This Fish was UNIQUE !!! | Fish Karahi | Street Food Fusion | Karachi SeaFood

This Fish was UNIQUE !!! | Fish Karahi | Street Food Fusion | Karachi SeaFood

So right now we are at “Fish Corner, Gushan-e-Maymar”. and they have a Facebook Page as well. Lets see what types of fishes they have!! Is this finger fish?? Yes this is finger fish and it is “Sole Fish”. OK so whats the rate of it?? Its Rs.550 per kg. And what about this “Pompfret”?? This is Rs.600 /kg and after frying it will be Rs.800 /kg This is Sole it will be fried in fingers. This is Rs.500 after fried and Rs.600 raw. Dont you guys have “Prawns”?? I guess they might not have enough sales?. We do have prawns but they sell really fast. Ok. We have them grilled and we make “Karahi” of it And whats the rate of them?. Rs.800 fried/grilled and Rs.1000 Karahi. So you are making rolls for Karahi?. Yes. And the Karahi we sell tastes really amazing!! . He fills it with Green Chilli Peppers which are also filled from inside with spices and other stuff Oh Ok!!. And then he rolls the fish with them inside!!. So you are making it like a “Sushi” i guess??. Oh Yes!!. Aren’t you from Food Department or anything?? 😀 😀 HAHA Oh no 😀 You fried these rolls for the Karahi I guess?? Yes. The rolls which you guys made….are they fried now?? Yes they are right here I will prepare the ingredients for it and then I will fry them. So our rolls are ready here with amazing spices… And here our brother is… …preparing the Karahi for us What ingredients do you add in this gravy you’re making? Coriader, Cumin powder, and some Cayenne pepper….. other than that we add cream in it as well Fresh cream? Yes. It is right there. Do you ad any special ingredients as well??….Oh no no. We also make “White Karahi” of it as well!. Oh really. White Karahi has a little more cream in it than this one. So the gravy for this Karahi is ready now. it has Coriander, Cumin Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Cream And what else? Balck peppers also, but just a pinch. Only these few ingredients are added in Karahi, thats all Ok but the real thing in this Karahi are those “Sushi Rolls”, which they have fried and added…. ….Thats the special quality of this Karahi. The rolls are now done, and its gravy is done as well Then it is freid here Then these fried rolls are dipped in the Karahi. This is a unique item which you wont find anywhere else in Karachi. This our Speciality! This is a very unique combination of Sushi and Karahi. We just add a little Fenugreek Powder at the end for aroma. So he just added a little ginger and some fenugreek powder for aroma and flavor. …And a little coriander for garnshing and it is almost done. It smells really amazing!! So we have Hasan here with us and if you ever visit his shop just say “STREETFOODPK” and get a special discount 😀 😀 😀 😀 InshaAllah one day 😀 😀 Have you already prepared this fish and you’re adding more spices for grilling it?? No no we use a different mix for grilling. So for how long you’ve been in Gulshan-e-Maymar?? Its been 10 Years. It was the first fish shop. In Maymar?? Yes Yes. Fried green peppers?? Yes. This is also our specialty. Have you seen my channel?? Yes I have! Whats the name of it? Street I guess?? Yes!, Its Street Food PK. So Its have half fried…now? I’ll put it on the grill. We’ll add a few more spices then i will put it on grill We fried it so it shouldn’t remain raw and to remove the smell. Oh Ok Ok. Then afterwards we grill it. So they have now put it on grill after spicing it So right now I am at “Fish Corner Gulshan-e-Maymar”….. …and I have bought 1kg Pomfret grilled , …but our brother here has given me Sole Fish for tasting. and this is also grilled…. and i’ll try it to tell you guys how is it.. Hmmm!! Amazing! Amazing!. The best way to eat it is to first eat it from one side then flip it and then eat the rest of it ….so at the end only this natural fishbone comb will be left… Well…i ate the fish-bone as well 😀 😀 😀

100 thoughts on “This Fish was UNIQUE !!! | Fish Karahi | Street Food Fusion | Karachi SeaFood

  1. You keep every thing raw like original that's the best part of your video's !!!!! your presentation too:::::::::

  2. Nice to see the seller wearing jacket and rolling the fish 👌😍… What is inside the fish roll…? Hmmm…fry the fish then grill …must b so yummy …😁

  3. Fish is part of your five 5 a day good for your health grilled or steamed . Eat healthy and stay healthy for a healthy life and a healthy country and healthy world

  4. Steamed vegetables and poultry and meat and the rest all five 5 day friut and vegetables also very good be healthy stay healthy. Safer economy etc safer world.

  5. yeh bhiqari bhi aapkey sath kiya jo keh rha he karii zada bada daina. ha ha ha Kha Kha.baisey bhai me bhi khaieta HO bhai zara karrii bada daina.

  6. Allah pakistanio ko aqal de ke plastic use karna chor dein it gives u cancer , worst thing to use with hot n flaming food

  7. The most stupid way to cook fish. Fish is cooked in 10 minutes, but he fried, then grilled. That's intentionally killing all the taste. You are left with nothing else than RUBBER ..lolzz


  9. Ye batao Pakistan main insaano waala khaana nahi miltaa kya??? Ya bas Pakistani maare hue jaanwar hi khaate hain?? Batao chaane main bhi andaa ya maare hue jaanwar ka gosht daal dete hain….Kamaal hai

  10. Mashallah Bhai jaan bohat tarraki Karo Bhai app ap bohat achche vidio banate ho app ka takiya Kalam bhi bohat achcha lagta he chale Wala…bhaijaan app chanl bohat tarrki Kare inshahallh taki hame bhi apke chenal ki taraf see apko Milne ka moka mile or Pakistan katachi ghum paye bohat khub assalamualaikum

  11. I'm a big fan, a fanatic of sea food. Gorgeous pomfret dish. Wow 😋👌💙💎🐟🇮🇳🇵🇰

  12. What did he do at the end? Putting this beautiful karahi in plastic bag, that is insane. It needed a beautiful clean porcelain dish.

  13. All food are good tasty and yummy.

    food paking is not good plastic cover using Hot food with plastic cover creates cancer .

    No comprosise in Health .

    pl change this idea of plastic cover .

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