Thor’s Hammer, but Meat | Eat the Universe

Thor’s Hammer, but Meat | Eat the Universe

– No. Put in the right amount. I don’t want to ruin this. There is no ruining. Yeah. Well, you’re about to squirt
fish into a bunch of potatoes. [MUSIC – THEME SONG, “MARVEL’S
EAT THE UNIVERSE”] Justin Warner here with
actor/comedian Connor Ratliff. And today, we’re going
to eat the universe. So today, we’re going to be
making a dish inspired by none other than the God of Thunder– Thor. That’s right. [ZAP] Wow. JUSTIN WARNER: And
what we’ve got here is the Mjolnir of meats. This is what’s known
as a Tomahawk chop. But what is a Tomahawk if
not a sharpened hammer? Nothing. CONNOR RATLIFF: So we’re cooking
a dish that’s inspired by Thor. But, by the end of
this, I’m imagining this being worthy of the
great dining halls of Asgard. Ooh, that’s– sounds nice. Yeah. What would be a dish that
would be offensive to them? Beers that don’t
refill themselves. – Ah.
– Right? They’re spoiled. I know. You want to season
this good guy up? CONNOR RATLIFF: Yeah.
I would like to. JUSTIN WARNER: We’re going
to use salt, pepper, and oil. – I don’t want to do this wrong.
– There is no wrong. CONNOR RATLIFF: So I
just spray it like that? And like that?
Definitely. All right.
It’s like that. Is there a point
where I should stop? Or do I–
– You should stop. – –have to– OK.
– All right. But you knew that. CONNOR RATLIFF: Yeah. I asked at the point where I
felt like this is too much. Definitely. Everybody knows when
they’ve done wrong, unless you’re a sociopath. How would this be if this
was sugar instead of salt? Would that make a difference? – Yeah, that would suck.
– Yeah. And that’s actually– it’s
funny that you mentioned that, as this is a Thor-inspired
dish, one of the great line cook pranks of all
times is to swap out a cook’s salt and sugar. Yeah? I feel like Loki would do
that if he was a line cook. CONNOR RATLIFF: Yeah.
Great. You want to rotate the steak?
You can just use the bone. CONNOR RATLIFF: Wait.
What do you mean? Rotate it just
around and around? Yeah.
Like a clock. OK. I’m going to knock
that salt, then I got to lift it like that. This is exciting. This is like– you’re
not doing anything. No.
No, I’m not. You rotate it on it’s– what is this?
The Y-axis? – Oh, like that?
– Yes. – Like that?
– Yeah. Oh, OK. So I– that was
just frivolous what I did and you let it happen. JUSTIN WARNER: All right. So now it’s time to cook this. CONNOR RATLIFF: Great. JUSTIN WARNER: So I have a
pre-heated cast iron griddle. CONNOR RATLIFF:
Yeah, that’s hot. It’s extremely hot. How do you feel about it? I feel scared, like I’m
going to accidentally touch it. Well, don’t. So you want to go ahead
and put that on there? Yeah. [SIGHS] I can’t– I’m– can’t lift it. But I, Chef Justin
Warner, am worthy to hold the meat Mjolnir. That was humiliating. [SIZZLING] Oh, yeah. That’s the sound of cooking. Yeah. Progress. We’re kind of freewheeling
this recipe right now. CONNOR RATLIFF: Yeah. JUSTIN WARNER: But you
freewheel for living. Well, sort of.
Yeah. Yeah.
I do a lot– I do a lot of improvising. OK. And I perform with the Upright
Citizens Brigade theater. And I do shows with a team
called the Stepfathers on Friday nights. And then Asssscat,
which is probably the most popular UCB show– JUSTIN WARNER: Totally. CONNOR RATLIFF:
–every Sunday night. We’ve had a
couple– if not one– Asssscat person on
the show before– Zach Cherry.
– Yes. Wonderful. Zach Cherry from Spider-Man– Homecoming.
– Yeah. It’s true.
– Do a flip. Yeah. I’m going to give this a flip
and then I’ll transfer it to the oven to finish cooking. You’re cooking the outside
just how you like it. And then oven will take
care of the inside. JUSTIN WARNER: You’ve got it. It’s Midgardian
technology at its finest. Connor, sir, I
believe that no steak is complete without
mashed potatoes. I– I completely agree. OK.
Good. Well, these are some
potatoes that I’ve simply quartered and boiled. So we’re going to
make mashed potatoes. And I like to make mashed
potatoes while the potatoes are still hot.
– Mhm. That way, the starch
is moving around there. And then you have some
absorption of our seasonings and flavoring liquids. – Wonderful.
– You want to do the mashing? Yeah.
I’ll do the mashing. So I’m really
excited about this because, 1, I think it’s going
to make for a very Asgardian and a gigantic presentation. Mhm. But also because I get to add
one of my favorite ingredients of all time. What’s that? That is cream smoked fish roe. CONNOR RATLIFF: Now, see,
now this is strange to me. What is this? I never– I wouldn’t
have anticipated. JUSTIN WARNER: Yeah. It’s fish eggs in a tube. I’m excited about this
because it’s Swedish. Mhm. Right? And that’s like Norse. This looks like a medical
product that Thor would use. I was hoping maybe toothpaste. But maybe you have
more experience. That’s a medical product. Dentistry is, you know,
it’s preventative medicine. Absolutely. Does Thor need
to brush his teeth? That’s a good question.
