Taking the $995 Brava Countertop Smart Oven For a Spin — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

Taking the $995 Brava Countertop Smart Oven For a Spin — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Okay party people, we’re back. We are testing the counter
top smart oven and honestly this is one of the things
that I have been wanting to test for awhile. (upbeat music) The counter top smart
oven has so many different technologies that they
use that we tested before in other gadgets, but it’s all in one. Okay the first recipe is
going to be one of the recipes that are built into the computer. It’s pork chops with some cauliflower. And just to go through
the basic way of how this oven cooks, so each zone
corresponds to a different heating element in the oven. You can see there’s
zone one, two and three. It goes in one tray and it
cooks all at the same time, but it’s at different temperatures. So it’s controlled. Everything will come out cooked perfectly. So with this recipe you
go to cook and from here it says step one, two three and four. There’s tips and then there’s
exact mirror images of like what it should like on the tray. It really kind of dummy proofs
the whole process, right? Okay so it says zone
one add the pork chops. Add the pork to zone one. And we’ll season the other side. And then it says zone two and three you’re doing the cauliflowers. So add it to zone two and three. So basically it’ll cook
everything at the same time. So it says to connect the
temp sensor to the oven. So this comes with a little sensor. You connect it to where it’s
supposed to be, like that. Then you’re going to pick the
temperature of the doneness of the meat. So you can either go pink or well done. So meat is in. Probe is in. Door closes, and then
it gives you an overview of what you just did. So thickness of the meat, temp sensors connected, doneness, pink. So on the app on the
phone, it’s really cool because it knows how long
your meat has been cooking for, and then you can go and
see the same exact screen that’s here on your phone. It’s says the Brava Oven it’s
connected and you click on it and the same exact screen that’s
here is now on your phone. And now I can go to the
other side of the room, go watch TV and then see my
food cook at the same time. I can already see the pork searing and it’s like bubbling inside. I can also hear it, and it’s
only been like two minutes. So by the time you’ve pre-heated
your oven which also takes like 10 minutes to preheat
we don’t need all that. Hence you get dinner in 11 to 18 minutes and that’s a huge time variable, but that’s because the probe is monitoring the temperature of the meat. If the pork is cooking
faster then it’s making the cauliflower temp hotter,
so it cooks at the same time. So it’s adjusting the
temperature accordingly. Oh look pork chops cooking
faster than expected, so it knows that the pork
is cooking so much faster and getting a lot hotter
than it should be. It says we’re done. (dinging) So the pork chops are done. I’m just going to take it out. Don’t judge me guys. I would have liked the pork
chops to have more sear, number one. Number two, the cauliflowers
did not reach a color that I would have liked. I think they should be more
roasted, but is it cooked? Cooked nicely. It’s just missing the color,
but I think it’s cooked nicely. Now the pork chops as you
can see it’s not seared, if anything it’s like boiled. A ton of juices, but let’s
see how well it’s cooked. It’s cooked pretty decent. It’s pink. We said pink not well done. I’m really missing that
like crust, and that sort of like seared beautiful flavor. That’s definitely missing. It’s just seems like a
boiled piece of pork chop. I’m really disappointed. We tested the different zones. Now we’re just going to try
to max heat and sear a steak, and then still try to get
the perfect steak at 125. There is a sear function, that’s
what we’re going to click. We’ll click all three zones. And you can do like zone two, three, or just one or whatever you like. We’re going to go with all
three zones, and then you can choose to sear just the
top or the bottom or top and bottom, which is what we’re
going to do for our steak. Set the time as well. In this case we’ll just
do it at three minutes and then check it. And then it shows you where to place … Where to place your tray, which is in the top. So as you can see here the
probe reads it’s at 58 degrees now and it’s timed. And you can also watch
your steak being seared. All right. Woo okay I’m not wowed because it’s not seared on this side. (sizzling) It is extremely hot though. But it’s beautifully seared on one side, just not seared on both. Tiny disappointed, but I’m at
least happy that it’s seared, at least one side, right? And I know for a fact that
this is exactly 125 degrees which is perfect. So now checking on the temp of the steak, which should be at 125 degrees. Yeah that’s good, but
I must say throughout the steak it’s not even. So the part that was touching
the tray was a lot more cooked than the other side, right? So there’s a little bit of
unevenness throughout the steak. A better job than a regular oven, but obviously you can do
it a lot better on a pan, but it is cooked mid-rare. So, I’m not terribly mad about it. It’s cooked nicely. It’s mid-rare. But it’s uneven throughout the steak. So if we’re talking about perfection here, obviously don’t cook a
steak in any type of oven. Just do it the right way. As for ease, yeah it was very easy to do. And I’m sure with fiddling
around with it you can achieve a better product, but I
think in the end too much … I mean it’s supposed to be smart oven then it’s like too much work. Honestly, don’t cook a
steak in a smart oven. The purpose of the cookie
test is obviously to see even distribution of heat inside
the smart oven, right? And with baking there is
a pre-heating so you can’t just put it in. But that makes sense because
you’re trying to get even heat throughout the whole oven, right? While that’s pre-heating
we’ll just place our cookies on the tray. We’ll bake the cookies
for 10 to 12 minutes. It’s done pre-heating,
which was actually like very, very fast though. So I must give it that. This is like a miniature
Easy Bake Oven, honestly. Okay we’re going to start with 10 minutes. First of all it’s at least six cookies, which is not enough for me. And for around $1,000
this gadget better do some impressive (bleep). All right. Cookies are baked. Cookies are out. We’re going to check if all
the bottoms are evenly cooked. They look fine, it’s just I
think my only complaint if I had to complain about it is that it only baked six cookies at a time. Whereas if you’re baking in the oven, you can bake a dozen,
like two dozen at a time. The edges are crispy. So I think that this oven is
one of those things where right now I was super stoked about
this product, it’s just that it fell so short in the actual results. That’s what kitchen gadgets are for. It’s supposed to make your life better, yet the food better too. Sorry smart oven you just did
not live up to my expectation, especially for the price
tag of around $1,000. For more kitchen gadgets
like this click here.

