100 thoughts on “Trump has had success with North Korea: Condoleezza Rice

  1. Traitor Obozo was the worst POS. He did absolutely nothing but armed his terrorist brothers to nuke us. Trump 2020!

  2. God is giving our president favor and I give God the glory, Donald will go down as the best president, my Father works in mysterious ways.

  3. Esther when you learn to speak English and start utilizing my tax dollars for something other than the peripheralization of ignorance and a poor job of that I might add oh what's a point you're too ignorant to get it

  4. I think its a very bad idea for trump to meet with the leader of north korea, what if this Idiot "kim" has a double of himself and straps himself an explosive device or tries to hurt Trump in some way, shaps or form, it is very Risky.

  5. Trump's redline on Syria and his action against Syrian regime, made China realise that Trump's threat on military action in North Korea was real and serious, so they had to force Kim Jong un to talk with south Korea.some times a tough leader is needed to get things done, soft diplomacy of Obama was unsuccessful.

  6. ……She speaks fluent Russian…..;;–),,,,,,,,in fact has a doctorate in Russian politics and history…….

  7. She's another political Hack pushing the Russian conspiracy theory.. it's unfathomable for the left to understand that Trump won fair and square and didn't need any help from the Russians. Hell they would have been better off with Hillary Clinton because they had been doing business with the clintons before Trump! Why the hell would they want Trump

  8. Condoleezza Rice, a brilliant mind who was an advisor to 2 Presidents, but in the end achieved absolutely nothing worth a mention, in fact, all that history can say about her would be, she wrote a book.

  9. all these talk about the 3rd world countries, did you do anything about its or just talk no action.. oblamo did nothing but more talk, yes we can no action. oblamo give out 140 Billion to Iran ,why not give NK 140 Billion.

  10. Better than the other one, forgot her name.the one who is incapable of speaking proper English 👎🏽

  11. Russian expert, Rice had been more ‘strategically patient ‘ than obama did on North Korea, you stupid mother fucking anchor ! What happened is that Bush is more appeasing to North Korea than obama administration because north at that time couldn’t reach any level of having nuclear weapon capabilities. You dummie isolationist vile republicans ! Republicans must not condone obama for trump is now following his policy on North Korea .period.

  12. I find it pretty damn pathetic that we still mandate propaganda by law, and then bitch and moan about "FAKE NEWS". Isnt that Kicking against the Pricks? Maybe Trump could pull out the hundred dollar pen and "RESTORE SMITH MUNDT" in one stroke, and why is this not even an issue with anyone with a platform? Bunch of efin Wimps, GROW A PAIR!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p733z6aKwMA

  13. This is a good lady. She did well when she served her country years ago and now knows what the President is doing is great for, not only the U.S. but the world. Between President Xi, Putin and himself he is doing the world a lot of good through diplomacy instead of arms. Arms are only used when its absolutely necessary.

  14. Condoleezza has always been my favorite person in Washington. She would be a good president. Maybe she will run one day.

  15. Anyone that opens with Russian paranoia is a dead loss. There is no evidence and I am over it because everything points to a setup

  16. This lady knows her polotics,she is extremely savvy and if she ever decided to run for POTUS she would have my vote!!!………………

  17. What you said "take away food from the people, north Korean regime doesnt care". Now I understand why people of north Korea starving because of this kind of tactics. Kill the people through starvation to go against the regime, what a shame.

  18. I like what trump is doing globally. In his second term i would like him to unite country. I don't understand the other side the left, but they are americans.

  19. This administration is successful because of real down to earth men and women not the agenda. In recent administrations we had unguided staff. Trump is a man on a mission from God I believe. Many would react poorly to that statement but the Lord works in mysterious ways.

  20. she's still the same idiot as in the past …..I was in Iraq at the moment Saddam was arrested, I saw the result of the disastrous police of Rice & Bush…

    her analytic and observing abilities have become even worse….yes, that is possible…

    what has Trump obtained with NKorea? Nothing Nothing and once more Nothing…..yes a bait with a few prisoners..
    For generations the NK leaders have been trying to be on a picture with an US president so they can show inter how important they are…..even Bush was smart enough not to do that…
    and Trump???? well we know…first yelling that the diplomacy had failed….he would never tlk with them unless they would stop with nuclear bombs…
    and Kim tested another one
    and Trump yelling..Fire an what ever if NK didn't stop with his tests..
    and Kim just went on
    and Trump again…wawawawaw..
    and Kim just went on testing till he had a nuclear racket that could reach the US
    then Kim decided that he should do a bit on the economy, so he went to visit SK and China and Trump saw it happens and get scared that he lost his influence which he never had…
    and then said Kim, ok I will meet Trump…..
    conditions? …Trump was only going to talk with him when he was stopping with his bombs ..
    but no conditions..
    Kim will smile, will have a lot of pictures and make beautiful deals with Trump so Trump can show them in the US …the great negotiator…
    NK have never cared about deals and Kim now knows that the US is exact the same as they are…deals are worth nothing..
    Trump will show Kim pictures of Guantanamo bay and Kim will show him pictures of the same kind of jails they have….

