The ONLY Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe You Need! | Best Cookie

The ONLY Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe You Need! | Best Cookie

How can anyone possibly resist a freshly baked drop cookie especially with a glass of ice cold milk but now we have to start with the basics the classic chocolate chip cookie. I’ll start by measuring out half a cup of butter that’s 4 ounces by weight And I find it’s easier to measure by weight then put my butter into a measuring cup I’ve got exactly four onces there. I judge a good chocolate chip on that balance of crispy outside, chewy inside sweetness to dark chocolate chips and it’s all about those nuances. I find, to get just that right amount of sweetness I need half a cup granulated sugar and also half a cup of light brown sugar. It’s easy enough to make drop cookies by hand. But an important step is this process called craming. Using your spatula and rubbing against the side of the bowl the butter and the sugar to cream the butter an sugar together. And that lends structure to the cookie so they’ll hold together, they wont crumble apart. And as soon as you see this creamy consistency, then you can add an egg. Because my butter was at room temperature it’s a good idea to have your egg at room temperature. At the same time, I’ll add a teaspoon of vanilla and just blend this together. Okay Now, for the dry ingredints I’ll ad a cup and a quarter of all purpuse flour. And now, I’ll share with you my signature ingredient to add to chocolate chip cookies a tablespoon of corn starch. I am a big fan of cookies that are crispy on the outside but chewy on the center. This addition wil ensure they will stay soft in the center. Now, I’ll add half a teasppon of baking soda Half a teaspoon of salt And I’ll just sift this through and then just combine until blended. You don’t commonly associate the work of a pastry chef with something simple, like a drop cookie. But honestly, in my profession, I’ve made thousands of drop cookies. So you really get a lot of practice in there. There we go, I’ve got the flour blended into the dough And of course, where would a chocolate chip cookie be without the chocolate chips? I am using chocolate chips, that are made for chocolate chip cookies. And they hold their shape they also set up nicely after they’ve cooled. I find that a cup and a half is the perfect amount. You need to have a bit of chocolate in every bite That being said, if you’re big fan, a little bit extra is just fine. I also like to add a cup of chopped, toasted pecans. So of course the idea here is to make sure that the chips and pecans are really worked into the cookie dough batter. You can really tell by this dough that every bite is going to get more than one chocolate chip. Okay, now it’s time for scooping and dropping the cookies The simplest technique is to just use a measurement of about two tablespoons quickly roll it in your hands into a ball shape. A question I get asked often about chocolate chip cookies is why you can make the same particular recipe but they bake out differently. Sometimes they spread, and sometimes they hold their shape. It’s the room temperature butter you start with that impacts the way that bakes. To fix that, simply preshape your cookies like I am now and then pop the dough in the fridge for an hour When it sets the dough no matter how you started with your cookie recipe they will always bake out beautifully. Now I fit 24 cookies on this one tray Not that I’m going to bake 24 on one tray but it takes up less space in the fridge when I chill them. I’ll just pop these in the fridge to chill for an hour and I have a tray that’s already spent an hour in the fridge. As you can see, these are quite firmly set now so I know, they’ll bake off evenly. A great tip to get ahead on your cookie baking is to actually make your batches chill them like this then you can actually pack them up together in resealable bags and freeze them. You need emergency cookies after a really bad day at school? Pull out two or three let them thaw for twenty minutes on the counter before baking and you’ve got freshly baked cookies on the spot. So now, of course I have to make room for the cookies to bake So I’ll put twelve on each tray It’s a good idea to leave about 2 inches space between each of the cookies in all directions. Here we go, evenly spaced. I’ve preheted my oven to 355 and the cookies take between 15 and 18 minutes to turn a nice golden brown just around the edges. I let my chocolate chip cookies cool on their tray before removing them so they set up a little bit I have a tray that’s just cool That is the hardest part about making chocolate chip cookies waiting for them to cool just a little bit. But you can see! Chocolate, this is still soft and melting. And the cookies are chewy all the way through Every bite is gonna have some chocolate chip and a little bit of that buttery pecan.

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  1. Hi everyone! Our channel will be changing and growing in the coming months, and we want to know what kind of content you want to see! More vegan and vegetarian options? Traditional holiday recipes or more adventurous recipes that will suprise your relatives at Christmas dinner? Let us know!

  2. So back to the butter temp thing affecting how the cookie ends up I actually like them to hold their shape and be kinda irregular so what temp does the butter need to be at?

  3. Thanks a lot for the recipe. I made them today and they came out perfect 😍😍
    I also saved some of the balls 😁

  4. I just baked these and they're delicious!! But they turned out to cakey?/doughy and only made 15 cookies instead of 24… I followed the recipe, so what did I do wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated! 😊 The cookies are delicious and I just want to make them perfect next time 😁

  5. So i tried the recipe today and they came out great ,had like a milky kinda flavor? Or is it just me idk ,but i do have to say i used an egg and a small yolk (idk i have a thing with adding yolks) so with that i felt like i needed to add abt 2 tbsp of flour. The baking time thooo and the temperature were so off, when i put them over 162°C it took 25min to bake , so the other batches i put them on 180°C for 15/18mins so yeah, but overall they came out really delicious ,crunchy on edges and chewy in the center

  6. I tried this today and when i get to the part of rolling them into little balls in my hands its just one sticky mess and yeah lol what am i doing wrong?

