‘The Kitchen is the Woman’s Place’? 🤣 Wife Swap Highlight

– Things are going to change a lot. (dramatic music) – I’m so ready for the new rules. I cannot wait. I feel there are a few
things I need to address. The gender roles around
here are very old-fashioned. My new rule. (dramatic music) You are gonna be stay at home dad. Cleaning, cooking, and doing more chores. – Doing what? (whoosh) – Rule number one, the
kitchen is a woman’s place. – I can’t even go in the
fridge, get a drink of water? – No one, and I mean no
one, goes into my kitchen. (dramatic music) (gasps) If the children need
anything, they can ask me. – What? – Just a little difficult. I’m an involved father. – No. But I will make sure that
you are well taken care of. – Yeah, I think Keri might have
some serious control issues. I don’t like nobody telling
me what I can and can’t do. (whoosh) – Not taking good care of
yourselves healthwise is an issue. (dramatic music) So, new rule, I’m gonna cook a vegan meal. – Mm-mm. He doesn’t eat greens at all. – It’s my rules. So it’s time to instill
some healthy habits by the way you eat, and physically. – I like my diet. I mean, you know, this is body by nugget. – One more thing. That throne is now mine. – (groans) I’m getting kicked out? – Get on up. (laughs) – Oh man. – Get on up. – The roles in this house normally involve a woman having her place,
and man having his. And right now, seems like
things are kinda criss-crossed. – Would you mind getting me some water? – Oh man. – Do you need help where the cups are? – [Tombstone] Probably. (whoosh) – And here is your water. – Thank you. – You want a bottle? – It’s just like, you know, if you’re thirsty, I don’t wanna wait. – [Keri] Uh, you won’t wait. – That’s extra steps involved. – You won’t wait. – It’s a little ridiculous to
get catered to for everything. I don’t need nobody to
get me anything to drink. My mom didn’t even do
this much stuff for me. – Sometimes, my mommy, if she needs something from the pantry, I just grab it. – [Keri] No, no, no. (laughs) Not anymore. (microwave beeping) – Peja likes to do stuff
me with me in the kitchen, she definitely likes to cook with me. I don’t think Peja likes
these rules at all. – I want Daddy to dress me up for years. – Oh, that’s a rule, too? I can’t even dress my own kids. – Nope. – I don’t like being
waited on for everything. – Why? – Because I can do it myself. – But you do enough for the family. – That may be true, but
there’s other things I can do for myself. Like, I enjoy making my own meals. It’s enjoyable. (whoosh) – [Tombstone] Oh my god. – We gonna start off with this. – Yeah? – Yep. Here you go, I’m just gonna
sit on my throne here. (seat buzzing) (sighs) (light instrumental music) Gotta probably move this. (sighs) You gotta move this. (groans) – [Tombstone] Giving me (bleep) over here. – Gotta move that trash can. (dramatic music) – I’ve been running around,
kind of busting my butt. Dang, how does Keri push this? Kiara’s just been kinda sitting around, and that doesn’t feel too
good, not sitting on my throne. – [Kiara] Takes some arm
strength, huh? (laughs) – Yeah, it does. I gotta stay in shape. (exhales) ‘Cause like, you could call
me your carbon copy of my dad. And he has had a couple of heart attacks, and you know, that stuff scares me, ’cause you know, I want him to be around. – Yeah. – But then, more than
anything, for Keri and Daniel. – Yep. Tombstone’s father is not healthy, and he’s following in
those same footsteps. Tombstone’s lifestyle needs
to change for his family. – I’m dying over here. – Uh, yeah.

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