Tom Yum Spaghetti สปาเก็ตตี้ต้มยำกุ้ง | Thai Recipe

Tom Yum Spaghetti สปาเก็ตตี้ต้มยำกุ้ง | Thai Recipe

Sawaddee Ka welcome to hot thai kitchen
today I am showing you another Thai pasta recipe, I have a couple already so if
your pasta fan make sure you check those out but this one is actually honestly my
favorite and every time I go to Thailand I always order it at a restaurant that
has it and I always think I gotta put this on Hot Thai Kitchen, every time and
I keep forgetting until today I’m finally gonna share it
with you I’m sharing Spaghetti Tom Yum is what we call it or Tom Yum
spaghetti and it’s easy and trust me it is going to blow you away if you are a
Tom Yum fan let’s get started! Ao let’s start with making the tom yum
herb paste which this is going to turn our spaghetti into tom yum okay so
it’s very important. I got some lemongrass some galangal and I’ve got a
little whole piece of galangal to show you if you’ve never seen one whole one
before just imagine it normally being a little bigger than this little nub but
this is all I’ve got right now some Thai chilies of course as much or as little
as you like you don’t have to add any if you don’t want to and some kaffir lime
leaves which I finely chopped and I also removed the center rib so that when you
eat it it’s not gonna like be these long strings of leaves stuck in your teeth
because these are very very tough leaves okay so now all of this going into my
mortar here and I’m gonna pound them down into a paste okay so it doesn’t
have to be like complete smooth paste you just want no more big chunks now
let’s go over the other ingredients real quickly and we’re almost ready to cook
so I’ve got some Thai chili paste here this is super important it’s so key to
the flavor of the tom yum soup that we’re all familiar with so I brought a
couple of brands to show you just so you have something to recognize when you go
shopping and these are not the easiest things to find so if you can’t find it I
have it listed in my Kit online I’ll link to that in the description below
and also you can make it and I have a recipe for that I’ll link to that right
up here so apart from that you want some good spaghetti
and also some whole peeled canned tomatoes and for protein I am just using
shrimp just because it’s classic for tom yum you can definitely do chicken
or don’t have to put any protein at all not a problem. And by the way for our
Patreon members who have access to our new reward “The Show After The Show” we’re
gonna dig a little deeper into some of our ingredients and talk about how to
choose a good one. Alright I think we are ready to cook okay so I’m gonna cook
my shrimp first and if you know me I always prefer to cook my protein
separately so I can control the doneness of it so I don’t have overcooked shrimp
and notice I’ve had my shrimp sitting on paper towel so they’re not so wet and
then I’ll get oil splatters all over me which I might anyway but at least it’s
better so my shrimp is seared I’m gonna start my sauce now this is always my
efficiency technique: right before I start my sauce I dropped my pasta. So
that goes in, and I set the timer for one minute less than whatever the package
says. Now you let that go and you go back here and now you got a hurry cuz that’s
going. Sauteing my onions you can use shallots too if you want for this I
just happen to have onions at home and don’t clean the pan there’s like shrimp
bits in here that’s tasty once your onions are starting to become
translucent I’m gonna go in with my mushrooms so I am using shimeji
mushrooms which I love for this kind of thing you can use oyster mushrooms any
kind of Asian mushroom if you’re gonna go for buttons, you can but make sure you
read my written recipe I’m gonna talk about what you need to do if you’re
cooking with button or crimini mushrooms you got to work with it a little
differently. I’m just gonna season this a little bit with fish sauce just so that
the vegetables get some seasoning love mmm and now I’ve turned down the heat a
little bit I’m gonna add my tom yum paste, my herbs not really a paste, my tom
yum crumbles give that a quick toss to get the heat activating…oooh spicy! And now the tomatoes will go in alright heat down a
little bit because I’m using whole tomatoes I’m gonna take my time and
break it up this is my favorite tomatoes they’re so soft and juicy it’s so easy
to break some tomatoes are a little firmer so they’re harder to make mush
down and now I’m gonna add the chili paste mix that in and the chili paste is quite
sweet so we are not gonna add any other sweetness to this at all and some fish
sauce to season I’m just gonna let the sauce reduce a little bit and if
your sauce is reduced until the right consistency and your pasta is not done
don’t panic all you have to do is turn this off go relax for a little bit until
your pasta is done that’s it! Efficiency! and by the way if you’re used
to the concept of like simmering tomato sauce for half an hour or whatever you
could theoretically do that with this but I find there’s so many other strong
flavors that it’s still really delicious with like this quick-reduced tomato sauce
especially if you’re use good canned tomatoes to begin with okay pasta
is done and by done I mean one minute less than done that’s exactly what we
want so what I like to do is I don’t drain the pasta I feel like it’s this is
a lot more efficient I just put the pasta…. There we go and Adam is dying of chilies… as am i
apparently…of chili fumes that’s what we do for the show and I’ve got my heat
turned off so I can take my sweet time I’m gonna turn the heat back on now and
then toss this pasta and I want to let it cook for one minute in the sauce I
find that when you finish pasta in the sauce you give it time to really absorb
that flavor yeah if you want it a little saucier you can add more water if you
want it drier you can just leave it as is
don’t forget your shrimp okay one last toss and that is it you guys oh it
smells so good right now I’m gonna turn the heat off now I’m gonna finish it up
with some lime juice of course Tom Yum has to be sour and strong and also some
greenery some cilantro ooh and that is it we are ready to plate
mmm this just looks so delicious
and it was so fast careful when you plate cuz all the pieces like the
mushrooms and the shrimp will always fall to the bottom, well around the
edges so make sure you grab those and distribute evenly if you want you can
also finish it with grated Parmesan the way you would normally do pasta I
actually find that the creaminess of the cheese helps mellow out all those really
strong acidic flavors in there finish it with the sprinkling of.. a HUGE sprinkling of cilantro that was a lot more than I thought. The smell of thumb yum is
definitely there Oh so good… oh it is one of the most soul-satisfying
flavors for a Thai person because it’s all those familiar flavors and the
strong lime the fish sauce that you love about tom yum, but it’s got that that
richness of a pasta like of a good tomatoey pasta dish. It’s that
perfect combination and I just cannot explain to you how good this is you
have got to give it a try it is not something you have to prep a lot for
it’s quick definitely weeknight material a must must do if you love tom yum. So
the recipe as always will be on and when you make it I
definitely want to see you a photo tag me on Instagram tweet me on Twitter and
Facebook or anywhere you can get hold of me and if you haven’t subscribed to the
show and you don’t want to miss a recipe like this make sure you subscribe and
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become part of the club you can check out all the details in the description
below and I will see you next time for your next delicious Thai meal. or don’t
even put any protein in it it’s totally fine alright let’s get started
wait we already started let’s get cooking

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    Thank you for watching!

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