Tasty Street Food in Taiwan

Tasty Street Food in Taiwan

You can eat really well in Taiwan
without ever darkening a doorway. In fact, some of the best food is out in the streets. Street food is everywhere in Taiwan and it’s
delicious and affordable so you can try lots of it. There’s nothing better than strolling along,
like a moveable menu, and letting your eyes and nose do the choosing for you. It’s more than likely you’ll spot
a food or two you don’t recognize, which is great because it’s a chance
to try something new. Marc and I have eaten very well in Taiwan
and made lots of other videos about foods, drinks, and desserts. Holy Kapowgabonza. So check out the rest of our Taiwan series for more. Let’s start with a very traditional
and typical Taiwanese dish: braised pork on rice. It’s filling and flavourful and we ate a large,
which came with fried shallots, for only 40 Taiwan Dollars, which is around $1.70 CAD. Ooh it kind of reminds me of something
my parents used to make when I was a kid. Really? It has just like a really nice almost…
I don’t want to say gravy-like sauce but kinda. We ate this meal on the sidewalk
and shared a table with another man. If you’re eating on a plastic stool,
chances are you’re going to eat well. Like these noodles we got
for 60 Taiwan dollars or $2.50 CAD. Super, super peanut-y. We got 10 very satisfying dumplings
for 50 Taiwan dollars or $2 CAD and this dinner was the day we did
a rainy road trip to Taroko Gorge right before we had peanut butter
ice mochi for dessert. I’ll link those videos below as well. We also visited the night market in Hualien, which included trying a
‘Taiwan hamburger’ for the first time. You choose what sort of meat, filling,
and sauce you want and they make it to order. We got braised pork, black pepper sauce,
honey mustard, cucumbers, onions, and noodles and it all comes in a steamed bun
for 65 Taiwan dollars or about $2.75 CAD. When we walked by a stand selling banana pancakes
at the Hualien night market, we could not resist. Obviously this isn’t necessarily Taiwanese, however, it is one of my favourite
street foods in the entire world and eating them outside a train station in Thailand
is one of my top food travel memories. It’s a thin pancake fried on a grill with sweet bananas and this one was just 50 Taiwan dollars or $2 CAD. You can get different toppings on it
like honey, chocolate, and peanut butter, but the best is condensed milk. If you ever get the chance to try this,
do it and please have some for me too. And speaking of top food travel memories,
I think I made a new one in Taiwan. As usual, it was very unexpected. It was on the beautiful little island of Xiao Liuqiu where we had an amazing time
driving our scooter around and swimming with sea turtles. I’ll think that video too. One night we had rushed to a
lookout point to watch the sunset and had some food I will never forget. I just started eating this and I was like we need to put this in a video
because it’s insanely good. I don’t really know how to describe it except it’s like
a deep fried burrito full of cheese and meat and this one has corn. This one is chicken there’s also a bacon one. Look at the packaging, how cute this is. It’s so salty. Picture a deep fried burrito with cheese
and your pick of chicken, bacon, tuna, or beef. I need a franchise of this where I live. You missed the first bite but I was like… ’cause it’s so, so good. I’m going to find out the name of this place
and link it because if you come here you need to have this in your hand like this. I did find out the name of the place:
it’s called Little Tadpole and you have to order by 10am or they will literally be sold out for the rest of the day. They’re 60 to 70 Taiwan dollars, less than $3 CAD. However, the best value we found
for street food in Taiwan starts at less than half that price. It’s roti. It all starts by spraying the grill with oil
and then adding whatever filling you want in the roti. I got egg with cheese and Marc got
Taiwanese basil and egg. When it’s cooked, it gets folded up
and served super, super hot in a takeaway bag. Xie Xie. Bye bye. Bye bye.
-Bye bye. Ooh it’s hot! It’s very hot. Oh my god, I can barely hold it it’s so hot. Let’s try this. Mmm oh that is really good. The roti is just perfect. So squidgy, the texture. Mmm love squidgy. Smacking my lips. He’s like muhaha. When the sun goes down in Taiwan
the night market is just waking up, and this is where you want to be. The smells, smoke, and steam in the air coupled with the sights and sounds
of food being prepared is a full on sensory experience that culminates
of course with you TASTING some of that food. Our favourite night market in Taipei is Raohe and the best thing we tasted there were
pork, leek, and cabbage dumplings with your choice of spicy or sweet sauce. Even the container they came in was cute. They were so good we went back to get more. And when it only costs 50 Taiwan dollars
or $2 CAD for 10 dumplings, how could you not get seconds? Whoa! All those flavours together and this sauce,
it’s almost like a Teriyaki sauce, are blowing my mind. That might be one of the best dumplings I’ve ever had. Strong words. We also got to try something at Raohe
that we had been on the look out for: a unique fruit called a bell apple. One look at its shape tells you
where that name comes from. We were surprised at the high cost,
relatively speaking of course, of a bell apple – just one was 100 Taiwan dollars or just over $4 CAD. The taste wasn’t at all what we expect
from apples at home in Canada. The bell apple was less crunchy,
more spongey in texture and not very sweet. We both enjoyed it, though, and if you spot one,
I definitely recommend giving it a try. It’s like if a pumpkin and an apple had a baby. That’s how it tastes. There were other highlights walking
through Raohe night market too. Like coffin sandwiches. Not the cheeriest of names for what is
more or less a bread bowl. These bitter gourds are a very
common vegetable in Taiwan. They’re used in stir fries, salads, soups, or even juice. These are a traditional snack of skewered strawberries
and cherry tomatoes coated in sugar. You can also find grilled snails, King oyster mushrooms, and different meats and organs. One of my other favourites is
a traditional Taiwanese dessert which is normally stuffed with
red bean and other fillings. The skin is made of sweet potato powder
and I just love the chewy texture. There’s lots more to see at the night market
and many, many more street foods to try in Taiwan. This video is just a taste –
pun very much intended, by the way. I’ll link our other Taiwan videos below
so check the description box for more on what to eat, where to go, and what to do in Taiwan. No matter what you get up to while visiting, though, you can fill your stomach with unique flavours
and textures you’ll dream of long after. I hope you enjoyed this video. Remember to give it a like if you did and subscribe for more travel and food adventures. Thanks for watching!

