Thai Street Food in Bangkok with The Food Ranger – AUTHENTIC Local Tour! กินอาหารไทย4ภาคในหนึ่งวัน

Thai Street Food in Bangkok with The Food Ranger – AUTHENTIC Local Tour! กินอาหารไทย4ภาคในหนึ่งวัน

– Hey everyone, it’s Mark
Wiens in Bangkok, Thailand, and today, I am taking you on the ultimate Thai food tour of Bangkok. And I’m not going by myself. I’m about to meet up with a friend who is just as passionate and
obsessed with food as I am. I’m excited to meet him. And we’re gonna take
you on a Thai food tour where we’re gonna eat all four
of the major Thai cuisines in one single day. We’ll be eating Southern Thai food. We’ll be eating Isaan food from the Northeastern region of Thailand. We’ll be eating Northern Thai food, and then finally, we’ll be
eating Central Thai food. So stay tuned for this
ultimate day of Thai food that you’re not gonna wanna miss. (upbeat rhythmic music) Hey, hey, hey. – Go for it, man.
– Good morning. – [Mark] Good morning. – What’s up? – [Mark] What’s up? – Good morning, Ting Ting. – Good morning.
Good morning. – Good morning. – [Mark] Guys, this is Trevor
James, the Food Ranger. – I am so excited to be here right now. I can’t believe it (chuckles). – And we’ve got Ting Ting in the back. – Hello.
– We’ve got Ying in the back, and Micah, who is probably
sleeping back there. You just have one single day in Bangkok. This is gonna be a Thai food tour that you’re not gonna wanna miss. (upbeat rhythmic music) And so if you go to a, just a random Thai restaurant… – Yeah? – They may have a mix of different dishes. But if you really get into
the regional variations of Thai cuisine, that’s
when you start to get some really impressively good taste dishes and tastes and local flavors. – So we’re going really
specific to try it all today? – [Mark] Yes. – [Trevor] Awesome. – Micah is just loving this morning walk through the market. He’s actually woken up for the occasion for the first time, and
he is looking around. We’re on our way to the
Southern Thai food restaurant. That’s gonna be our first stop, so we’re gonna have Southern
Thai food for breakfast. (speaking in foreign language) Yeah, fried fish, fish curry, and as you move down the buffet line of more and more curries and soups. – [Trevor] Wow. – [Mark] So this restaurant
is called Ruam Tai, and this is a Southern Thai restaurant I’ve been coming to for many years. I think they … Yeah, this is one of
the best places to come if you love Southern Thai food and to get an authentic
taste of Southern Thai food. I think they make about 50
different dishes every day. – There is a lot here. – And they’re all prepared
early in the morning. (speaking in foreign language) This is gaeng som with
(speaking in foreign language), which is taro stems. – [Trevor] Taro stems? – [Mark] Taro stems. (speaking in foreign language), another staple Southern Thai dish. – [Trevor] That has gotta be (mumbles) – [Mark] The hardest thing about eating at a restaurant like this
is holding yourself back. (Trevor laughs) for ordering everything. – [Trevor] Yeah you want
it all, right? (chuckles) – So I ordered up a full spectrum of very, very typical Thai dishes. – Okay. – We’ve got some gaeng tai pla here, which is fish entrails,
fermented curry with- – Entrails? – Yeah, it’s got the viscera, the inside of the fish. – Okay. – Kind of the fish guts. And then the other really
key Southern Thai dish is called gaeng som,
which is a sour curry. And then yeah, you could
just point and choose to whatever you like. And then a big fish. – [Trevor] Yup. – [Mark] This is a salted fish, which has then been deep fried. – [Trevor] Amazing. – Chilies and shallots. – Shall we dig in? – Yes, man. – [Trevor] Okay. – [Mark] What do you
wanna start with first? – [Trevor] I really wanna
try the fish entrails here. – [Mark] All right, let’s go, yeah. – [Trevor] What else is in here? – [Mark] Those are chunks of bamboo shoot, and then there is long beets in there. – [Trevor] Oh. Let’s cheers then. – All right (chuckles). – Mmm. Good.
