The Benefits of Eating Organic Food

The Benefits of Eating Organic Food

Hi, I’m Sharon from Bon Vie Weight Loss and Nutritional Wellness Today let’s review the benefits of organic
eating – and also focus on some of the risks of eating non organic foods. First of all, produce and processed foods
labeled as “organic” means that they were grown without the use of artificial pesticides,
synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms (GMO), or ionizing radiation. Animal products that are labeled organic,
means they were raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. In organic not only do you get the micronutrients
essential for optimal body function – but organic also means more flavor and taste. Conventionally grown products on the other
hand present real concerns. Like Pesticides. These chemicals are great in destroying insects
and plant disease, but they can also be destructive to our health. And for the pesticides which are absorbed
through the skin of some fruits and vegetables, there’s no washing them away. How about GMO’s? These engineered genes can come from anywhere
– viruses, insects, animals, or even humans, and even though your conventionally grown
produce may look normal, it may be the result of a bad science experiment. In this country the FDA does Not require labelling
so it’s really hard to tell which of our foods have been Genetically Modified. Speaking of Contamination – conventionally
raised animals grown for meat eggs, and dairy are often mass produced and fed as inexpensively
as possible in inhumane conditions. Unless they have been grass fed, you can bet
they were eating GMO-grown crops including everything from corn and soy to other animal
parts. They likely have ingested hormones, antibiotics,
and drugs which we eventually consume. And when we eat organic we are also supporting
our farmers and responsible farming practices. So, with all these benefits why is eating
Organic still the exception not the norm? Well its usually the cost and availability. But now with higher demand and more farming
efficiencies, the price of organic really has decreased. And with so many distributors like Costco
now offering tons of organic options the price difference is just nominal. And really, aren’t your health and vitality
worth every penny? Now click on this link to learn more about
those frightful GMO’s.

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  1. I started eating organic after traveling to Panama and seeing how the pesticides from conventional bananas killed the coral reefs. Very sad – the locals all eat organic (mostly because the bananas they grow don't need chemicals / chemicals are too expensive.)

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