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  2. Wow! I first found your channel through the Mexico City content. I've got to say the production quality here has gone way up. Great job growing the channel, Mark and Eileen

  3. Bell apple for $100/each is too expensive. You got ripped off. Premium bell apple tastes very sweet. Hopefully you have friend(s) to give you one. Enjoy your trip in Taiwan…

  4. 2:21 However it is one of my fav street food in the entire world, and eating them outside the train station in THAILAND????? Thailand????

  5. If you want to buy the fresh fruit, try the Supermarket or traditional market(usually open in early morning).That is more cheep than night market.

  6. Whao, wow, waa…. I need to try some of that food. I've been eating puritan food for so long, this stuff seems like alien food. I need to take the red pill and devirginize my tong! 😉

  7. the booth which you bought wax apple is a famous tourist trap in Taipei, as a Taiwanese i feel shameful. most of the seasonal fruit could be purchase at local chain grocery and local market, highly recommended

  8. 3:30 那個是蔥抓餅嗎?

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  10. All the yummy street foods at the night market! Mmmmmmmmm….you have covered some of the good ones, like braised pork on rice & Taiwanese hamburger! 😋
    The bell Apple sold by the fruit stand certainly was overpriced and not with good quality……sorry.
    Watching this video makes me hungry even though I have supper already. Another good video and yummy one too👍

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE this video! Everything looks scrumptious! As per usual your video has amazed me and I couldn't stop watching! Can't wait to see more videos from your trip to Taiwan 😊

  12. 一些無恥商人,以為外國人好騙,破壞台灣形像,你們這群人沒資格說外國觀光客都不來了你們生活不下去了,生意好差,這樣不是自打嘴巴嗎。?

  13. Don't buy fruits in nightmarkets, if you don't see locals standing in line!!! There are lots of ridiculous prices up there, and you can easily buy 10~1000 times more( depends on their conscience) amounts of fruits even in a normal supermarket.