(Mark chuckles) Good. Oh. – That flavor, man. – That is an explosion. – [Mark] It’s so pungent but like yeah, so like wonderful… There is such a wonderful powerful flavor. – [Trevor] That fermented fish flavor is so strong and powerful. – [Mark] Oh you can see
just like oils and juices squeezing out.
– Oh. – [Trevor] Yeah (chuckles). Oh you can. – [Mark] So we should
just taste a little piece with some chilies and
some shallots all in one. – [Trevor] Yeah, good idea. Mm. – Oh yeah. – Oh. – Mm. (Trevor chuckles) – Oh, that’s amazing. I was expecting it to be more salty, but it’s not too salty. It’s perfect. – That citrus flavor really
mixes well with the chilies. – [Mark] This dish is called kua kling, which is the dry curry. – [Trevor] Mm. – [Mark] This on top here are
shredded kaffir lime leaves. – Oh yeah. – That chili and that curry paste then with that fresh lime zesty flavor. Oh Micah. Micah is looking up at
us eating (chuckles). – Hi, Micah. Is he hungry? – He is smiling at Trevor. Uncle Trevor and Dad are eating
some awesome food, Micah. – [Trevor] Wow. One day, he will feast. – [Mark] I think he can smell that fermented fish curry
right there (chuckles). – Oh! Oh! (chuckles) – Yeah, dude. – Oh, it’s pasty. – The chalkiness. (speaking in foreign language) – [Ying] Yup. – These are cashew nut leaves. – Oh wow. – Cashew fruit leaves. – [Trevor] Never tasted
anything like that. – [Mark] These are taro stems. – [Trevor] Taro stems. Oh. (chuckles) – Oh. – The taro… – They’re like… – There’s that… – Sponges, they’re like sponges but crisp. And another dish that we
absolutely have to try is this, in Thai, it’s called gaeng kee lek. I believe they’re cassia leaves. Mmm. – Now that is creamy. The leaves have a bitter taste though but in a really good way. – And then just wrapped
up in that coconut milk. – [Trevor] So spicy, everything is just, your mouth feels alive. – I don’t think you can get any better than Southern Thai food for breakfast. – Oh. No (chuckles). What flavor. – [Mark] What a way to start the day, man. – [Trevor] Mm. – Micah just had a huge meal, and Trevor and I are
still eating this meal. – Yeah (chuckles). – [Mark] Food is absolutely amazing. – [Trevor] Incredible. – So if you’re looking for
authentic Southern Thai food when you come to Bangkok, this is a great restaurant to come to. (speaking in foreign language) – That was so amazing, that flavor. – Oh man, I’m feeling fantastic. – Yeah. – We’re walking back
through Wang Lang Market, and there’s just an oversupply – Wow.
of every kind of Thai snack that you would wanna eat in this market. – So many things to try. – I’m loving hanging out with Trevor. Trevor is enthusiastic about food. He loves to eat and it’s so much fun to eat with him. There is a dessert up ahead, which is called khanom tungtaek, which is very famous
popular at Wang Lang Market. So I’m gonna go stop there and buy some, and then Trevor and I
will taste that next. (speaking in foreign language) – [Trevor] What do we have here? – [Mark] That is called khanom tungtaek, and Ying already bought us some. – [Trevor] Oh. – [Mark] So she bought us some. They’re kind of like waffles. – [Trevor] Oh, okay. – [Mark] They put the batter
into these little molds. – [Trevor] Yup. – [Mark] And then they fill them with a variety of different fillings. One of them is coconut. One of them is called foi thong, which is the, it’s an egg yolk candy which she is – [Trevor] Oh nice.
