100 thoughts on “Top 10 Tokyo Street Food at Jujo Ginza | Local Japanese Eats

  1. Hi Thank you for your fantastic recommendations. Just wondering if the shop sellers speak chinese or english? Also at 鳥大, is there a minimum amount of chicken nuggets to buy?

  2. OMG.. can I book this as a food tour when I visit this summer?!?! Awesome! Looking forward to trying some of your favorites!

  3. I just wanna say WOW to your video.
    Just amazing.nice store choice easy-imaginable food review.
    I live in Tokyo and so close to Jujo.
    I've seen jujoginza actually,but I didn't notice there is a lot of attractive places.Thank you!!

  4. Love your videos, no offense it just bothers me when you don’t finish chewing your food before start talking 🙏🏻 want to see more contents though

  5. again, another awesome video that's going to help me and the fam during rainy season AND save money for food! I loved the bao in the front with the soup inside, reminds of Din Tai Fung dim sum.

  6. Hi master P… lol awesome videos love it…would love to hangout and be in one of your videos next time I’m in Japan..btw what is your nationality?

  7. Great channel! Nothing like it. Even though I’m Japanese n live in tokyo, but I didn’t know the place!! I’m waiting for more videos.

  8. I smiled when I watched the part where a random stranger approached you and had a small talk at 11:04 .. ha.. that's one of the things I love about japan, it's their politeness and courtesy even to strangers. 🙂

  9. マジか?!I live in Jujo, and yet I always get home to late and am too rushed in the mornings to ちゃんと look around the shotengai… BUT now that I have this map and saw you and Maiko's expressions after eating all that food I set like 30 alarms and will do my best to eat as much as I can before school (◡‿◡✿)ありがとう〜

  10. I'm so glad you did a vid about this place! The house we're renting in Japan for our December trip is extremely close there. I'm recommending all my relatives to watch your channel and they love it 🙂

  11. Is it near to jujo Saikyo line ? Kita area? Near to Tokyo? In this vlog what it cost you to test that all foods ?

  12. What does Micah always say before she takes her first bite of everything and what does it mean? Love your vlog!

  13. I love Paolo going "MUUUUUUUUH" after every tasty bite and I SUPER love Maiko for how super cute she is saying "Itadakimasu!" everytime! I really hope to meet you around in Tokyo when I'll be there in a couple of months!

  14. I’ve been here with my family . We passed it everyday to and from our airbnb apartment. We bought lots of those onigiris for breakfast at Kamataya and mochis from Darumaya ,and the fried food somewhere there. There’s also a good and affordable restaurant serving tempura soba beside Jujo statn. Gosh how i miss Japan.

  15. Maiko reminded me of a cartoon character when she popped up at the very beginning. haha. When I was in Japan last year I always accepted everything with two hands even if it was from street vendors. Because I didn't speak Japanese, I tried to adopt all the other customs as best as I could. We accept items with two hands in Taiwan too so not far off! Love these videos and thanks for the maps!

  16. Hey! Have devoured all of your videos. My daughter and I are in Tokyo right now staying with my husband and his family after travelling around and it’s been a long time between visits. Your videos have been super helpful and I have chased down a lot of your food suggestions. So thanks!! I really need some cool coffee shops to visit to drink super well made black coffee and buy beans because we are here until late January. I have had Starbucks too much!!! Thanks again

  17. Paolo! My family and I were in Tokyo last week and spent a lot of time doing many of the things you suggested in your videos. We binge watched your channel before we left. And then on our way home just this past Thursday we saw you at the airport too! I wasn’t sure at first, so didn’t say hello to you but I wish we would’ve stopped you quickly to thank you for your suggestions and videos! Thank you!

  18. just a heads up! the first place, shanghai xiao long bao senmonten is permanently closed 🙁 at least, according to google maps

  19. Love all your video ! Coming to Japan next year thanks to your videos! What is the word your wife says before she takes her first bite of food?! I’m trying to learn words, basic communication and customs before I come to the country?!?

  20. マイコさんはどうしてそんなに英語ができるんですか?

  21. thank u for this video, it was very informative and detailed. hving the prices, names and locations of each place is very helpful!

  22. I have yet to comment on them–but I really enjoy your hand drawn maps. I wonder if you draw on an iPad or an art tablet

  23. Is it just me or he’s impressed by everything? ‘OH MY GOD THESE DUMPLINGS ARE STILL WARM?! Mmmmmmmm!’ Haha

  24. You guys eat so much it’s a wonder you aren’t 300 lbs. The foods you eat are so delicious looking. You need to start a food tour and I would definitely join you with my wife the next time I am in Tokyo.

  25. Can5 believe I missed this video before I went to Japan TWICE!!!! No idea why this didn’t come up on my suggested playlist since I have been watching Japan travel videos for 2 years now. Well, Jujo Ginza will be on my list for trip #3

  26. I like videos like this showing places that locals go! I lived in Tokyo for 4 months a couple of years ago and my Japanese friend took me to a similar place. I would have never found it otherwise..

  27. Hi, just want to ask until what time jujo ginza is open. Also the availability of the street foods. What time is the best to go here? Thank you

  28. Love your videos!! The information on the food is so well explain and friendly and miko is so cute and a great addition to the video. You guys are great. Thank you, til the next one. Arigato! 😁

  29. Hello Paolo from Tokyo, how are you? Hope you are always well! My name is Renato, I am Brazilian from the city of São Paulo and you tube itself recommended your page when I was on the site. And in that I went to watch a video of you from a noodle chef day. And I found your video very interesting which shows in a technical way the food step by step. And when you show yourself the flavors of the varied dishes of Japanese cuisine, it is even better after you describe the flavors and characteristics. This caught my attention in your videos. This way I signed your lime and try to enjoy your videos of the preferences most related to Japanese foods. Good I hope more videos about curiosities of dishes and other Japanese cuisine. big hugs and see you in the videos.

  30. Having legit Japanese takoyaki is like night and day. Tried foreign takoyaki but it truly isn't the same. Either the batter is too dense, filling isn't fresh, pieces of tako is almost non existent. If you can't go to japan, make sure the people at the store are legit Japanese.

  31. Love your enthusiasm! It’s so sweet and makes me wanna try everything 😂 Do you know if the daifuku is totally vegan? I’m planning on visiting 😍

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