour
the marinade ingredients directly on top. We’ve got some gluten free soy sauce and then I’ve got some Sriracha. I also have some toasted sesame oil, and finally some rice wine or rice vinegar. Just get all of the air out of the bag and massage it.
and then we’ll just let the tofu sit here for about five minutes to get the
marinade on it. In addition to the tofu, the other main ingredient in this dish
is broccoli. so I’m going to chop up these broccoli heads into some florets
and that will go in after the tofu gets cooked in the pressure cooker. For this recipe I’m going to make a
sauce using these ingredients. We’ve got some tamari, which is gluten free soy
sauce. You can use regular soy sauce if you want. just keep in mind it won’t be
gluten free. And we’ve got some agave nectar. You can also use coconut nectar. also got some water Sriracha. if you don’t have Sriracha you can use another chili
garlic type of hot sauce, Also have some toasted sesame oil, which is going to really perfume this sauce with a really distinct nutty aroma. And
then some rice wine vinegar or rice vinegar – they’re the same thing. That’s
gonna be the source of acid. and then we have some finely grated or minced ginger. I’ve got the Instant Pot on the Saute
setting and once it heats up I’m going to add some oil to saute the tofu. You
can use any neutral oil you like. I’ve got some sunflower seed oil – you can use
grapeseed oil or vegetable oil or whatever you like. I want the pan to be
really hot for this tofu so it gets crispy on the outside, so I’m gonna wait
until the Instant Pot display read HOT – that’s when you know it’s time to
add the tofu. I’ve got this slotted spoon and I’m going to use it to scoop the
tofu out of the bag, leaving any excess marinade behind, and we’re going to saute the tofu for about 90 seconds. You’re gonna let the tofu cook
undisturbed for about 90 seconds. Don’t touch it for that period , nd then you’re
gonna use a spatula like this to move it around so it can get cooked evenly on
all sides. Now I’m going to go ahead and have this
sauce that we made earlier directly to the Instant Pot. I’ve coated all the tofu
in the sauce and now we’re going to pressure cook it for three minutes at
high pressure. The final ingredient in this dish are the corn starch slurry. so I’m going to add 1/4 of a cup of water to 2 tablespoons of corn starch and
whisk that together to make a slurry. and once the tofu and broccoli are done
cooking, I will pour that into the sauce which will help thicken it. So after the
tofu cooks, you’re going to do a quick pressure release which means you’re
going to move the valve to the venting position as soon as the timer goes off
to release the steam. And now we’re going to add the broccoli into the Instant Pot
and let that pressure cook for just a minute. Now that I’ve added the broccoli, I’m
going to pressure-cook it again just for one minute, and we’re gonna do it at low
pressure so the broccoli doesn’t get overcooked. So you want to hit that
“Pressure Level” button so it says low and then reduce it to one minute. The broccoli and tofu are done cooking. It was just one minute in the Instant Pot so it was very quick. And now I’m gonna do a quick pressure release to let all
the steam out. I’m gonna hit the Saute button right here and I’m gonna go down to less heat, so depending on your model you might just need to push the Saute
button again until it says “less” right here. I don’t want it to be too hot and I don’t
want anything to burn. And then I’m gonna pour in this cornstarch slurry and
that’s gonna help thicken up the sauce. After everything’s been sauteed for a
couple minutes, I’m gonna serve the tofu and broccoli. I have some white rice here
today, but you can also use brown rice or any kind of grain you like. This is so flavorful. It’s spicy. It’s a
little bit sweet from the agave. It’s got that nice toasted sesame flavor. It’s
just so flavorful. I’m sure you’re gonna love it. If you don’t love spicy food go
easy on the Sriracha, but if you love spicy food like I do, go ahead and add as
much Sriracha as you like. I hope you enjoyed this recipe for a
Chinese Takeout-Stylet Tofu and Broccoli from my cookbook, The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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