fishing out over there. – [Mark] You love egg yolk candy? – [Trevor] Yup. – [Mark] And then there’s
cream in there, there’s sugar. (speaking in foreign language) (all laugh) (speaking in foreign language) (Trevor laughs) (upbeat rhythmic music) – Mm. – Yeah. – [Trevor] I could really eat some sweet. – [Mark] It’s all just sweet. (speaking in foreign language) You could just spend a day
in here just eating, dude. There is so much. But we gotta move on. That was a lot of fun anyways, eating that khanom tungtaek, right? – [Trevor] That was so sweet. – [Mark] Did you like that? – [Trevor] And fluffy,
oh yeah, it was great. (upbeat rhythmic music) – We’re now in an area called Sathorn, which is the central
business district of Bangkok, and we’re gonna eat at what is I think one of the best
Isaan restaurants in Bangkok. We made it to Silom, right at the peak of lunch rush, so it’s busy, man.
– Busy. – A lot of people. – Yes. (upbeat music) It’s a famous new building. – [Trevor] Oh wow. (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] Oh wow, they had redone their dining room since I was here last time. (speaking in foreign language) I think that’s our catfish
we’re ordering there. (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] Okay, it’s laab
made with minced catfish. And then you wanna watch her
as she mixes up the salad. – [Trevor] Yeah. – [Mark] Then she adds in… – [Trevor] Oh yeah. – [Mark] Juices. That is khao khua, which is the roasted
toasted sticky rice powder, – Nice.
fish sauce, lime juice. (speaking in foreign language) (Mark chuckles) – [Trevor] Wow. Oh, that’s where it gets all the flavor. – [Mark] That’s all the dressing mix. – [Trevor] Yeah. Mmm. (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] All right. – [Trevor] Mmm. (speaking in foreign language) – This restaurant is
called Som Tam Jay So, Som Tam, and it’s right in Silom, and what I love about
this restaurant is that the taste of the papaya salads, they taste exactly like you
would get them in Isaan. – Really? – [Mark] So that it’s the authentic taste. You can get it right here in Bangkok. – [Trevor] Cheers. – Cheers seems like the right thing to do with this overflowing sticky rice. – Yeah, look at that. – [Mark] But the common thing to do is grab a ball of sticky rice and you can kind of ball
it up with your fingers. – Okay. – And then you can dip it into the, especially the dressings. – Okay. – So if we start with this salad, this one is tam boo ba la, which is the fermented fish with crab. – Mmm. Oh (chuckles). – Yeah. – Oh. – Oh, that is fermented. – Fermented. It’s got a kick to it. – [Mark] And there’s a
fermented crab in here. There’s the fermented fish sauce. There’s dried chilies in here, all of the green papaya. These are, in Thai, they are called
(speaking in foreign language). They’re kind of like mini stink beans. (both laugh) Okay. – Okay. – Mmm. – Totally. (Trevor chuckles) – Dude. (Trevor chuckles) That amount of flavor, man. – Oh. There is some definite odor to those seeds in there.
– Oh yeah. What I love about it is
it is such a strong flavor but at the same time, it’s so balanced. – Ooh! – It’s sour-
– And it burns. – It’s spicy. It’s fishy. Something I was gonna tell you that is pretty cool about this restaurant, especially the auntie making som tam, the auntie pounding. – [Trevor] Yup. – [Mark] You could actually see that she’s wearing safety goggles. – [Trevor] Really? (chuckles) – [Mark] Because she pounds
with that mortar so hard that chili seeds can come flying up. – [Trevor] Mmm. – And I believe that’s why she’s wearing the safety goggles, which I think is just cool. So you gotta wear safety
goggles for doing construction and for, like, welding and things and also when you’re making some serious, some seriously spicy som tam. – [Trevor] Wow. It’s like a wave. It starts off slow and then you got this incredibly spicy peak
– It builds. and then slowly…
– It builds a little bit right? – [Trevor] Cool down. – [Mark] Yeah, man. This one is a laab made with catfish. Ooh! Well, this is one of the
best versions of laab. – [Trevor] Man, I’m burning. – Mm-hmm. – That is, wow! That is real flavor here
(Mark laughs) (Trevor chuckles) – [Mark] Yup. – [Trevor] My eyes are watering. – Teardrop coming down. – I’m crying, it’s so good. – Yup, tears of joy. Another type of green
papaya salad that we got is called tam pa, and in Thai, it directly
translates to jungle salad. – [Trevor] Jungle. – Jungle-pounded salad. So this includes fermented fish sauce. It includes crab. There are some kind of like
cherry snails in there. – [Trevor] Mmm. – [Mark] There are tomatoes in there, lots of dried chilies and limes and then the white popinac seeds. There is also the khanom jeen, the white rice noodles in here as well. – Oh great. You can see this little piece right here. – Yeah. – That’s one of the snail type of things. – Oh nice. – Yeah.
