100 thoughts on “Traveling to Iran’s $1,000,000 SAFFRON BANK!!! + HUGE Iranian Street Food Tour of Mashhad, Iran!!!

  1. This SAFFRON FACTORY and BANK blew my mind! Make sure to subscribe and hit the bell button below! Thanks so much Mr. Taster https://www.instagram.com/mr.taster and Persiatourguide from Http://www.cometopersia.com for helping put on this amazing trip! Make sure to watch the whole vid cause we filmed some very rare once in a lifetime food and content for you! Please leave me a comment down below, I would love to hear from you below! Thanks so much for watching our food and travel videos!

  2. Most of what is sold in the shops as 'Spanish' Saffron is actually repackaged Iranian saffron. This is why so many people wrongly believe that Spain is a major producer of quality saffron. It's not. The best Spanish saffron couldn't compete with the lowest quality Iranian product.

  3. I am Russian and I love Iran. People are very kind, hospitable. You won’t see this on TV. Thank you very much Trevor!!!

  4. هر وقت میام یوتیوب انگار همه از کل دنیااومدن ایران غذا میخورند گشنمون شد بخدا

  5. Wish this guy [the presenter] would stop making all these unnecessary noises in presenting his programme – I hope he realises that: less-noise is a quality!

  6. I think.. I'm.. going to.. talk like thisssss….
    (Lots of dramatic pauses as Food Ranger narrates but I like it overall)

  7. احلا تحية الا الشعب الايراني وياريت تيجوا اتزورونا في ايطاليا مع محبتي

  8. The best food tour of Iran I have seen. We are planning a pilgrimage trip next year. Looking forward to trying some food there as well.

  9. do this kind of food journey for other country and culture too … this kind of deep adventure …. India and Korea and china

  10. I'm from Pakistan and you've been here. But I think Trevor in Iran is the best of the best of Food Ranger. It's simply outstanding.

  11. This series has been so amazing, I feel the old Trevor vibes in this series and ofcourse Mr Taster adds a whole new dimension to this series.
    Btw SAFFRON is also grown in abundance in the valley of Kashmir, India and the culture there has a close resemblance to Iran.

  12. Much love from Kenya to the Iranian people…I have met Iranian people in Kenya and was amazed by their hospitality and culture. And the fact that they are one of the largest importers of Kenyan tea. i hope you guys from Iran enjoy the tea as we enjoy your amazing cuisine

  13. You remember your inside man even you eat a lot of food and that’s the main thing for not getting fat,.. you are a good taster my friend..,see you out there

  14. Amazing …loved the ,,sofreh and eating the food on the floor and enjoying All Together,,Culture And Beauty Of Iran.Thank you

  15. I was born there before my journey west to the land of my mother — English colonists to America 1620-23ish. When I was born there, there was still a king of kings. A different place and time.

  16. At 8:40, In case you were wondering what these ladies were talking about, they said "Zahmat, Zahmat Ziyad" which means "labor, lots of labor".

  17. Me : Imagine how the taste is like.
    James : " Wowwwwww "

    OMG James, you and Taster just make us craving for Iranian Cuisine. Demmit.

  18. Please dont mention saffron worth more than gold……you never know USA might attack them just to get some saffron…..just like what they did with iraq for oil

  19. نساء يعملن في مزارع الزعفران و نساء يعملن في العهر و نساء لايعملن بل يعملن باخذ أموال آباءهم فقط …. هنا الفرق

  20. 8:35 LOL the two ladies are saying: "This job is very burdensome and takes a lot of effort". James thinks they're complimenting the saffron.

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