  7. I followed the amount of the ingredients but the dough turned out too wet that I cant roll it. Tell me guys what must be the main problem? All the ingredients are in room temp.

  8. 'Using a chocolate chip – that is for a chocolate chip cookie' she does not state what chocolate chip she uses. hhhhmmm -David

  9. I hope you answer or someone answer my question. How about i want to make more cookies how can i double the measurement? Thanks!

  10. I made them with my 3 years old today, he said they are the best cookies, better than the ones from the local bakery. I reduced the amount of sugar to 100g only, still taste great!

  11. This is the best cookie recipe I have come across. So easy to follow and makes the ultimate chocolate chip cookies! Thanks Ana! ❤️

  12. I tried them and tasted yum but have to say it didnt spread as was more of can this be solved?


  14. To make it better:
    1. use dark brown sugar

    2. add 1/4 cup more butter. Brown the butter and let it cool
    3. keep the chocolate chip cookies and rough chop some chocolate bar(I recommend bittersweet or if you have a sweet tooth milk chocolate is fine)
    4. Add 1 tsp espresso powder for richer and darker cookies
    5. While baking, drop the pan in the oven to stop cookies from rising giving you chewier and yummier cookies.

    These are some moderations I made and it were the most divine cookies I've ever made. Absolute Heaven! BTW I love Anna Olson!

  15. 🗣Hey idiot some ppl might be allergic to nuts and I'm not talking about my nuts cause I been told that mine have sweet flavor😆😂😆😆😂

  16. I just tried making these cookies today and I love them. It's my new favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Thank you for sharing it. I definitely recommend trying this recipe. It's easy to follow and fun to make. The cookies definitely live up to the channels name. 🙂 # Yum!

  17. I made these today and popped them in the fridge for an hour and they still spread in the oven 🙁 still soooo delicious! But when I was rolling them the dough would get stuck to my hands how can I fix this miss Ana??

  18. my mistake was to try and fit 20 cookies on the sheet and spaced less than 2 inches they came out right on top of each other

  19. One thing I appreciate about your recipe here is that the directions are included. Thanks so much. One thing I'd like to see is vegetarian cooking that isn't just vegan, maybe give directions for both. I live in Nepal and it's impossible to find a lot of things for vegan cooking. Also, I realize that if it weren't for people eating eggs from chickens they wouldn't exist.

  20. This has been the recipe I've used the past 15 years! Thank you Anna! <3 You've made me, my family and friends so happy at family gatherings with your hit chocolate chip cookies recipe! Love you and your recipes! Keep shining! ~ xoxo's

  21. Hey Anna , really busy day but I had to thank you for this wonderful recipe. Tried it last night with the kids , cookies turned out Amazing
    I am not a baking mum but you have inspired me , will be trying out a lot of your recipes , thank you again.

  22. I just can thank you enough for this recipe ❤❤ i tried so many versions over the years nothing worked like this, it was so good and a succes from the first try and in years i didnt have a spreading cookies syndrome 😂😂😂 i had perfect chewy warm gewy cookiess, defenitly a recipe i will go back for it for years
    Ps: someone mentioned in the coment chill the cookiez dough thats a cruel step , my batter was very soft ( chill it for 2 hourq or over night ) and preheat your oven and put the rolled cookies in the freezer for 15 minutes that will defenitly make them not spread too much.
    2/ inly case i used soft margarine it worked like wonder for me and the cookies didnt turn greasy and oily at all

  23. I love how she didn't melt the butter like other recipes, but chose to cream it with the butter and sugar. Of course it works better if the butter is already at room temperature. Also, Chocolate chip or chocolate chunk pecan is simply the thing

  24. Yup, NOPE! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. Flattest cookies I've ever made. If it wasn't for the chocolate chips rising from the pan these cookies would have been called lace cookies. Whew, thank goodness for the chocolate chips. But hey, they tasted good even when they fell apart on the way to the mouth. Butter, sugar, brown sugar, vanilla…. What a tasty mess.

  25. OMG! I tried this and it was soooo good. The best chocolate chip cookies i have ever made. It was time consuming but it was worth it. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT!!!!

  26. "just pull out 2 or 3 from the freezer" to bake after a hard day at school? 2 or 3??!! Are you mad??? Like, do people really control themselves that well?? LOL… oh man, I need an intervention because I'd grab out at least 6 or 8. I mean, I'd be heating up the whole oven, right???

  27. Just tasted my first cookie. Did not use brown only white sugar because I was out of brown. It is the best cookie I have ever made in my life and I am 73. Thank you with all my heart.

  28. Thank you for sharing the recipe.. the best drop Cookies I ever made. I used organic chocolate chips and it is so amazingly delicious.

  29. This recipe is amazing!!!! The cookies are exactly how I like them. ( I made it without the pecan nuts)
    I hope the children will like them too because when not I will eat them ALL 🤭

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