– Oh there, I got one. – Oh yeah. – Oh yeah. – Oh, a hanging noodle. (Trevor chuckles) – Mmm. – Mmm. Just flavor overload. – [Trevor] Wow. – [Mark] One of the most powerful salads you could possibly eat. Man, it’s good. – [Trevor] Wow. I have never tasted
anything like that before. I think I had a few
tears coming out there. – [Mark] Yes, man. Yup, all right, cheers, man.
– Cool down with some chicken. – Chicken wing time. – Yeah. Mmm. Mmm. – I got a bone with that. – Me too (chuckles). – It’s so soft. – Yeah. – [Mark] This is the
chicken dipping sauce here. It might be a little bit sweet, and it might be like tamarind that… So this is like a tamarind- – [Trevor] Sweet tamarind sauce? – [Mark] I think so. – [Trevor] Okay, let’s try it. (upbeat rhythmic music) – [Trevor] Mmm. – [Mark] Oh yeah. – [Trevor] Oh. – [Mark] Yeah, they’re really good. – [Trevor] Oh yeah, a little sour, almost kind of fruity too. – [Mark] Yeah. Auntie has invited us to sit down with her for a little bit and… (speaking in foreign language) We have a (speaking in foreign language) which is roasted fish. (speaking in foreign language) – Yup. (speaking in foreign language) Mmm. (speaking in foreign language) Oh. (speaking in foreign language) Wow! (speaking in foreign language) All right. (speaking in foreign language) All right. – [Mark] You take some cabbage and then you can dip it into the (speaking in foreign language) – [Trevor] Wow. – This is a catfish dip. – Catfish dip?
(speaking in foreign language) (Auntie chuckles) (speaking in foreign language) I could really taste galangal in there. – Yeah. (speaking in foreign language) All right. (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] She says to add
a lot of the chili sauce. Mmm. – That good? (Mark speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] Trevor, what did
you think of that food, man? – Wow, what an intense
array of flavors and colors, totally blew me away, and then a nice surprise treat at the end. – Oh yeah. – Oh yeah. – They are so nice. – Yeah (chuckles). – I always leave that restaurant
so happy and so satisfied. Next, we are going to
eat Northern Thai food. – Northern. – Lanna food from the
Northern region of Thailand. Northern Thai food is the hardest type of regional food to find in Bangkok. It’s very underrepresented. So there are some good
restaurants, but we wanted more of a, like a street food scene, so we decided we’re
heading over to a market called Or Tor Kor Market,
and we’ll find a stall that has all sorts of
authentic Northern Thai dishes. – [Trevor] What a great day. – Ying, should we buy Micah
some of those baby wipes? Maybe he’ll grow a beard
like that (chuckles). Micah, we just arrived at the market. We just made it to the market. Oh, you’re sleeping so peacefully now. This is one of Bangkok’s
ultimate foodie paradises. There is so much food here.
