100 thoughts on “Tokyo Street Food | Top 10 Must-Try at Togoshi Ginza | 1.3km long and 400 Shops

  1. Hi Pao!! Im a big fan!!! Im going to tokyo this july 10.. Hope we could meet and show me around! Thank you!!

  2. You absolutely kill me, Paolo, with all this mouth-watering food and the way you enjoy it. Let me see if it's time to eat yet. LOL Where did you learn English so well?

  3. Hey Paolo! Awesome videos! Is April a good month to visit tokyo? Just wanting to see the cherry blossoms and eat. Lol Do you have any goof hotel recommendations in Ginza? Cheers

  4. Love this show thanks for the tips it’s helps a lot .. we plan by October to come and visit to Japan .. I can’t wait and very much excited thanks for the info xx

  5. Been watching some of your videos and they’re so fun and informative❗️Thanks for Boeing a tour guide for so many that are yearning to travel to Japan👍🏻❗️
    And I just subbed😁

  6. Wait what? Xiaolongbao on Japanese street? I don’t know will I try it, especially for the pan fried one. I only eat the pan fried Xiaolongbao in Shanghai and of course I usually get Xiaolongbao for breakfast, brunch, and snacks in Shanghai.

  7. 4:00 sorry to correct you, but that is actually SHEN JIAN BAO (pan fried soup buns). xiao long bao are soup dumpings.

  8. Hi Paolo. I hope that you are well. I have checked your list and it appears that the first and the second restaurant have been closed. I dont know if you have the possibility to get an updated list.

  9. I have a BIG problem with this video … I am now starving :p … can't wait to be in Japan for the Rugby World cup …

  10. What a great video. I never knew about Togoshi Ginza. I will go on a food safari there next time! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Paolo. I would like to grab this opportunity to ask you something please. I am starting to look at Natto food and in the UK the only place that I know so far is a Japanese supermarket in London.
    I have read about Natto and there are some concerns that I have got specially with soy beans that might have been GM, that is that are GMOs.
    That said the question that I have for is the following: Is 'Osato Umai Ichiban Natto' a well known brand in Japan? Is is trustworthy? Do you know if they use organic soy beans or are they GMO or a mixture?


  12. I love your response when you taste something delicious! I can't refrain from an audible "mmm" when sushi and other favorites, or when trying something new…

  13. So how annoying is it to order stuff from these places with limited Japanese? Are there signs that I could decipher using Google Translate to help? Just curious. Thanks for the video!

  14. On the last leg of the train right now to hit up the Yakitori spot. Update, it is permanently close. Going to still hunt around the area though.

  15. カルビ巻はセブンイレブンでも
    チーズハットグ 旨旨💔💔💔

  16. サッパリした トロは 中トロ
    ほかに 旨いのはカマトロとか

  17. Damnnnn so hungry right now! Love all your videos cant want this nov i will be there at tokyo 🙋🏻‍♂️ definitely gonna check all the places. Thank you for sharing!!! 🙏🏻

  18. Are those shop open during weekdays only? I went there last wednesday and a lots of shop are closed. And only few locals walking around.

  19. Can tell you were raised right. So many times I’ve noticed in other videos and again here at 00:57 how you draw your hands behind your back when approaching a shop. “Look but don’t touch” is still in my ears too.

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