100 thoughts on “Taking the $995 Brava Countertop Smart Oven For a Spin — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

  1. How does this woman not understand why the side on the pan is cooked more? How did she get this job if she doesn't understand that?

  2. It's very strange reviewing these expensive technology packed kitchen gadgets because if the hardware is there, then there is a big possibility that it gets a lot better with software if the manufacturer is big enough and techy enough.

  3. When I've cooked that same pork + cauliflower (multiple times), it's come out perfectly. Seems like something weird must have happened. I love my Brava and use it every single day.

  4. After having a brava for a while now, I can't imagine cooking without it. A quick glance at what the brava user community creates on Instagram shows the magic this product is really capable of. -and all the fun users are having turning old favorites into fast brava meals.

  5. Hey everyone, this is Chef Travis from Brava! We are huge fans of Eater and The Kitchen Gadget Test Show. I do, however, want to set the record straight. Obviously, I'm a big believer in Brava, but it's a new way of cooking and requires some education and understanding before anyone begins. Esther does a fantastic job with "out of the box" reviews, but you need to know a few basic tips and guidelines before starting. In fact, we offer personalized onboarding (video or phone) to every customer before they receive Brava because we know how important that foundational knowledge is. Regarding the pork chop, we suggest cooking most proteins straight out of the refrigerator for the best sear. I'm not surprised the pork didn't sear properly because it started at 60 degrees. Most of us have been taught to temper meat before cooking, but you don't need to do that with Brava. If you follow our guidelines and start with cold ingredients the pork and cauliflower would have seared perfectly. Trust me, we don't like boiled pork any more than you do! In terms of the steak, for the true Brava experience we would absolutely recommend Brava's custom-tuned recipe program for NY steak. Esther was testing the sear function (which is great!) but that's a little trickier to use. With a single steak you should choose "1 zone" instead of "all 3 zones". The steak would have seared perfectly in significantly less time. We've reached out to Eater in hopes that they will give this another shot to show true Brava results. We would love nothing more than to see them succeed like so many of our customers.

  6. A pro:duct not looking for so much as a niche, but oe looking for a purpose Like so many. Just say "Don't try these products. They are crap until proven otherwise."

  7. The color of the video is poor and the audio is too low. Who edited this video?

    8:06, Is that a bad or good thing for her? I like cookies that are crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, but she seems to think that's wrong? Expand on the comment, instead of being vague, please?

  8. I question the fundamental necessity of these expensive gadgets, plus they require further "education" and "understanding" before you can use them (see Brava's chef's response above). Can someone tell me how a sear can be obtained on animal proteins by heating the surrounding air alone, without contact with a hot surface or flame?

