Thane Street Food (Part 2) | Soya Chaap, Chinese, Jalebi & more | Golgappa Girl

Thane Street Food (Part 2) | Soya Chaap, Chinese, Jalebi & more | Golgappa Girl

Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel Golgappa Girl. I am Pooja And today I am in Thane Before starting this video, I want to thank all of you We are very close to 50,000 subscribers You guys have supported me a lot and showered so much love Thank you so much If you guys are new to my channel, let me tell you. I make videos around food and travel Make sure you subscribe to my channel. Hit the bell icon And quickly, like this video You must have guessed from the title that today’s video is about Thane Street Food Part 2 In today’s video, I will go to all those places Which you guys suggested I have already made one video on Thane Street Food and so many of y’all suggested so many places that I missed out on I got so many suggestions It is not possible to go to all those places but I will try my best to go to many of them Today’s first place is Preeti Sandwich So many of you guys told me to go to Preeti Sandwich and try the sandwich there I am standing right next to Preeti Sandwich. They have a lot of branches. I have to Naupada branch And I am very hungry. Let’s go and eat. I have the menu with me Let me just take you through the menu They have sandwiches, toasts Grilled sandwiches, Chef’s special, pizza, Pasta, bread roll, garlic bread Oh! And they have rice, nachos. These are all the desserts. These are fresh juices, falooda, milkshake The menu is quite extensive. Let’s see what we want to order. This is what I am trying.This is Paneer Lasuni It’s more like a garlic bread Just like you saw in the making, this has cheese spread which had corns too Onions Paneer, Cheese, Butter A garlic chutney WOW! The bread is quite crispy The flavour of garlic is not that strong The garlic spread used to make this is really good It is not spicy. In fact, it is full of flavour and tangy And corn is bringing a little sweet flavour I am not even kidding. This garlic bread is very nice. And so well cooked The bread is also quite fresh. The USP of this garlic bread is that it doesn’t have a lot of ingredients. However, all the ingredients used are bringing a nice flavour Even if it’s corn, cheese or the chutney. In fact, the chutney (spread) is the USP And even the small morsels of paneer As it’s summer time, I got a shake for myself Apparently, this place is popular for its shakes too This is called “four berries milkshake” This has strawberry, cream, black grapes, pineapples It looks very good. I am loving the color of this milkshake And even the consistency is just perfect It is not very thin or very thick This is quite refreshing Very fresh. It has a nice sweet and sour flavour It goes very well with the garlic bread. In fact, it is a proper and filling meal I really love this one So guys this was Preeti Sandwich. It was so much fun eating here I had a word with the owner here and he told me apart from garlic bread and sandwiches, they have a lot of other things I showed you in the menu But he told me if you don’t want to eat sandwiches and garlic bread, You can try their pasta or rice dishes The pasta and rice too is popular here. And I can tell you one thing I was here for about half an hour and there was so much crowd during that period And they were ordering not only sandwiches They were ordering pizza, sandwiches, rice, garlic bread and everything So this place is popular They have branches in Kalwa and Mulund too So if you are around Thane, make sure you check this place out Now let’s go to our next place This is the next stop of the day. Cantonese Chinese Cuisine Last time when I came to Appetite Momos, Some of y’all suggested I should check out this place nearby and try the chinese food here Also, this place is in a narrow lane It is right opposite to Appetite Momos So make sure you come on a two wheeler, or take an auto. If you a four wheeler, you might get stuck They have soups, starters (both veg and non veg) They have a lot of options in Tandoor as well (veg and non veg) Then there’s rice, noodles Sizzlers, sea food, beverages, milk shakes Mocktails. And we have ordered Veg Schezwan noodles. The price is Rs. 150 Till my food arrives, I thought I’d have some fresh lime soda Mostly, whenever I order food, Fresh lime soda is go to beverage I really enjoy having fresh lime soda with food Schezwan noodles is here, and I have got it served. Looking at the cost, the quantity is superb The quantity is enough for two people. The quantity is really good And it smells really good I am going to take the first bite now. It is really hot Delicious It is very identical to the desi street style chinese Exact desi chinese One thing that I am noticing is that the quantity of veggies is really less. And I like it that way I don’t like a lot of veggies dominating my noodles The quantity of veggies is just perfect However, a lot of oil is used to stir fry the noodles It has become quite greasy as you can see Due to a lot of oil, it’s actually shining a lot Some people may like, some may not. Otherwise, I liked it however, if the oil would have been less, then it would have been better It is not spicy at all In fact, I am thinking to team it up with some schezwan dip Schezwan dip is actually nice. Very garlicky And it’s not too spicy but it’s fine. Dip is really good. In fact, I liked dip more than the noodles This was cantonese chinese. The quantity was too much that I decided