This Food Truck Chef Shares His Culture with Indigenous Cuisine

This Food Truck Chef Shares His Culture with Indigenous Cuisine

When I drive the truck
it just feels pretty awesome. It’s a big beast. The artwork on there,
the cityscape of Vancouver, the mountains of
the West Coast, it’s just a little bit of
everything where I’m from. The best part of being
a food truck owner is just meeting tons of people
and sharing my food and my vision of Indigenous
street food with them. Our award-winning Indian taco
is like Indigenous and Mexican fusion together. I use traditional
cooking methods and traditional ingredients. It’s just manipulating the food
with other cuisines to do street food. Everybody loves it. I grew up here right in
North Vancouver on a Squamish Nation territory. This is a mission reserve. In our language
we call it Eslhá7an Born and raised right here. My mother was a single mother,
my dad died when I was young. It was pretty hard
because I didn’t have nobody to show me things
and how to be a man. What you do when you’re young
and you’re becoming a young man. I was very lucky to have
my grandmothers. Spending time in the kitchen
with them, grew into the passion for Indigenous cooking. There’s definitely hardships
right, but that fueled the fire. And now I have a food truck. When I’m not working, I love
to spend time with my kids. We have seven kids
all together. The youngest is six,
the oldest is fourteen. So, everything in between. My kids love cooking
and they love the idea of Mr. Bannock
and the food truck. So, cross my fingers
it sticks with them and they can be a big part of this
company when they’re older. I hope to spark interest
into another generation. Passing the torch so they can
showcase our culture and just keep it moving
forward through food. You’ve got to work hard
for what you want. You’ve got to love
what you do.

3 thoughts on “This Food Truck Chef Shares His Culture with Indigenous Cuisine

  1. Oww! Mad Love homie! hell yeah! NDN Tacos on wheels. haha. that's dope as hell! itd be cool to have a kitchen on wheels. keep it up bro!

  2. Awesome man I want to have my own food truck soon too!! Up early/late looking for inspiration this and found it!!

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