Today from the past we are showing you how
to make some gorgeous homemade tiger bread you are going to love it. That is not going to work is it, she said
shall I stand on a step, stand off the step completely look at that hang on there is a
second tier I like you that height, me too I like you that height too, what you doing,
I am getting our vlog camera out, ok you going to vlog this, ok it is a bit of a strange
start to the video but basically we started this emotion cookbook playlist and last Thursday
the last one went up and we were told that it was not ready and could we do another recipe
so we quickly made this tiger bread recipe which is amazing but the content is still
from the other day when I was wearing a different tshirt but some of the things I said in the
video did not actually make sense if I kept it in hence me adding this but the rest of
the recipe is amazing, it is really good so give this a go, the full method and steps
are on my virgin kitchen .com first thing we are doing is adding our bread flour into
a mixing bowl getting a pinch of salt this is a slightly sweet bread this one so add
one and a half teaspoons of sugar and you notice I have my wedding ring off we have
some butter here at room temperature ok so we just get our hands in there old school
you could actually do this method in a food processor if you like and just whizz it up
we are just going to rub the fat from the butter into the dry ingredients. So obviously there is a lot of flour in here
so when rubbing it through make sure you go right down to the bottom to scrape through
all that flour that is hanging out down there so this is some warm water, it is not boiling
just warm to get the yeast going, and we use a metal spoon at first just to bring this
together and I kind of do not see the point of the food processor that much because you
can get ones with a stand mixer with a kneading attachment but with this method we are going
to get our hands dirty that is why we went for the whole bowl. Why did you have to do that camera I just
added the yeast to the bowl the camera just stopped and memory card went nope I am giving
up make sure you put the yeast in or it will not rise. So I will just clear this out the way and
have my bag of flour there flour down the surface the surface is clean that is important
you do not want any crumbs getting in your dough for extra flavour although you could
pretend you have but we just start to get a little extra flour on it as it gets wet
this extra flour will help coat it and dry it out so we need to knead for a good ten
minutes, it may look rough at the moment but we want to keep kneading it and it will go
smooth it has already started working because of the warm water but this is a workout my
friends, there really is no dos and do nots for this bit sometimes people slam it down
or others push it out with a palm and bring it round I think it is fine as long as you
give it some care and attention to keep it warm and the yeast working through it you
end up with a really smooth dough and if you love it it will love you back. For me this is nearly getting there I can
feel it in my hands it is smooth to touch and addictive kind of like stressball things
that were popular years ago, once happy with it and nice and smooth like so we can put
it into a bowl, one quick tip clean down your surface as quick as you can mine hates flour
being kneaded on it because it will stain it forever and also your wife will hate you
so do it as a priority. So we lubricate a bowl with some sesame oil
just because the topping has that vibe so rather than olive oil today, sesame oil. We sit in that dough and that will help it
move around a little bit, and now we cover it in clingfilm and I really wish mrs barry
was here to help me with this step you know how bad I am with it. Stay ok I managed to get the clingfilm on
I think I am getting used to it, this now goes into a warm place to prove for an hour
and it will double in size. Our warm place is in there where our boiler
is you could also use a damp tea towel rather than cling film, so whilst that dough is proving
it is important right, you need to leave it for about an hour doubles in size we wanted
to say a massive thanks for the brand deal recently I get approached every day for brand
deals for brand deals from random websites or for promoting a random banana or something
and I turn down 95 percent of them so out of 156 videos in a year I am doing 7 and they
are all coming at once so 6 every next Thursday and one in between for mcdonalds which does
not even feel like a brand deal it was really good, you were genuinely interested, you came
back and you were unsure about doing but then you were really glad you did it because it
is mcdonalds I only genuinely do ones I will enjoy but I turn down loads and they help
things like employ mrs barry new website and we are really growing the brand so thank you
so so much but anyhow the dough is proved last week in this video check this out. Alright we are going to make our paste now
we have some ground rice flour here which is basically long grain rice that has been
milled and super fine pinch of salt, sugar, yeast, so
this is where the sesame flavour comes in just add that like so, I guess you could use
flavoured oil like chilli oil if you wanted, this is optional but this is marmite you do
not need much but it will just give it a little tang also known as vegemite something similar
in Australia that should just be enough but you can add loads more if you like, marmite
I cannot eat that much but just a mild amount spread like that will give it a tang and be
so good, this again is some warm water so we add a little bit at a time so this is 50ml
we add a third then stir this through you kind of want a thick paste bit more, really
stir that through. You want it thick and spreadable but do not
make it too runny ok, so there that is nice and combined with that hidden marmite tang
in it and it is ready for our dough. So our dough is ready and doubled in size
we knock it back oh wow so much air in this, we just knead it in the bowl a couple of times,
you can see it is clinging to the sides all that air released that is what we are doing
getting rid of that air, this is a floured tray alright what I am doing is placing the
dough down now and you can either use a floured tin for this or a baking tray it is going
to prove again and increase in size but we want to encourage it to a sort of loaf shape
but this is pretty cool as we can get that rustic look to it, so maybe oval like that
or round if you have more of a square tray. But we will just leave it like this and put
a kitchen towel on top. Sorry that is a teatowel not a kitchen towel
getting my towels confused. Lets let it prove, alright so it is time to
make our paste we made earlier onto our dough so it is kind of like a flour play doh texture
too spread it out thin make sure we cover all of it, ok nice and covered it now goes
into our pre heated oven to bake away baby. Alright that has been in the oven 35 minutes
check out that lovely golden cracked topping on there we are going to let it rest for a
few minutes before transferring to a wire rack. Little bit of knife and butter to one side
it is still warm we get a sharp bread knife, listen to that just to let you know if it
sounds hollow when you take it out give it a tap that is when you know it is done ok,
go for a nice thick slice like that oh my gosh. That is enough slices for now for my breakfast
oh my gosh, we are going to get some of that butter on there actually I am in the mood
for balsamic vinegar and olive oil that would be really good on there, oh my gosh. Is there anything better than fresh baked
bread other than pugs, just to show you if you use a standard loaf tin instead of a tray
it works just as good too. Oh my gosh look at that. Remember to subscribe for regular recipe videos
and Sunday funday if you try this recipe send us a picture, follow us on social media right,
yeah twitter Instagram snapchat all that stuff and subscribe to our other spin off channel
called the barrys but check this out hope you are enjoying the emotion cookbook and
that is it right we will see you soon.

