100 thoughts on “The 10,000 Calorie Sumo Wrestler Diet

  1. Just from his looks I seriously couldn't tell that he weighs over freaking 160kg. This has to be seriously ripped below the fat. That guy at 7:40 doesn't move him an inch!

  2. I wonder how a +100kg champion Judoka such as Teddy Riner would do in a contest against this man in his own sport of Sumo and vice versa.

  3. He claims to be a 4x (and current) world sumo champion. If you look at the page for Sumo World Championships, it states he won it in 2006 and 2007. Is this a different competition than the one he claims he won 4 times?

  4. Michael Phelps eat 12000 calories a day and he is in great shape. It just depends on how active you are, not the amount of calories.

  5. Not gonna lie, but that food actually looks delicious. I’m pretty sure you can live off that type of diet. I’m just wondering how many bowls of that does he eat

  6. That’s how Asian people were taught how to respect foods by Remembering the hard work from the chef and the farmer. Unlike the American where they like to think like a low class by saying it’s my food I can do whatever I want and they would be like who cares about the farmer and the chef because that aint my problem.

  7. I love the fact that:
    A) This dude is super smiley and friendly and LOVES cracking jokes (and laughing at his own)
    B) at moments like 7:29 you can see in his eyes why he's the World Sumo champion. Imagine having to stare this guy down!

  8. I always wondered does anyone else think that a sumo wrestler would make a great offensive linemen in American football? Not just because they are large and in charge, but because you can clearly see the speed and reflexes they display in their sport. Just curious and would love some feedback.

  9. 10:00 someone in there lying so damn hard. There’s absolutely no way in this infinite universe that man was 330 lbs at 11% body fat, he would be bigger than 8X mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman who has been know to spend fucking thousands of dollars on steroids EVERY MONTH, so either he lying or this man somehow had world class genetics, thousands of dollars just lying around, pure pharmaceutical drugs from only the high quality dealers. I’m more inclined to believe someone lied.

  10. It's like a wall against a wall
    Not to be offensive but a sumo is very heavy so you can't push them . A body builder can tho

  11. Looking at this guy being the biggest and most positive person in the room is so inspiring. I beat if he ever got pissed he’d make someone shit themselves

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