to take some as parcel I think my dinner scenes are sorted I took it as a parcel as I have to try a lot of other things as well Similar to Appetite momos, the crowd is more of college going students Let’s go to our next place Prashant corner is the next stop of the day A lot of y’all suggested that I should try Jalebi and chaat at Prashant corner So I have come here To try some piping hot jalebis I have got some jalebis with rabdi This one plate of jalebi rabdi is for Rs. 100 I am going to put this rabdi on jalebi Just look at this guys Now I am going to take the first bite Wow! This is delicious guys The jalebi is quite crunchy and thin It’s extremely thin And it is so delicious Not too sweet as well The syrup in which jalebis were dipped is just perfect It is not extremely sweet Rabdi too is not very sweet. It has a thick consistency Just how I like it It has some dry fruits too like almonds Rabdi has a very strong taste of almonds and cardamom This is too good This plate is for Rs. 100 and I am not sure if it’s worth the money Because you can get jalebi and rabdi cheaper than this But this tastes really good and this is quality jalebi. I really love it. After exiting Prashant corner, I witnessed there is a joint nearby serving soya chaap This joint called Healthy Bites serves soya chaap Usually you don’t find soya chaap easily in Mumbai or Thane No one suggested me to go to this place But I am going to try soya chaap over here, randomly This is the half plate of achari soya chaap You get a mint dip along with it And these are some spiced onions Soya chaap too has spiced onions and cabbage And this is half plate Soya chaap was also put into the tandoor It is so soft and tender. Tastes like this has some pickle It is both spicy and sour It is moderately spicy and a little sour It is a burst of flavour into the mouth. And this dip This is mildly flavoured So you can take a lot of this dip And enjoy And because this was pulled out of the tandoor, it has a grilled and smoky flavour If you look at it closely, You can see the chutney which is bringing the sour flavour I tried this place very randomly And I really enjoyed the food here So if you are around Thane, make sure you come to Healthy bites Capsicum and onion too is bringing a nice flavour Near Gajanan Vada pav in Naupada, there is Shegaon Kachori Centre The kachoris here are quite popular in Thane In fact, I have got one piece for myself. This is how the kachori looks like This placeis called Shegaon as it’s inspired from a place called Shegaon in Maharashtra It is very hot The price of this kachori is Rs. 10. A lot of people here enjoy this kachori with a cup of tea as snacks Delicious! This actually is a very simple kachori it has a filling of chana dal And it has some spices which are also the USP of this kachori It is not too oily It is in fact very light The secret of this kachori lies in the spices used to make this I asked the owner about it but he didn’t tell me which is fine But this also has some chana dal which is bringing a good taste It is not spicy. It is flavourful kachori which is light as well The texture is kind of a mix between crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside The last place of the day. Rajmata Vada Pav Most of y’all suggested that I should try Rajmata vada pav along with Gajanan vada pav And this is the vada pav We tried a similar dip at Gajanan as well. This is a besan and sev dip The size of the vada is bigger than that of the pav In fact, it has come out of the pav And inside, there’s thecha and garlic chutney So you get three chutneys with this vada pav One is garlic, second is thecha which is made of green chillies And the third is of besan and sev It is very hot. I am going to take the first bite now Vada is quite huge This is for Rs. 15 The vada is actually is very crispy Last time when I went to Gajanan, I said I liked their chutney more than the vada pav Here, it’s quite the opposite. I like the vada pav more I liked the chutney more of Gajanan This tastes a little bland. But the vada pav is amazing The vada pav is really good In fact, it is quite crispy from the outside and soft from the inside The vada also has some cilantro and green chillies Which is bringing all the extra flavour and the garlic chutney is very good The garlic chutney is not too spicy but a little strong And thecha is in fact quite spicy So guys this is it for today’s video. I had so much fun exploring food in Thane Previously when I shot in Thane, I did more of Maharashtrian food like Misal Pav, Vada Usal Vada pav, and a lot of other things If you haven’t seen the video yet, make sure you check it out I am going to put the link in the description below Make sure you check out Thane part 1. This was Part 2 I went to all the place that you guys suggested and I am sure I missed some but I tried going to all the possible places. let me know how you liked this video And what are the other places in Mumbai that I must explore I have made videos on Mulund, Thane, Borivali, Vashi You guys tell me which place should I go to next Write in the comments which place should I go next in Mumbai And tell me how you liked this video in the comments too If you enjoyed this video, make sure you like this video, share this video subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon so you get a notification whenever I post a video online I am gonna see you next time till then, eat, drink and stay happy. Bye bye

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