100 thoughts on “The High Fat Diet of an Ultra Runner

  1. That feeling of being free.. that zen-like feeling he describes is Chi.. and he definitely knows how to tap into his chi.. where his mind does the work and his body follows. His ability to maintain a solid running program helps him set goals and achieve them.. which helps him in life. -Danny Dreyer
    (Chi Running)

  2. I couldn’t do it, but props to you for finding something you love and getting clean. Being in nature can have a healing effect, great accomplishment.

  3. Paleo and Primal is the best way for high end Performance. Much more Energy in fat than Carbohydrates. And low blood Sugar mean low Insulin and low inflammation. And i mean Meat alot of Meat F*** Vegan😂

  4. you should never i repeat never spit your oil pulling in the sink .. there are so many bacteria and virusis in that tiny amount of oil that its contaminating the ground water so please dont do it !! just spit it in the bin, Thank u :)!!

  5. Not gonna lie, as someone who grew up in ultra running falling in love with it and the community every day and looking up to people like Timmy Olson, reading these comments make me laugh so hard haha!!

  6. It is not my business but what? Running on fats when you have on planet carbohydrates? Just for what? Fats heavy food with a little vitamins. My opinion : they have low IQ or i dont understand why they have so stupid diet

  7. You’re no suppose to spit out the coconut oil in the sink! Rookie. The coconut oil will harden over time and causes plumbing problems .

  8. So he's still an addict unfortunately. Just to running now instead of drugs. Hope he finds another crutch by the time his knees blow out.

  9. It takes an addictive personality like this guy has to become an ultra-runner. My dad's friend would run 100 mile runs here in Vermont, and did it as a way to get away from drinking. It's just all about replacing the addiction with something else that's healthy.

  10. Funny how meat eaters comment about him eating 1 piece of chicken, when he is eating mostly fruits and vegetables (carbs). To fuel himself and stay healthy

  11. Hey Tim! Nice guitar cutting board – at 5:49. I dig it, dude! Every ultra-runner is a rock star at heart. YAYAHHH!!!

  12. I`ve been utilizing this weight loss plan “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) for a few weeks today and so far I adore them! They provide me plenty of energy and reduce my desire for foods, however I don`t quit whenever they wear off which I enjoy, and so they don`t make me jittery. I did absolutely nothing special on my diet regime and i also still find a way to dropped my bodyweight to 7 pounds. .

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