– Wow, there’s a lot here. So much. – [Mark] This is
considered one of Bangkok’s gourmet food markets. – [Trevor] Really? – So it’s a lot of good quality food, but also, you’ll find all
sorts of regional Thai food as well as Thai ingredients. – [Trevor] What are we trying here? – [Mark] So she just told
me this is a nam prik, which is a chili dip made with crab eggs. So I think it’s the crab roe. – [Trevor] -Okay. – And normally, you just take
any kind of raw vegetables, dip it in, and eat it. – [Trevor] All into this. – [Mark] See the yellowness from that? – [Trevor] Oh yeah, look. Oh, it’s like a spoon. – Mmm.
– Mmm. Oh! Oh yeah. Wow! – She’s smiling back there. (speaking in foreign language) Really, really refreshing. – [Trevor] Wow. – [Mark] Mm-hmm. – [Trevor] That roe. – [Mark] Mm-hmm. – Is just actually quite creamy. – It’s almost like egg yolk. – Yeah. – [Mark] Here’s a Northern
Thai food stall right here. – [Trevor] Awesome, so we found it. (speaking in foreign language) – All sorts of different
Northern Thai dishes. – Wow. – And (speaking in foreign language) – [Trevor] Wow, this looks totally unique. Is that pork? – [Seller] Pork, yes (speaking
in foreign language). – [Mark] Pork belly. – [Trevor] Are we getting these? – [Mark] Yeah, these
are a type of mushroom. – [Trevor] Oh nice. – [Mark] This stall is
mostly just for takeaway, and so she has plastic… She has paper bowls but no spoons, so I’m gonna go to the food court area to try to get some spoons, and then Trevor and I
are gonna eat right here. Hold on, man. (upbeat rhythmic music) – All right, there we go. We got two different dishes. One of them is gaeng hang lay. Since the spoons are in this curry, we may as well start with it. Oh, look at that, oh, let me help you. – Oh, look at that (chuckles). – Oh that-
– It’s just gonna fall. – It’s just oozing. – [Trevor] Oh. Oh, there it is. – Mm. – Oh yeah. – Oh that’s really good. – Oh. – Mm. – Oh, it tastes like
sweet caramelized onions. – And the ginger there. – Oh yeah. – Mm. The other one we got is a dish
called gaeng kua hed fang. – [Trevor] Okay. – [Mark] And it’s a mushroom curry. – [Trevor] Mushroom? – Yeah. They look kinda like river rocks. – [Trevor] Yeah, they look
like little blueberries. – [Mark] Yeah, like
odd-shaped blueberries. – [Trevor] Yeah (chuckles). – Mm. – Oh. – Oh, they pop. – Oh, they’re really, really crisp. – Yeah, and they just pop,
like a cherry tomato almost. – [Mark] Mmm. – [Trevor] That’s so nice. – [Mark] Mm-hmm. – [Trevor] I gotta say this is just… – [Mark] Deliciousness. – [Trevor] Deliciousness. This is where… – [Mark] Whole flavor. – [Trevor] This is where
dreams are made of. (speaking in foreign language) – That was really good,
especially that gaeng hang lay. (speaking in foreign language) We had the gaeng hang lay,
but I really wanted… Well, Trevor and I needed to try some Northern Thai sausage,
which is called sai ua la, which is another absolute must-eat Northern Thai dish. There’s lemongrass in here. There’s galangal and garlic. – [Trevor] Oh! – [Mark] Yeah, and chilies. And it’s a-
– That sounds fun. – [Mark] It’s a heavy herb sausage. (rhythmic music) – Mmm. – Oh yeah. Mmm. – You can really taste the lemongrass. Now we’re gonna try the nam prik noom, which is the green chili dip. Fried pork skin, scoop it up. Oh. – Ooh. Mm.
– Oh yeah. Oh that’s… – Oh, it’s very thick. – Oh, it’s a mouthful though. – Mm-hmm. – It’s a mouthful of flavor. – Mmm. – So to complete this
ultimate Thai food day, we still need to eat Central Thai food. And so the situation right now, it’s exactly 5:40 p.m.
