The Kel Mitchell Guide to Chicago Cuisine – Cooler by the Lake – South Side Aftershow

The Kel Mitchell Guide to Chicago Cuisine – Cooler by the Lake – South Side Aftershow

– Just thick enough
to make you think it’s actually
bulletproof, but I think they’re just saying it. – Nah, that’s just glass. (laughing)
– Yeah, it’s just regular like glass. – That’s when you know the food gone be fire though. They’re protecting
something in there. And you got to know what it is. – The ingredients. – Protecting the mild sauce! ♪ I was born on
the South Side, ♪ ♪ I was raised on
the South Side. ♪ ♪ Everybody stick together
like we in the lab, ♪ ♪ Because there ain’t no
side like the South Side. ♪ – Hello and welcome
to Cooler by the Lake. – Wooooo! – The only show where we
talk all things South Side, and ask the important
questions like, how much did Will
Perdue (bleep)? – A lot. – I think a lot too. – Less than Jordan, but more than Bill Cartwright. – I’m Will Miles. – And I’m your host
Langston Kerman! – And today we’re joined
by our esteemed guest, the legend, the one, the
only, Kel Mitchell, everybody! – [Langston] Yeah!
– [Will] Yeah! Yeah! – [Langston] Oh the
snake, I like that. – Ikea has Swedish
meatballs, well now RTO has, mild sauce meatballs. – We make them, RTO sells
them and we get a cut. – What? I wanted
to sell my cousins black Cabbage Patch Dolls,
and you wouldn’t let me. – Those dolls was
scary as (bleep). Damn, now I can’t get
those collard green kids out of my head. – So on tonight’s
episode of South Side we discovered the truly
transformative power of mild sauce and it’s
effect on the community, and so the question
we have to ask you is what is your
favorite local cuisine? – Ooooh, in the Chi? Harold’s, it’s off the
chain, Harold’s Chicken, but then Curt’s, Captain Curt’s. – I’m not familiar. – [Kel] Are you not? – I’m a west-sider. – Oh, I’m south side all day. It’s off of Cottage Grove, it was called Captain Curt,
and he had this sauce, man he had like
this, The Boss Sauce, – Oh yeah. – Yeah it’s his Boss
Sauce, man, yeah. I don’t know what’s
in mild sauce though. – None of us do.
– Nobody does. – None of us do, it’s like
some barbecue and sriracha mixed together or
something maybe. – A little ketchup,
a little vinegar. – A lot of sugar. – There’s no ingredients
on the bottle. – No, they don’t
tell you anything. – The bottle barely
has mild sauce on it. – There’s no bottle, you just
like dip your chicken in it. – It’s the best
tasting food ever. – I need that mild sauce. – What made this Captain Curt, what exactly was
he a captain of? – Barbecue! – [Langston] Barbecue. – Barbecue.
(laughter) He had the commercial
and everything. – I don’t think you get
any medals for barbecue. – Hey, what! Chicago? Man, my Pops be cooking out
in the wintertime outside. – That real man cook? – Yeah! My Pops don’t play man. (laughter) He be outside in the
backyard, just be cold, he’ll take the snow off
the grill, you know, bothering our neighbor. Shout out to Jerry. (laughter) – Because my dad… They battle outside,
barbecue battles. – Jerry ain’t got
nothing on your dad. – Nah, he ain’t got
nothing on my dad. He got a good smoker. – Hey, (bleep) you Jerry. (laughs) – Oh, don’t do that to Jerry! – Hey Jerry we
coming for you, dog! – With yo dumb ass Jerry. We hate your barbecue Jerry. – You about to start
a family feud now. Everybody at the fence. – The Mitchell’s
versus the Jerry’s. (laughter) – Forget his last name. – The Jerry’s. – That’s all we’ve got. – Battling the Jerry’s. (laughter) – [Langston] Ooh,
we hate you Jerry. – He going to love that. – Wait til I see you
in the streets Jerry. It’s over with! You’re done! (laughter) – Oh, Jerry! – Here’s a bit of
a question for you. – Yeah. – What food does the city
love that you don’t love? – I like deep dish
man, you know, pizza, all the chicken, I don’t know. Chicago style hoagie’s a bum, there’s nothing in Chicago
that I think I don’t like. – You do the hotdogs? You a Chicago style hotdog guy? – [Kel] I do Chicago
style hotdogs. – No ketchup, no ketchup. – Got to do the
mustard on there. They’ll fight you
with the ketchup. – Sure. – I want New York
to fight me though. They were like, “You got to
try New York Style pizza.” and I was like, this
is not Chicago pizza. I was mad. – I think New York
pizza is trash, and I’ll fight anybody
over the fact that it’s so overrated. – Yeah, man. – Drop a pin, and at him. (laughter) – You know where
to find me, Jerry! You know what it is Jerry! – I don’t like
potato salad, man. – [Will] Yeah? – I cannot do any potato salad. – Literally no
ones potato salad? – I don’t care who’s it is. – My mom’s is great. – And everybody
tries to get me to. Like, “Nah Kel, you ain’t
had my potato salad.” – Yeah. – [Kel] I’m like,
nah man I can’t. – I mean you ain’t had
my mom’s or my grandma’s potato salad though.
– See that’s what everybody… – I will say shit is fire.
– What’re they doing different – I don’t know,
but it’s way better than every other
potato salad I’ve had. – [Kel] Really?
– [Will] Yeah. – I did it, like I tried
different ones over the years, then I was like, me and potato
salad just don’t mix man. – I feel that way
about coleslaw. – Hmmm, I’m the same way, I
don’t like coleslaw either. – There’s no version of it
that I’m like, that’s great. – You don’t like, white foods. You all racist. Nah I mean, I guess,
they look white. – Oh, aww, you
making it that man. Everybody love potato salad
and coleslaw, white black, you know! – I’m saying the color
of the food brother. – It’s the Michael Jackson
of food, everybody enjoys it. – It is, and it can go anyway. – Exactly! Everybody enjoys it! – Especially the kids! – Oh, hey. – Let’s move on to… Well, we’re just going
to move past that one. (laughter) – Oh my. (laughter) – Moving past the… – You got the Nickelodeon
guy here, oh no. – Hold on, um yes, kids
show, kids show, yes. – Go checkout the Goodburger
pop-up opening up. – That’s right. – That I just opened up. – Is that on Santa Monica? (laughter) – It’s in west Hollywood. – West Hollywood, yeah. – West Hollywood man. I opened up the old
pop-up restaurant, man. It’s all Viacom
so I can promote. – [Will] Exactly. Same network. – Same network. – The same overlords. – Whoa! – [Will] I’m kidding! – Same slave masters. – I love you Viacom! – And they just cut
the cord on everything.

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  1. Kel so chill. Id love to share a beer with him. But hes the type of guy to not take a sip 😀 THATS COOL, AN ORANGE SODA WILL WORK FINE! 😀

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