The GIANT chocolate chip cookie | Nadiya’s Time to Eat – BBC

The GIANT chocolate chip cookie | Nadiya’s Time to Eat – BBC

We’re making cookies! We’re making cookies, but we’re not
even turning the oven on! I can’t tell you how excited
this recipe makes me! My giant one-pan cookie
is deliciously gooey – the easiest you’ll ever make
and so much fun. We are going to fry, like really slowly fry our cookie in a frying pan. I’m not even going to turn the oven on. The secret to making this
is be prepared. For these foolproof dough, grab one
bowl for dry ingredients, another for wet. I’ve got my egg. Going to crack that
straight in there. Almond extract. And then vanilla extract. Give it a whisk and we’re already
on to the dry, starting with 225g of plain flour, half a teaspoon
of bicarbonate of soda and half a teaspoon of salt and then we’re kind of ready. This is the bit that I love
about making these cookies, because you get the instant
warm cookie. So let’s put that cooker on. 150g of unsalted
butter straight in. And then you want
to melt that butter down. Have your smallest ring
on a low heat. Adding soft brown sugar just makes
for a chewier cookie dough. It seems absolutely bonkers
to do it in a frying pan, but it saves time. Firstly, it’s one big giant cookie. You know I’m not having to make
up a big cookie dough batter and then dividing it up and then
using a baking tray, getting it in the oven –
all in one frying pan. If I’m doing less washing
up, I’m a happy girl. Just add your dry ingredients
and simply bring together. Look at that – that’s already
starting to look like cookie dough. All we’ve got to do is add our eggs,
but just be a little bit speedy when you’re doing this, but can
you see, can you see it happening? Cookie dough in your frying pan! The quickest cookie dough
you’ll ever make – done! And now my instant chocolate chips. Every single time, it’s… ..these lovely colourful chocolate sugar-coated pieces. I’m just going to dot them around. Look at that! That is what every single cookie in the whole wide world
should look like. This makes me so happy. Here’s that point where
you like, “How do you stop?” Stop! There’s no more space left
on the cookie… ..but you keep going. And there genuinely is no more
space left. Stop. OK, put them down. Right, so stick that on a low heat. I’m going to go about my business and there will be a fully cooked warm cookie in 20 minutes. You’re welcome! My speedy, scrummy
colourful cookie – great fun, whether you’re big or small. Come and have a look what I’ve
made you. Ooh! Look! Cookie! Cookie! Can I smell it? It smells a bit chocolate and
vanilla. It’s going to be chewy. Shall I cut it? Like a pizza. Oh, look at that, guys! It’s a little bit magical, right? It’s like a rainbow. What cook
has been put in the cookie? That’s what we did, we put the
cook into cookie! It’s just so gooey and nice
in the middle. Mummy, look at the chocolate –
it’s melting. You make like a giant cookie
and you get like a massive pan. Are you going to get a wok and we
can… Yeah, yeah. Could you get a wok pan. We’ve got
a woke pan that’s like that big. We could fry it in that! And then
make a massive one that big!

100 thoughts on “The GIANT chocolate chip cookie | Nadiya’s Time to Eat – BBC

  1. Doesn't vanilla extract have acohol if yes then why us she wearing a hijab like respect it lol and I love u btw nadia I am so hungry but it has alcohol which is really bad for kids mostly like 35%

  2. I’m going to try this, but instead of almond oil, I’m going to use three times the amount of vanilla extract (trust me, you can never have too much vanilla extract in a chocolate chip cookie), and instead of Smarties, I’m going to use chunky dark chocolate chips. 🥰

    Thanks for giving me a great idea that I can make my own!

  3. But…. its not faster. Cookies take less than 20 mins to bake. I get the novelty but like dont say that this is a quicker alternative when it clearly isnt

  4. Whenever these Muslim women start to get well known; instead of proudly wearing the hijab, it slowly starts to travel upwards until it eventually comes off 🙁

  5. Can someone help? I tried making it using all the correct measurements but the dough was too watery! I even added more flour but had to put it into the oven in the end and it became a dense cake! Help plz!

  6. i’m gonna make this except with M&M’s instead of smarties because- americans, idk if you know this, but, smarties taste like fruit. not in my chocolate sis 👀👀

  7. I've never bake a cookie from scratch my whole life but something about this video made me want to try. Nail it in my first try! Thanks Nadiya! My sister and I gobble it up in record time! 🙂

  8. Would love to see a recipe converted to American measurements! Anyone here done that? We obviously can’t use smarties, but I’d love to try them someday!

  9. Tried it, I like the fact that I didn’t turn my oven on. I would prefer it to be a little more sweet but overall a great recipe…
    I recommend a cold glass of milk (add sugar to balance it out🥰)

  10. Ridiculous I did this followed the recipe very closely it burned all at the bottom took it out when I cleaned the pan all the black burnt bids went down the drain and now the plumbers are over trying to fix it 🤦‍♀️😭😭😭

  11. I tried this and it didn’t work I had to put it in the oven in the end to cook the top of the cookie. Didn’t turn out the way I wanted. Still tasted nice but it wasn’t soft and chewy as I hoped it would of been.

  12. Tried this recipe at the weekend. Absolute winner! Our little guest loved the M&Ms (used these instead of Smarties as that's what he had floating around). Swear her recipes are way more realistic than other mainstream cooks like Jamie's or Nigella's, they're actually genuinely easy and quick to make! Thanks Nadiya. 😀

  13. Think this would be great for students to do. As not much ingredients, can share, not much washing up.

    Also, can have with icecream and share with flat mates whilst studying for exams at night or whilst watching a film.

    You see these type of cookies in the supermarkets though not as big, got to be great making your own even if a bit naughty!

  14. As I watched this video I thought "This lady is so pretty and lovely that she convinced me even though I feel like this is one of those recipies that, once u try them at home, will be a failure"

    Boi was I wrong. i made it today and it was not only super easy and quick, but utterly delicious. Thank you, pretty British woman. I will always be grateful for this gift.

  15. Omg I just tried this and it fully worked but the top was kinda raw so I put it under the grill for under a minute. Also I did half brown sugar and half caster sugar instead of all brown and it’s soooo delicious😋

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