100 thoughts on “TIGER BREAD RECIPE

  1. New Barry food channel idea: My Virgin Clingfilm. Barry films himself trying to get the hang of Clingfilm… I'd watch it!

  2. Hi, Mr and Mrs Barry ๐Ÿ˜€ Just tried out this recipe, but I sliced it a bit thinner and made sandwhiches with pancetta, parmesan and some sliced cherry tomatoes. Absolutely FANTASTIC and my friends LOVED them. Thanks so much for the help, and keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I recommend that you cover the whole dough ball in oil ๐Ÿ™‚
    It'll rise better ๐Ÿ™‚
    And it won't stick to the sides ๐Ÿ˜€
    Looks amazing!!

  4. Have a brew man, and relax. If you are real in your explanations we will dig it over the fast and fleet explanations.

  5. Barry there are boxes you can buy for cling film, you put it in and oh my gosh never again get the messed up cling, I sucked at using cling film but I found the boxes and fell in love keeps it clean and cuts it clean, theres one for foil too

  6. Did you know that Marmite and Vegemite actually taste different from each other do they are not quite the same? One has a more caramelized onion flavour and the other has a more malty vegetable flavor (guess which one by the name). I like eating Marmite with meatier foods like steaks hardier breads and I like Vegemite with sweeter breads and butter as a snack or with an egg. Yum!

  7. Barry when making bread it's always best to put your yeast in your warm water then mix them together and add the water yeast mixture gradually until you get the proper slightly sticky texture^_^

  8. Do you really need to keep making these video's longer and longer? I came here for recipies, not vlogs ๐Ÿ™

  9. this recipe might not ask for it but arnt your supposed to prepare the yeast, water and sugar mixture separately? then once it has rose add it to the flour mixture then leave that to rise more ? then knead the dough…

  10. Hi. If you hate fighting with clingfilm, you need one of these – I have one and it really does work: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wraptastic-Buy-Get-One-Free/dp/B00CMB8JF8/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1475738338&sr=8-4&keywords=cling+film+cutter Maybe you could show it on one of your kitchen gadget videos. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. +myvirginkitchen is there another type of flour or meal you can use for the topping? I'm allergic to rice, that's why I ask. Thank you.

  12. I just made this for a potluck and it turned out amazing and looked so appetizing! Thanks so much for the video Barry.

  13. i like ad/branding based episode how youtubers do creative stuff to sell the brand. that'd be fine just always put it on the description or the title

  14. they were noggins XD My granddad only ever ate noggins and doorstops. Noggins are twice the thickness of warburtons' thickest, and then doorstops are twice as thick as a noggin. Nothing better than a doorstop of bread.

  15. kneading dough develops the gluten, it has nothing to do with the yeast, the sugar is what feeds the yeast. love your channel.

  16. I don't know if it's camera trickery but Mrs. Barry has beautiful eyes!

    Do whatever you need to do Barry! As long as you're honest about the brands you do videos for/with then everythings fine!!

  17. And i TOTALLY understand that you advertize sometimes! As long as you GENUINLY mean it, i look at it almost as a FAVOR, as then i know it's good, should i want to buy it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Cuts are put into the top of the bread to let the steam escape instead of on the sides or other places you don't want the steam to go.

  19. So, do you scald the tiger first to remove the tiger hairs or do you simply pluck them out one at a time? I would really hate to take a slice and get a large hair ball in it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Regarding cling film, it never pays to buy the cheap stuff. If you can, get the big professional roll. It lasts forever, fits over most everything, and cuts away from the roll with much more ease.
    If that doesn't work for you, there are now these shower cap looking covers that have elastic around the edge. They pop right over your bowl, etc., no hassle. They don't cling though. They're usually next to the plastic bags and/or cling film in the kitchen aisle.
    Then there's the cling wrap that is sticky on one side so you can even make a pretty sturdy packet around your item by simply pressing.
    I promise I don't have an unhealthy obsession with plastic– I'm an art teacher who's always looking for a solution to storage problems.

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