    By the way, if you bought the right one, that fruit can be so so so sweet… That is another reason why we think they are cheated

  14. 謝謝你,把台灣美食拍的那麼有質感與味道!台灣人多數是很善良與友善的,歡迎你們,光臨我們美麗的寶島

  15. 看到一堆人都嫌蓮霧賣100太貴 妳們知道蓮霧正常情況下一年只有一收嗎 知道要施多少肥嗎 知道需要套紙袋嗎 明白需要多少人工成本嗎

    知道雨水太多會爆果而廢掉嗎 知道高級貨一顆就有300公克嗎 知道大太陽底下去催花 疏花 疏果 套袋的辛苦嗎 人工費用一人一天要1500元妳們知道嗎

    手機一部2萬3萬也只能用3年還一堆人排隊去搶有人嫌貴嗎 好像農業活該得做好事似得

  16. If you happen to visit Yilan, be sure to check out 柯氏蔥油餅(Ke Shi scallion pancake), it's super good and was a must go when my parents used to take me and my brother to Yilan on a trip. It's chewy on the outside with eggs a bit crunchy on the inside. They used to sell it in a food truck when we first visited them but now they have a shop, too.

  17. Wow~~~ you've tried the liang yuan (sticky jello ball )!!! its a very local snack which is one of my fav snack in night market~~~~ plz come to Taichung we had Feng Jia night market~~~which is the most famous night market in Taiwan lol~ and our prices of the street food are more affordable~hehe

  18. plz don't buy fruit in night market. It's simply too pricey.
    you can always spot shops that specifically selling fruits, those are more reasonably priced. Or you can just walk into grocery stores.

    Unless you just happen to have too much money

  19. Several yrs. ago I saw a car sticker says :
    ~~ My husband told me , if I go shopping again , he will leave me. …
    " Oh God ! I missing him so much "~~
    Every year I will spend about 3 mo. in Taiwan, before I leave U.S. , my wife always remind me don't eat too much street food there ( she knows Taiwan's street food are so vary and delicious) , and I always get more than 3 lbs. weight back home , and of cause I still love my wife ~
    Thanks for the great video and love you both !

  20. Never buying fruit in night market. They are cheating the foreigner tourism. Just buy fruit in super market and they are also good in both in price and take.

  21. Don’t buy the fruits in night market, the fruits there are expensive also not so fresh if u want some fruits I recommend u to go to the traditional market or the fruits store on the corner.
    And also welcome to Taiwan! Hope u like it!

  22. The price of the bell apples was ridiculous. Shame on the vendor who was absolutely dishonest with you. I felt terrible bad that you guys have been cheated. Although this happens rarely, I am hoping that this will never happens to any for visitors to Taiwan.

  23. That bell apple(Wax apple?) price is BULLSXXT
    As a Taiwanese I am sorry that you bought that in 100 NT, and for other people want to travel in Taiwan
    DO NOT BUY FRUIT IN NIGHT MARKET! always not worth and unhygienic.

  24. 蓮霧 (WaxAPPle) Because the fruit looks like a bell, it is also called "bell-fruit". Originally produced in Malaysia and the Amman Islands of India, in the 17th century, the Dutch introduced Taiwan

  25. Don't buy the cut fruit in the market, no matter day market or night market, especially during summer time. My mom tried once and vomited the whole night when we visited Tainan.

    Anyway, all the food in Taiwan are yummy and surely gain weight when going back home.

  26. NT$100 for a bell (or wax) apple!!! You should name and shame that place. Rarely stall holders rip off tourists but these guys were way over the top. great video. makes me want to go back

  27. “小柳秋”是“小琉球”的意思嗎🤔🤔🤔
    蔥抓餅個人偏愛九層塔加蛋 🤤😋😋

  28. 台灣水果的話可以試試看「釋迦」,除了好吃之外,口感跟其他種類的水果截然不同,所以應該會是個很棒的體驗。

  29. Ahh.. bell apples.. aka wax apples, aka 蓮霧, it's unlike any fruit, very light and refreshing, not overly sweet. Very good during hot summers. But like others have mentioned, that was over priced at the night market. Find a local fruit stand or a traditional open air market and get a few and enjoy them at your hotel.

  30. 哈哈哈😄⋯⋯

  31. those bell apples are VERY cheap in the philippines. We have bell apple trees. wonder why they are so expensive in Taiwan?

  32. Hi! I am Brazilian and my mom was Taiwanese…she passed away 5 years ago…you brought me some good memories about Taiwanese food. Thanks for sharing this video!

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