  9. Another waste of money for the brainwashed MORONS of this pathetic world.
    "Everything will come out cooked perfectly" What you consider "perfectly cooked" is not what everyone else likes.

  10. I keep coming back to these videos thinking "This time it's going to be different" but am proven wrong every time. Literally 90% of her gadget videos, Esther is using the product for the first time with little to no knowledge of how it's actually supposed to be used and therefore "proves" it's a waste of money. The videos where she is just the host and brings in an expert to do the actual tests are always better. Does Eater realize it's okay to try and improve something?

  11. Just face it. She could be reviewing tooth picks and we'd watch the episode. She really should have a reality cooking show in one of her restaurants. Please come to Toronto and I will produce a half hour promo in Korea town.

  12. I would pay no more than $100 for that. It needs to be tweaked & better results, still I would only pay $100

  13. Everyone is complaining about the exposure or whatever, strong disagree, I think all'yall's screens need to be revisited

  14. This product serves a really important purpose and that is for @Eater to buy and review it and get views and make money from ads and for the rest of us to realize that we don't need to spend 1k to eat delicious food. A nice pan will do. Thank you Brava and Eater for making the world a bit better today 🙂

  15. Of major concern is that the higher priced kit comes with "3 months of Brava+ membership ($29.97 value)" (So $120 a year) In looking up what that it, it talks about being able to save settings and use the APP and also get software updates. So am I to understand that unless I am part of the Brava+ membership I can not use the APP to save things, check on the status, get updates etc? That would be one very poor thing that you need to pay for a monthly service to use such an oven. Can't even get software updates with out a paid service? Unheard of to say the least with a product that runs on software! After all, as you say, it's a computer.

    Please tell me I am incorrect in the above as it makes zero sense to have to pay to use the product itself in a way that clearly is not really talked about unless you find it in an FAQ and understand it. Even more so when you consider the price point.

  16. try this i just found it https://shop.kamadojoe.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjw583nBRBwEiwA7MKvoNsvTV7LjC_ehqmekNDebywVWIuj9Hie8kZD4DcmthqcYszm_8tM2hoCBkQQAvD_BwE

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    Did they try pizza.

  18. Maybe to an able bodied chef it is not that useful. This could be a great kitchen helper for people with disabilities or handicaps.

  19. even with the normal way of cooking a steak we all know that getting that perfect sear on both sides means flipping it

  20. It is simple, don't use anything in the kitchen with "Smart" or "Gadget" in the name. Have a good Oven that spreads the heat evenly, normal pans and pots (not the ones that cost hundreds of bucks, they are not worth it, replace them when they reached their end of life) and the most basic accessories and you are set.

    Great cooking is about ingredients, skill and taste and not about gadgets.

  21. Thank you, you just saved me from a $1000 mistake. I already was at the checkout with this product. I'm glad I watched your hands on review.

  22. I really appreciate your honesty. It is obvious you are unbiased, which is why I trust your reviews =) Keep it up!

  23. How can you get a good sear on anything without contact with a high heat surface? You can't, at least effectively, sear without contact.

  24. How many apple boxes is this little shrimp 🍤 standing on? She can’t be tall enough for the counter to come up to her waist.

  25. Overpriced for the results delivered. If you’re in a very small space maybe it makes sense, but I think most people would be better served with a cast iron pan.

  26. OMG You are so stupid. Brava indicated everything in the instructions and you have to be idiot to do so many mistakes in just one cooking. I guess manufacturers need to send coaches for idiots like her.

  27. It makes sense for a small family with little to no extra time to make dinner… if you're eating out 5x a week that's $100/wk… spending $50/wk in grociers to make 5 dinners is savings of $2500 over a year so in one year you could potentially save $1500.

  28. God Bless you Esther. You have a very true and sweet, loving and concerned heart. I wish the producers of this show would really let you speak it to us. Thank you for enlightening us, and letting us know as consumers, that there are really some bad products out there that’s not worth the time or money for us to even think about, while we’re all struggling with finding better ways to live in this economy.

  29. This company just merged with a bigger conglomerate. You saved me 1K. Thank you. Because all the reviews on Bravas website seem Fake.A.F.

    Totally not worth it
    Yay lol

  30. I'll keep the traditional way….. Steam the vegetables with my steamer and put the pork chops on my 'Char-Broil' outdoor grill.
    This thing is what people that spend $ 1,500 for a telephone need !
    PT Barnum was right !

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