100 thoughts on “The Pescatarian Diet of Kron Gracie, MMA Fighter

  1. he comes from the corrupt Gracie family so you know he's a liar who tries to twist the truth, just like they did with Eddie Bravo

  2. get the f*** outt heree
    Gracie family keeps tryin and tryin to get back at the top
    but guess what
    theres a new Gen of Fighters where your Gracie Jiu Jitsu doesnt do shit…
    Max Holloway busted your boy Ortega
    And just few days back you got served by Cub Swanson!!!!

  3. I don't even like this guy but I have to admit eating less is a good thing. I got crohns disease because I ate too much.

  4. Biggest martial art family mmmm I would think that honor goes to the Xhen family aka Chen.. Tai chi Chaun.. Gracie family are full of ego maniacs

  5. So crazy that whilst watching this video I'm contemplating intermittently fasting today and eating after my training or have an eggs benedict for breakfast and this guy just mentions eggs benedict at 2:22!

  6. After all this workout and eating, he got beaten by Cub Swanson who was beaten by Brian Ortega. He just needs to eat normal food and change his lousy workout to more kickboxing stuff

  7. I’m 41 and I’ve been strict pescatarian since I was 15. I’m an ex martial artist who used to compete regularly. I really don’t miss meat at all and I never crave it. Vegetarianism would be a step too far for me as I would crave fish so much.

  8. Jujitsu is very valuable – yet not the critical. Most street fights are kept on foot, and your goal shouldn't be to take it to the ground. If you only know jujitsu a boxer will knock you out and it'll end up useless. Great video nonetheless and Kron is a good guy. Amazing fighter as well.

  9. This mofo talking about how bjj teach you, that fight ends in the ground but never won against cub. Cub doesnt need bjj shit to beat a gracie. Why train bjj to survive the ground? Gay. I train to stay on my feet. Arrogant bjj motherfuckers

  10. Makes sense the fighting style suited for weaker people and those on a restrictive diet that weakens them go hand in hand.

  11. Its 9 just got done with training i put my gi in the washer and ordered a vegan barito then bed up by 5 to lift and cardio

  12. I used to hate the atmosphere around MMA, but this video changed my mind a bit. Kon Gracie is so inspiring, peaceful and aware of his surrounding. two thumbs up!

  13. his diet is shit wtf is he eating beans he is burning so many calories during training sessions, it feels like he is constantly in a caloric deficit which means loss in energy which means less power. If he had say, more meat in his diet he would be twice as strong mark my words. good talent by family and he lets his diet be his limiting factor. This is my point of view.

  14. hes very in tune with his body and when and what he has to eat that takes ALOT of time to get there im there myself now after probably 5 or more years in tune

  15. Anyone else feel stoned in the cafe where he did the juice shots? He's so chill he makes me think we smoked a fattie!

  16. I mean, I can agree that BJJ is useful, but if you're gonna use street fights as an example as to why, then why not train no gi? No one wears that shit in real life

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