  21. President Trump is doing his job in which he was hired for, and that is to make America great again!

  22. She gives the impression of falling short to where president Trump is now. She's stating the obvious things and blah blah blah we tried to stop North Korea. Every administration had the same tools and opportunities yet didn't do it for who knows what reason most likely political

  23. WTF does Trump got to do with it? NK killed almost all the scientists in the last nuclear tests…It had to end its Nuclear program, Trump did not had nothing to do with it.

  24. It was between Condoleeza & Goodell for nfl commissioner. Boy did the owners F up royally. She would end the kneeling as those SJW fools slit their own throats.

    This stupid cunt has been smoking too much Meth.
    The only "Success" our orange faced pussy grabbing pantomime president has had is convincing all the hillbillies, neo-Nazis, and porn stars that he cares about them

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  27. America should invade NK with McDonalds burgers, soft drinks, computer games and cable TV. Then they'll all be over weight, hopelessly addicted sugar junkies with a never ending appetite for meaningless and constant news.

  28. Trump is a joke.people who are for the human race please vote Trump out of office because he is racist and doesn’t have respect for women

  29. Connie Rice a great American, the best secretary of state since Henry Kescenger me can only hope that she will run for President in 2024.

  30. Lou Dobbs of fox news is modest and polite and good positive spoke person.World want this type of honourable person.

  31. Kim Jong-un concluded that Communism leads to destruction. “We don't need so many slaves” US Democrats want a war with Russia to satisfy their depopulation program. Conflict of interests.

  32. You Trump supporters give me the creeps…I see how the Nazis came to power….it's the same thing with Trump and his deluded crazy hateful supporters who don't care if he lies steals or kills just as long as he will keep power for white people…you don't even care that he got in the office by Putins interfering in the election…you don't care if he's a traitor and selling the country out to Russia….you ignore the facts and stay in your Fox News bubble and you can't leave it because if you do you will be confronted with the truth…you people are scary…


  34. I wonder! Hmmm! We missed the boat on this one; we all believed that we were going to Singapore for the denuclearization of Korea, what Kim wanted, though was de-Americanization! He got some of what he wanted, we did not!

  35. Condy id say that our President is a way more toughter and smarter man than the guys before him so dont you worry your lil head to much about it…..past admin you guys do look pretty damn bad right about now…..

  36. She is truly intelligent not like those CNN pundit who acted intelligent like angelica rye whatever

  37. I I've always loved
    Condalreza Rice,
    She should be the toast of every liberal Democrat function, but they hate her, & treated Her awful, and for no other reason then she served a Republican president calm, and did a great job at it, she's all class, and liberalism is a mental illness #walkaway


  39. CONDI RICE HAD ON HER A REPORT: "BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO ATTACK AMERICA" just before "911" actually happened———–they let it all happen and then create a "fake war" with Iraq? NOT PRESIDENTIAL TIMBER—-FORGET HER, AS GOOD AS SHE LOOKS AND SOUNDS…………..IVANKA TRUMP WOULD DO BETTER! WE NEED: NON PC GUTS!"

  40. Condi, read your autobiography and I truly appreciated u sharing your plight. This is why I myself has been a Republican for years. And now after working 35 years and made an excellent slary, I can just sit home and watch and listen to the idiots on racist CNN, and racist MSNBC and the bozoes on the view.

  41. Right wrong or indifferent She is impressive . Not to mention Yahweh saved her for a reason , she was susposed to been in church the day they bombed it in Alabama. those 4 little girls were her church mates .

  42. Trump and kim Jung are 2 sides of the same coin . Just remember between the both of them they dont give a damn about us. We are only needed by them for manipulation, domination and control. watch your ass with these two Psychopaths and double talkers.

  43. Condoleeza for President in 2024 after Trumps second term. The racist Dems don't classify her as a black woman and would never support her being the 1st female President to break their glass ceiling.

  44. The former Secretary of the State Rice’s topic makes very much sense by her leadership experiences. Thank you Dr. Rice for us being able to learn from you always. 🙂

  45. Condi Rice does for commentary what the Titanic did for ocean voyages. Success on the Korean Peninsula??? Trump gave up the store and then, as predicted by anybody, got fucked. Condi has only delivered 4 speeches since leaving office. In big demand, eh? Dobbs looks like a raging fool here.

  46. Gosh!! I just can't get enough of Condoleezza Rice Its a Breath of fresh air to hear her speak!! everything now a days are dumb down! ignorance is bliss!!

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