Tender Beef Slices with two more recipes (with English subtitles)

Tender Beef Slices with two more recipes (with English subtitles)

We praise ALLAH and blessings be upon Rasoolullah In the name of ALLAH the most Beneficent the most Merciful peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon you Dear viewers today I am going to prepare for you Tender Beef Recipe it tastes very well lets start we have taken some beef for the recipe we are going to make today this is almost 3 Kg and you can see there’s fat attached to this meat you can find such meat when you visit butcher’s shop by buying meat with this fat we can achieve better test and we wouldn’t need to use any extra oil you can see that there’s bone in this chunk of meat which is better since when we will cook it we will have the taste aroma of the bone as well initially we will marinate it for tenderizing the meat for which we will take some onions usually people use papaya paste for tenderizing but by using onions we can improve the taste it will not tenderize the meat as much as the papaya paste but this is a good tenderizer as well so you can use onions for this we will take enough onions to marinate the meat well first we will cut onions into pieces to make a paste now these will go into the blender jug we will add some water to it and one and a half table spoon salt now I am going to blend it in the name of ALLAH the most Beneficent the most Merciful enough now we will place our meat into a deep pan and we will pour the paste on top of it and we will rub it good on the meat you will find onion tenderizing better than papaya now we will put a lid on it and leave it for 1 hour and we will proceed after one hour until our meat gets tenderize we will make some chatni I have take fresh garlic leaves for that I am adding these into blender it tastes really well you can use garlic instead it is also called green garlic these are fresh chilly from my garden i will also add these into blender we will add half tablespoon salt in it I will also add two tablespoons of white vinegar in it after this we will blend it and our chatni is ready after one hour of marination we will wash our meat the meat is not tender and some salt is absorbed into it All praise to ALLAH we have completed our initial steps we have marinated and washed it and cleaned the meat now we will sprinkle some salt on this meat half table spoon for all the meat or a little less make sure to put salt on all pieces now we will take a pressure cooker we will add water in the cooker let me show you this stand I use for steaming I will add water the level of which will be lower than this stand after adding the water we will place the meat on top of the stand because these are big meat chunks it will take some time to cook now we will close the lid of it and give it pressure for 15 minutes It has been 15 minutes now we will turn the flame to low and we will leave it on low heat for 1 hour while the meat is cooking let’s make another tasty mint coriander chatni we have finely chopped coriander here and we have mint leaves and green chilly we also have lemon juice salt and cumin seeds we will add all these into the blender half teaspoon salt and half teaspoon cumin seeds 4 tablespoon lemon juice now we will blend them all together we will also add half a glass water and vinegar into it and vinegar will work a preservative as well that’s it our mint coriander chatni is ready now let’s check our meat I have turned off the fire and lifted the whistle we will wait until the pressure is released and then we will open the lid In the name of ALLAH take a close up let’s check if it is cooked well it is cooked well let’s move to next step we will take these meat chunks out they look so good now we will make slices of these almost half inch wide we will separate the meat from the bone it will be easy since the meat is well cooked In sha ALLAH when you will eat this you will find this out better than the steaks these can be eaten now but watch the video till the end in order to make it more tasty we didn’t spill the water left from the meat we will take some of it it has the fat from the meat this water can be used for cooking rice and making some other dish we will add half a teaspoon salt in this water and mix it well we have placed a pan on medium low fire our pan is now heated now we will dip the meat pieces into the water we made and we will put them into the pan this water has some fat and the meat has fat too we will not need any more oil we will sprinkle some grounded black pepper on these after a while we will turn these pieces after turning these over we will sprinkle some black pepper from this side too black pepper is not to make it spicy but to add some flavor to it we will use our chatnis to make it spicy after they have cooked from the other side too then we will dish these out so here are our Tender Beef Slices believe me you’re going to love it better than the steak this must be taken hot if it got cold you won’t be able to eat it now let’s taste these with our chatnis one normal chatni and one cruel chatni In the name of ALLAH the most Beneficent the most Merciful

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  1. I'm your 1st viewr aapki recipes hamesha mazey ki zaiqedaar hoti hn…. Bura mt maniyega pr Maa ki churai hui recipes hn ya wife ki recipes… Ek baar Phir iske liye maafi khwah hoon…

  2. Agr yehi recipe mutton me banai jaye to pressure cooker me pakne ka kitna time le gi? Very healthy recipe 😍😍👍👍

  3. ماشااللہ بہت خوب جناب اور سب سے مزے دار حصہ وہ تھا جب آپ نے ظالم چٹنی کے بعد چٹنی کے تیز ہونے کا اظہار کیا تھا

  4. بہت زبردست ڈش ہے.
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