– Yup. We’ve been eating all day long. – We’ve been out since 7 a.m. – Since 7 a.m. – Yeah (chuckles). – Eating. – Eating. – And then driving places. There is one of the absolute best places in Bangkok to eat tom yum goong. – [Trevor] Ooh. – [Mark] Which is a Central Thai soup and one of the most famous Thai dishes. And yeah, this one of
the absolute best places. (upbeat rhythmic music) That drive took a good hour, but we made it successfully. This restaurant is called
Tom Yum Goong Banglamphu. – [Trevor] Really, Tom Yum Goong? – [Mark] And they
specialize in tom yum goong. (speaking in foreign language) This means if it’s not
spicy, I’m not eating. – [Trevor] Wow. (speaking in foreign language) Here’s a mass of tom yun stock right here. – [Trevor] This is the stock right here. (speaking in foreign language) This is the tomalley from the shrimp. – [Trevor] Oh! – [Mark] The head oil. – [Trevor] The head oil. – [Mark] Oh, that aroma. – [Trevor] That is aromatic. This looks like it’s got the true flavor of the street. – [Mark] Dude, this is real tom yum, man. – [Trevor] Wow. – [Mark] There’s Trevor
going in for the closeup. – [Trevor] Yeah (chuckles). Gotta get those closeups. – [Mark] Those bubbles,
gotta get those bubbles. (upbeat rhythmic music) – [Trevor] Oh, that’s great. – [Mark] (chuckles) Oh
that’s beautiful, yeah. Oh, this is our omelet going in. Look at the way that’s puffing up. – [Trevor] Look at that,
it’s full of bubbles. – [Mark] I think it’s
only three eggs, man. It’s just so fluffy because
he deep fried it, you know. – [Trevor] Oh. – [Mark] He just fluffed it so. That is a work of art. – [Trevor] Yeah. That is huge! (chuckles) (Mark chuckles) (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] The name of this
restaurant includes Tom Yum Goon, so this is a dish you
absolutely have to order when you come here.
– So this is the specialty. – But you should also order
everything else because… – [Trevor] Wow, like these monster, these juicy shrimp look so (chuckles)… and the smell
– Look at how oily and delicate they are. – The smell, the smell as they just… (Mark chuckles) We gotta go in for that tom yum. – [Mark] Yeah, we gotta try
the tom yum first, yeah. – [Trevor] Oh, this is- – And actually, he made it expertly. He added the broth. He added chilies, all the seasoning. He added the shrimp, and then he added in all of this orange stuff, which is the head shrimp butter. And actually, I just recently
learned the name for it, which is called tomalley. – [Trevor] Tomalley? – Mmm.
– Mmm. (Trevor chuckles) – [Trevor] Oh man! – [Mark] Dude. – [Trevor] Oh. That shrimp head butter. – [Mark] Yeah. – [Trevor] That is what it’s about. – [Mark] But you can taste how it’s sour. – [Trevor] It’s sour and citrusy. It’s pure shrimp. Oh look at the cream. – [Mark] Oh yeah they just ooze. – They’re just oozing.
– They’re just oozing, look at that (chuckles). – It’s oozing the cream (chuckles). – Okay, I’m just gonna bite that body. (laughs) (Trevor laughs) Did you see that? Dude, I ripped off the head and it, like, it, like, shot. – [Trevor] It slingshotted. – [Mark] Really, it slingshotted some- – [Trevor] It’s oozing with cream. (Mark laughs) (Trevor chuckles) – Okay. Ying, can you see that,
that just creaminess? Cheers, man. – Cheers. – Mmm. Oh I think I got some shrimp
juices rolling down my chin. (Trevor chuckles) – Wow.
