The Best Cheap Tacos in Washington, DC || 5 Buck Lunch

The Best Cheap Tacos in Washington, DC || 5 Buck Lunch

– Personally, I don’t eat Mexican
food other than spaghetti. Or lasagna. – I’m Kimberly Kong and I’m your DC host for “5 Buck Lunch.” I spent the last 14 years eating
my way through the capital and documenting it all on my
food blog Nomtastic Foods. So let me take you to the
best spots in the capital for cheap eats that
are five bucks or less. What’s up guys? I hope you’re hungry ’cause
we’re back in The District for another episode of “5 Buck Lunch.” This time we’re in Columbia Heights, an area that’s known for
its diverse food scene. So if you’re big into ethnic cuisines like Laotian, Filipino, or Salvadorian then this spot is for you. I’m in the mood for some tacos right now, but not just any regular tacos. I’m taking you guys to my
favorite place in the capital. But first let’s see what Washingtonians have to say about tacos. It’s five bucks somewhere. Let’s go. Do you think there’s
authentic Mexican food in DC? – Definitely Mezcalero, El Sol downtown. – How spicy do you take your tacos? – Spiciest I ever had was ghost peppers and I cannot do them. – Oh my God, you tried ghost peppers? That’s insane! – I tried one. – I love everything spicy. – Spicy? Like how spicy? – I wanna try like the four-level spice. – What if I told you that there’s an amazing Mexican restaurant that has the best tacos you’ll
ever taste down the street? – I love tacos. – Oh you love tacos? – I do love tacos. – Yeah, so that’s Mexican food, right? So we all love tacos. How many tacos have you
killed in one sitting? Have you eaten– – Six. – Six? OK, that’s a lot, yeah. Do you like hard or soft-shell tacos? – Hard shell. – Hard shells, OK . – Soft tacos are the best. – Oh yeah, absolutely. If you had to say something to the people who eat hard-shell tacos on the regular, what would you say? – Drop the hard shell
eat a soft one a day. – Yeah. Welcome to Mezcalero. If you didn’t know about this place before then you are welcome in advance. Chef Solis and his sister
Jessica opened up this place in Columbia Heights to bring authentic, but affordable Mexican food to the area and they are killing the game. All their tacos are $2.50 to $3 a pop so you are getting serious
bang for your buck. Could you tell us a little
bit about Mezcalero? – Everything is made from scratch you know the tortillas and all the meats, salsas. – If you had to choose, what are your top three favorite tacos? – That’s tough. Well I love the chorizo taco, tinga taco, and the shrimp taco. I grew up with those kinda tacos, you know? – So I have five dollars up my sleeve. What should I get? – Chorizo taco and a tinga
taco, my favorite ones. – OK, all right sounds like a plan. Let’s do it. – Perfect, all right. Here you go. You have your chicken tinga
taco and a chorizo taco. OK, enjoy. – Oh I can really smell that ancho pepper which is dried poblano. There’s like a smokiness to
it, like a smoky tomato sauce and I have a feeling this one’s gonna be even spicer than the chorizo, oh my gosh. So why don’t we start with
this chorizo one right now? I’m gonna take a bite of this baby. The chorizo is really special. It’s like tender, but really chewy, in the best way possible. Each bite it’s like a flavor
party in my mouth right now it’s like crazy. And I really love how
there’s diced onion in there ’cause that elevates the texture tenfold and creates a really nice contrast to the chewiness of the chorizo. Let’s pick this baby up. That chicken, it looks like it’s gonna just melt in my mouth. And we have the two
different kinds of cheeses, the queso fresco and
then we have sour cream and cilantro on top. Oh yeah, that has a kick to it. That smoky tomato flavor
that I was talking about is really coming through strong. This chicken coupled with this coolness of the sour cream and the
cheese is just phenomenal. They have 15 different kinds of tacos here so basically that means you
have to get here every day and try something new. The best part? They’re all under five bucks so they fit perfectly within my budget. They also have 60 kinds of mezcal so if you wanna get turnt, you know where to come
with all your friends. I wanna destroy this and
it’s not gonna be pretty so ya’ll need to just get down here, eat your tacos, and get out. I hope you enjoyed this
episode of “5 Buck Lunch.” Let me know what you thought of Mezcalero by leaving a comment below and make sure to subscribe,
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57 thoughts on “The Best Cheap Tacos in Washington, DC || 5 Buck Lunch

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  2. East coast is a struggle to find 100% authentic mexican food thats good and cheap ….unless you know a good spot in NY other wise you gotta make it from scratch or know someone who makes bomb ass mexican food

  3. Damn. This joint looks awesome. My top three Mexico City street tacos are suadero (cut of beef near the ribs), chocinita pibil (suckling pig) and camarones (shrimp). I like all the new 5 Buck Lunch hosts but this one is tops…great personality, articulate, knows food, natural on camera. 👍

  4. In Tijuana….you can get the best street tacos for 40 to 50 cents. If that aint a bang for your buck….idk what is.

  5. Not trynna hate but as a mexican from Dallas finding tacos that aren't overpriced in DC is a total bitch, these tacos would be a $1 back home.

  6. I can’t go eat out anywhere in dc for under 15 bucks , those tacos are so little I need to eat like 8 of them , that’s 20 bucks !!!

  7. It's about to get dirty lmao she could've aye both tacos in 2 bites wth they don't even eat the food on this show

  8. This place is legit! El Sol is legitly as good as Mezcalero but more down to earth in term of the decor. They are owned by the same people.

  9. There is a place in MD which is not far from dc right off from Kenilworth Avenue getting close to Riverdale called Taqueria La Placita. Best and different varieties of tacos. Also around that price range. I say wherever you see people from the motherland buying food from certain restaurants guarantee the food is bomb. Getting recommendations from the people of the culture you getting food from is the best way to go.

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