100 thoughts on “The Riff Raff Weight Gain Diet

  1. John Cena said he can have all your gay girls. Because happiness is with Cena and throwing around the balls. Riff Raff got string bean girls he says, and Cena eats spinach dip for fun, near the pool with string bikini lady's that don't drink grapefruit juice. I think all Riff Raff needs is educational, yes educational books, only because string bean girls don't need to eat meat all day and still be lactose. I think Cena got a good chance of wrecking it in the ring against a Grapefruit drinker. Hopefully someday the people will know who knows their vegetables from their fruits. I'd watch the whole thing, I could see that being a hot-chick reason to go smell wrestling smells like the Ultimate-Warrior and Randy Savage. The girls were hot and majorly filling the Wrestling Events. The girl to guy ratio was about mostly girls and uh, wrestling guy fans. I bet Las Vegas could make that happen, where a stadium size ringside audience are a bunch of non-stringbean strippers girls wearing super neon hot colors. I always wanted to see a wrestling event where the women showed their titties and tried to throw theirselves at the wrestlers to eat Hooters. I'd actually consider going to an event like that, and watch wrestling and boobies. I hope they play some super techno music and make the event super rememberable, I would buy my extacy and enjoy the day. Techno, wrestling, extacy, boobies, and good food.

  2. Lmfao throwing slices into the crowd that’s so dope! I can picture some person just getting whipped in the face with that mozzarella ‘mato massacre boiiiii gang gang

  3. 4:06 disgusting mannerless bastard, get your moulth shut already or give me all your money and gtfo undeserving cunt. uff

  4. SO much overconsume, milk the planet till is ded pahaha. You people deserve NOTHING, everyone of you is focused on the money instead of beeing honest and getting some essential things right!
    Fuck throw food? Hell out with you

  5. This guy is a straight up dummy. If he stops snorting mountains of coke in favor of lifting, that's great. This is a goofy-ass lifestyle of yes-men. So strange. You never get better if you don't have criticism. That's what coaches, mentors and trainers are for. Dude is like a giant baby with no direction. Someone should have told him that cornrows on a white dude is a terrible look, even back in the mid-90's when white dreads were almost cool for a minute.

  6. 6:56 " Its suppose to be hot or cold ?? " …. There is ice in it my nigguh !! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  7. “Some people wanna just eat grilled chicken and rice

    But I can’t because it tastes too not nice.”

    Fucking legend in the flesh

  8. "Some people like to go on the treadmill, HE(points at self) doesn't!"
    (gets lightheaded later)
    Maybe he should at least consider cardio. Lol

  9. Man I've done this… Went from 6'3" 165 lbs and got in the gym for 2 years, got up to 255 and backed down to 235, never felt better!!

  10. I love how he is all pumped on his first cycle but hopefully he can keep it up for a few years to actually keep his early gains. And get more cut.

  11. Everyone hates on riff raff. Best part about this dude is he just does his own thing has always had his own style and rocked it. People should try why he does. Pay attention to themselves more rather than throw shade or concern towards someone else’s life.

  12. I swear like a year ago this dude was looking like someones dad, but now hes morphed into a human lambo. Gets me motivated.

  13. What a loser… everything he does and says is imbecile… and this applies to anyone who follow these types of low IQ "performers".

  14. I’m sorry, but everything you are doing is wrong. Your trainer needs to be fired. You are young but with your current form.. you will age and have problems. Fix your form now while your young

    Congrats on your success

    P.S I am a trainer

  15. He seems interesting and has some cool things about him so I don’t have anything negative to say, especially since I want to be more fit but I don’t go to the gym ever!!

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