– Wow. That creaminess of the shrimp
is, dude, unbelievable. – They’re so silky. – [Trevor] Yeah. – And that texture is unreal. – And then with that tom
yum flavor over top… – Oh, dude. Yeah, it actually tastes like, it’s like whipped cream. This one is goong tod kratiem, which is fried shrimp with garlic. – Mmm. And it looks like it’s
crispy on the outside. – [Mark] Man, he had that
oil like just perfectly. I think that’s actually
caramelized oyster sauce. – [Trevor] Really? – [Mark] Because what
he did was he fried them in a bunch of oil, and
then he drained the oil but kept frying them. – [Trevor] Mm. – [Mark] And then he
added some oyster sauce, and I think that slightly caramelized. – Caramelized.
on top. – Let’s do it.
– Do we have one? Yeah. – (chuckles) Oh, it just pops out. (Trevor chuckles) (upbeat rhythmic music) – Mmm. – (chuckles) Oh. That’s as good as he made it
look when he was cooking it. – Yeah. It’s just one after the
next of deliciousness. – [Mark] Also one of the
great things about here is the garlic. – [Trevor] Mm. – [Mark] And dude, they
just toss in the cloves with the skin and all. – [Trevor] Mm. – [Mark] And look at that oily goozy… Goozy. (Trevor chuckles) Is it oozy or goozy? Oh just look at that.
– Mm. – Mmm. (Mark chuckles) – [Trevor] Mmm. – Wow. – Oh that is… – Yeah. That is ridiculous. – It almost tastes like honey. – The omelet was one of
the most impressive dishes that they make here. The amount of oil he used, actually, you do not wanna know the
amount of oil he used. (Trevor chuckles) It was a significant amount. – [Trevor] It looked
like the wok was full. – [Mark] Yeah, pretty much. And then when he took it out, the wok was only half full. – [Trevor] Yeah (chuckles). – But anyway, he threw the egg in, and there’s also shrimp in this omelet, and then it just puffed up like a balloon. Mm. Yeah. – Oh. So many ingredients and so many flavors. – [Mark] Mm-hmm. – That are kind of alien to people that don’t live here. And to taste it and to experience it in a true and authentic way is truly something that you really have
to do in your life because it’s not just food, it’s an experience. – [Mark] Well said. (upbeat rhythmic music) – Mm.
– Mm. – [Mark] Good stir-fried
vegetables, garlicky. – [Trevor] Nice crispy pork belly. – The uncle who makes the tom yum goong? – Yeah? – He’s truly a legend. He knows exactly… I bet he could make that tom
yum goong with his eyes closed. – [Trevor] Really? – [Mark] As you saw, he just
puts in the ingredients. He throws them in, he boils it. He knows exactly how
long he could boil it. It turns out perfect every single time. – [Trevor] I’m blown away. – He’s truly a legend, – Legendary.
tom yum goong. And on that, I will take another
bite of this tom yum goong. – [Trevor] Yeah. (upbeat rhythmic music) – Dude, that’s good (chuckles). – The flavor, man. The tomalley. – The tomalley. (Mark chuckles) – [Mark] Trevor and I made
it to the end of the day. – What an amazing day. – That was a challenge. – Yeah. – And an absolute joyful eating day. – [Trevor] It was. – We managed to get all
four major Thai cuisines, regional cuisines in a single day. – [Trevor] Yup. – [Mark] From Southern
Thai food to Isaan food to Northern Thai food and now finishing off with
this Central Thai meal. – What an amazing experience. – Dude, it was absolutely awesome. – Yeah, thank you so much. – To eat all the food with you. – Thank you so much for this experience. It was such a great time to
hang out and eat with you. – You as well, man. I think, like, we were, we were made to eat together. – Yes, yes, we were. – And so finally, to complete this video, I have two quick things for you. Number one, if you want to
experience this entire Thai food regional Thai food in a
single day in Bangkok, I have written about
it all in a blog post. I’ll leave the link in
the description box. You can read the entire thing, get all the details of
all the restaurants. And then number two, go subscribe to Trevor James’ channel. He’s the Food Ranger. He’s making some of the best
food videos on the Internet. They are mouthwatering, – Thanks, Mark.
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