Tom Hanks Made a Bad Call by Eating a Breakfast Burrito Before Skydiving

Tom Hanks Made a Bad Call by Eating a Breakfast Burrito Before Skydiving

Aren’t we glad that Ellen
has another TV show on? Because she doesn’t work
enough, she doesn’t work enough. She doesn’t have enough jobs. I have seen an episode
of “Game of Games” and I have never seen
anybody be dropped into that big a vat of
macaroni and cheese. Yeah. As you did to somebody. Yes. The logistics of that
have got to be insane. Yeah, it’s a big set. It’s a big– and this season,
this new season is bigger. We had to use the biggest
sound stage on this lot in order to get the games in. To spin two people around
to the point of nausea– Yep. –And risk physical injury. Right. Anybody– anybody, like,
almost drown in that vat of macaroni and cheese? We pull them out pretty quickly. Do you have lifeguards on
standing by with special vests? Well, they’re not
really lifeguards, but yes, we have people
to pull them out, and so– it’s not always
macaroni and cheese. Sometimes it’s pea soup. There’s different things
we drop them into. Who writes your show, toddlers? Uh-huh. Yes. [LAUGHTER] Yes. What? You know what would
be funny, Mommy? If Mommy fell into– into mashed potatoes. Oh. [LAUGHTER] How old is that kid? Well, that’s– That’s a young kid. That’s a young kid. That’s actually a
really good idea. Just have a roomful
of young people and ask them what they want to
see on TV and then create it. That’s right. What if we had a
roomful of sharp forks? [LAUGHTER] And they had to find their
way out, blindfolded. Was that coming
up any time soon? Actually, no– That might be the
Halloween version. No one take that. I’m writing it. I’m writing it. All right, you’re
writing it down. By the way, you do a good
impression of a child. Thank you. You really do. I’m in touch. Your family was in
Greece recently. We go to Greece on
our holiday vacation. Because Rita’s
family is from there. Yes, and so therefore, there are
no options to go anywhere else. Uh huh. Right. We will go to Greece
and that’s that. That’s all there is to it. It’s pretty beautiful. Well, it beats my
family who had came from Red Bluff, California. So, it might be a
little bit better to go to Greece– better water. So you’re on a
nice, fancy yacht, and you decide you’re going
to jump off the fancy yacht. There’s a– can we see this? I don’t know how
many takes you did. Oh. How many times did you jump off? Well, this was my birthday. I was just– I wanted to show off
the new hat and shirt that I got for my 63rd birthday. But we had– we were– it took a while. Our production team went off. If you have the– you have an earlier take of
this that didn’t quite work out. I haven’t seen the earlier take. Well, here’s what– we’re going,
and there I go, right by it. Didn’t quite have the
same celebratory visual– No. –That we were looking for. No. But it is the same
magic technology. There we go. But that was pretty
high, but then I saw your son jumped off a cliff. OK, yeah. How high was that because that– I’m no judge of height. I’m going to say
it’s six miles high. This is him. He marched up– he swam to
shore, climbed up on beach, walked all the way up to
the top of this mountain, and he wasn’t waiting
more than three seconds before he did this. Look at this. I mean, I cannot
believe he did this. That was him. 1, 2, 3, 4. That’s four seconds
of hang time. That’s the type
of fall that will rip a watch off your wrist. Is he usually a
daredevil like that? He– yeah, he is. Wow. He rides motorcycles, and when
he turned 21, he wanted to go– so I said, what would you
like for your birthday? He said, (GRUFFLY) I
want to go skydiving. So, we– Is that how he talks? We went– [LAUGHTER] –After he ponders things. So we went– we went
tandem skydiving. Tandem, so you’re
attached to somebody who knows what they’re doing. You freefall, and as
you’re free falling, your face goes like this. [LAUGHTER] As you go– because
you’re traveling at, like, 250 miles an hour. And then she popped the
chute and we stopped, and she was doing this thing of
swinging us around, steering us around. Oh, wow. And I had had a huge
breakfast burrito before the plane went
off, and so I truly– I begged her. I’m just– I was like
a rag doll hanging from this harness thing. Please stop. Please, please. Stop, stop. And we landed on this grass
strip and all I could do was sit on my rump,
and I just had to sit there for
about seven minutes waiting for my stomach to calm
down, while other people were coming down and landing. Well, I have to say, maybe
having a huge breakfast burrito before you’re going to
jump out of a plane– Bad call. Bad. Bad call. Yes. Had I been with you,
I would have said, don’t eat the whole thing. It was a damn good
burrito though. Oh, I’m sure. I’m sure. It was really good. All right. So, we’re going to both be at
the Golden Globes this year. You’re getting the Lifetime
Achievement Award– Cecil B. deMille Award. Cecil deMille Award. You’re getting the
Carol Burnett Award. Yes, we’re both getting– [APPLAUSE] Now– That’s exciting
that first of all– first of all, I’m just
flattered and honored that I’m getting that, but
I’m so glad that this year– Well, does this mean
you’re now going to have a variety show
on the air as well? So there’ll be this,
the game show, and the– And then the fork show. I’m just excited
because the fact that you’re getting the Cecil B.
deMille Award when I’m getting the Carol Burnett Award. It’s just going to be– I’m so excited for you because
I think that’s so cool– Oh, thank you. –I get to be there
on that show with you. And likewise. Yes. You’ve– you and I
have been, essentially, on television since
VHS was first invented. That is true. It’s literally
about the same time. One of the first times
that I saw you and got to know you was at something
called the American Comedy Awards. Remember that? Yes, it was just for
the American comics. Yes, and for some– for some reason, I was there. And it was an award show
that was on for a little bit. But this was 1984, 85– Yeah. –Something like that. And you won for–
what did you win? I have no idea. You won– I think you won
for best female club comic. OK. Does that sound about right? Sure. Which means that you– [LAUGHTER] –You got to travel around
the world and perform at the Chuckle Hut– Yeah. And I was the best– –And Laughs Incorporated. –The best female to do that. That’s right. I was the best female
at the Chuckle Hut. You were. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. We’re going to talk to
Tom more after this. We’ll be back.

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  1. Hello ma'am Ellen. How are you? All I need for Christmas is to fix my US CITIZENSHIP. My father is American retired US NAVY. His name Andrew Latigue Jr. My mother cannot do my paperwork works because she's not American. I live in Philippines. I need DNA please help me. Thank you so much and God bless you always🙏

  2. Love him just his acting is great and he seems very kind etc. I would love to hang out with him for a day. just doing nothing !

  3. Just thought of it. If they ever choose to make a remake of Home Improvement, they can have Wilsons Brother be the new neighbor and he would be Tom Hanks (cause of his connection with Tim Allen with Toy Story) and the line they can always use instead of Heidy Ho is You got a friend in me.

    Or him make an appearence on Last Man Standing

  4. Hanks and his family vacation in Antiparos, Greece every year and everybody loves him there. But who doesn’t love this guy.

  5. lol Way to get in a shout out to Red Bluff, CA! lol He may have given it a little shade, but he was a major donor of the State Theater restoration project! His mom loved to watch movies there…..he's a very wonderful person! His wife played a concert in that very theater just last year. 🙂 Great family right there!

  6. A hora. Viene rafaela. Carra. Para. Hacer que donde. Frío ay calo uy. Llega jenifer. Ras. Si. Tu eres my. Hombre. Yo. Tu mujer. Grc saludos.

  7. Love him just his acting is great and he seems very kind etc. I would love to hang out with him for a day. just doing nothing !

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