I don’t know. I would be shocked. Now kids can like
look up to Thor and be like he doesn’t brush
his teeth, neither do I. Yeah. But Thor doesn’t have to. That’s what the
parent would say. He’s a god.
– Yes, he’s a god. When you’re a god, then you
can stop brushing your teeth. And then you’re fighting
with your children. You have kids? No. Well, let’s make
some mashed potatoes. So what do you do?
Squirt this in? We squirt this in
on the potatoes? Eventually, eventually. What do we put first?
Butter. JUSTIN WARNER: Butter. CONNOR RATLIFF: See? Now that’s a classic
mashed potato ingredient that I understand. You don’t think that there’s
a fish-potato connection? You don’t think
they’re brothers? CONNOR RATLIFF:
I’ve never thought of them having a relation. When I picture a
potato and a fish, I imagine them having
nothing to talk about. What do you do?
I swim. What do you do? Sit in the ground. Great. [UPBEAT MUSIC] So mash these? JUSTIN WARNER: Yeah. Thor is the God of Thunder. What are you the god of? Uh, melancholy improv scenes. Melancholy improv scenes. Yeah. They’re funny. But there’s a deep
pain behind them. I’m the God of Long
Podcast Episodes. Oh, really? Yeah. I heard that this is
a speciality of yours. Yeah.
I– I– – May I?
– Yeah. Yeah.
Am I doing it wrong? No.
just getting the– CONNOR RATLIFF: I
just need to get– JUSTIN WARNER: The
bottom into this. CONNOR RATLIFF: Gotcha. You were actually
doing a great job. You don’t need to– you
don’t need to say that. All right. So long podcasts? CONNOR RATLIFF: Yeah. I– I co-host a podcast
with my friend, J.D. Amato, called 12 Hour Day
With J.D. and Connor. And each episode is at
least 12 hours long. Wow. Yeah. In the relationship between
the two of you, who’s the Thor and who’s the Loki? Oh, I’m definitely the Thor. J.D. is definitely the Loki. At one point during
one of the episodes, J.D. Said he had work to do. And I found out later,
he went and took a nap. Left me to talk all
by myself for an hour. That’s classic Loki stuff. – That’s very Loki.
– Yeah. Yeah. And Thor would fall
for that kind of trick. Oh, totally. CONNOR RATLIFF: This
is really going well. Do you want to stop? – Never.
– Right? That’s that 12-hour
podcast, right there. Yeah. I’ll mash these for 12 hours. Well, you’ve done a great
job helping me out here. I really appreciate this. I’m going to plate
all of this up and I will see you at
the table of tastes. Great. Wow. He read the instructions. [UPBEAT MUSIC] [GRUNTS] Wow. You know, you might not
be the God of Thunder. But you are the God of
Melancholy Improv Scenes. So I wanted to create
a meal fit for the God of Melancholy Improv Scenes. And I’m hoping
that we’ve done it. I mean, it certainly
looks like it has layers. Yeah. You know what I mean? It looks like it’s
bold, but vulnerable. It’s meek, yet ambitious. It’s humble, and yet it
knows what’s going on. Well, that’s what we
look for in our heroes. What do we do? What’s the first– what’s
the first move here? All right. So first things first, we’ll
hack this off the bone like so. Great, great, great. The steak is actually
in multiple sections. CONNOR RATLIFF: Mjolnir JUSTIN WARNER: So
you’ve got this, which is the deckle, which is the
extra fatty, almost belly part like.
– The deckle? Yeah. This is like the rib eye. CONNOR RATLIFF: That’s the–
the– that’s the part. – Yes.
– That’s the part. JUSTIN WARNER: And then
this is another fatty part. So do you have a dog? I don’t. Oh. But a dog would
love that bone. – We’ll give it to the intern.
– Look at that. Look at that.
It’s like a little piece of pie. Aw, thank you. Now it’s made a little
mouth where it’s like, I am a meat worthy for a god. [LAUGHS] Shall we? CONNOR RATLIFF: Yes. Here’s to you. Mm. That’s really good. Now here’s the thing. Now, normally, if I would
eat mashed potatoes, I wouldn’t be like, mm, fishy. Mm. That wouldn’t be a thing
I would normally associate. So this is a new thing for me. You wouldn’t even know
it’s there if I told you. I wouldn’t– I wouldn’t know. These potatoes have a secret. And secrets are often
an integral part of most superheroes. JUSTIN WARNER: Yeah. They keep secrets constantly. So it makes sense
you have potatoes there’s like, I’m also a fish. JUSTIN WARNER: Right. You don’t want any of
the– what’s the– you call the dimple?
– Deckle. You don’t want
any of the deckle? I’ll take a little
bit of the deckle. Let me– let me
slice you up a little– just a little piece of deckle. Anyway, where can we
find more of what you do? Mm. You can find me on Twitter. Mm. C-O-N-N-O-R R-A-T-L-I-F-F.
Connor Ratliff. If you spell it
right, you’ll find me. You can find me at the
UCB Theater in New York. Occasionally, I’ll pop up in
a movie or a television show. And you’ll be like, oh, that’s
the guy who fed the deckle. Fair. Connor, thanks so
much for being here. Thank you for feeding me. Uh, you deserve it. Well, that’s all we’ve
got for Eat the Universe. We will see you next time. [MUSIC – THEME SONG, “MARVEL’S

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