The Brixton Soup Kitchen Helping The Homeless | Amazing Humans

The Brixton Soup Kitchen Helping The Homeless | Amazing Humans

I started feeding the homeless when I was
11 years old. My mum would cook like there’s 34 people
in the house and when I was on my way to school I used to just hand out packs to people. I started this in 2013 with no funds. I was
literally using my own wages from work. I was brought up in a council estate. A lot
of people around me at the time were depressed, thinking that we’re failures. Something hit me to think , yeah, even though
I’m in a council house, I’ve got food, a bed, I can turn on a heater, I’m good.
There’s a lot of people who can’t do that who are sleeping on the streets while we’re
at home and would do anything to be in our position. For me I’ve been very lucky never to have
experienced homelessness but this could happen to anyone at any time. Circumstances can change in a week. Solomon doesn’t just help the homeless.
He helps his friends, I was going through a bit of a rough patch myself and Solomon
brung me to the soup kitchen. He knows that I love to cook. He used what he knew I was
good at as a tool for me to overcome it and it worked. Coming to a place like this, where I can nip
upstairs, brush my teeth, and change my clothes is beautiful. It’s not just food that the homeless people
need. We’ve got counselling, mentoring, IT, CV building, covering letters. There’s
many factors what make people come to the soup kitchen and sometimes it’s about us
breaking those cycles on what their issues are.
(Sings) Happy birthday to you! My main dream is to eradicate homelessness,
so there has to be no need for Brixton soup kitchen. We will never give up on homeless people.
Doing something small can save lives. This is one of the main reasons why we go so hard.

40 thoughts on “The Brixton Soup Kitchen Helping The Homeless | Amazing Humans

  1. Amazing! I've heard about The Brixton Soup Kitchen before and I've always admired their good work! Well done Solomon for starting this!

  2. Got to give respect to these guys. Being a south londoner born makes me really happy.

    Solomon I salute you for what you do.

  3. That's amazing. A clear example of the positive ripple effects because of his compassion. He is definitely a light worker.

  4. so amazing and inspiring,
    "this could hit anyone at anytime" this is describing exactly what happened in Syria, Many rich people had to leave their houses and live on the streets!
    life could get really hard on humans, but we can go through everything when humans are nice and helpful to humans

  5. No one is a failure!
    Never give up!
    Be there for one another!
    I’m from New Zealand! & as I step into the kingdom of God for the first time He has renewed my mindset! To love others! I want to own my own soup kitchen one day!

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