Try Not To Eat Challenge – Disney Princess Food | People Vs. Food

Try Not To Eat Challenge – Disney Princess Food | People Vs. Food

– They’re thick, let me just say. – (Ary) They are!
– (Brandon) Thick! – I’m gonna die? – Tom, oh!
– Oh did that? (laughs) ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) How do you feel
about Disney? – Good.
– Oh, yeah, I’m also pro-Disney. (Tom laughs) – I was binging Disney+ today,
and did not eat because of it, so… – I’ve been eating a lot
because of it. – Oh there you go! – (FBE) And how do you feel
about Disney Princesses? – They’re dope. – Mulan is my favorite
Disney Princess. Next to Rapunzel, I just love
Disney Princesses who [bleep] up. – (FBE) Today, we’re gonna show you
a scene from a Disney Princess movie and then we’re gonna bring out
a real life version of the cartoon food
you just saw on screen. However, this is
a Try Not To Eat episode, so you’ll have to try and resist
that delectable dish. – But we’re gonna eat it.
– Yeah. (laughs) – (FBE) If you do feel the need
to sample something, there will be a punishment food
at the end. You’ll have to take one bite
for everything you tried. – Okay, how bad is it?
– (FBE) I won’t tell you. – Ugh! – (FBE) Of course, Danny, you do have
a Get Out Of Punishment Free card, from a previous episode.
– I do! – (FBE) So if we get to
the end of this, and you decide you wanna take
the reward instead of that punishment, you just let us know.
– Awesome! I thought there was some kind of like,
you have to give it to us now, and then make the decision later. – I got it from a Laugh Challenge, because I haven’t won a challenge
in so long. – (FBE) Tom, you won!
(Tom laughs) – Let’s [bleep] go! And it was the last challenge I did,
and I’m gonna use it the very next challenge. It took me three and a half years
to get this one, so I’m gonna keep it for a while. For a while. – (FBE) Alright guys,
you ready to get into it? – Yeah, I’m ready.
– Yes. – (FBE) Here is your first clip. – Ooh Tangled.
– Okay, we’re gonna eat hair. (Tom laughs) – This song slaps!
– What does she make in this though? – ♪ Puzzles and darts and baking ♪ – Cookies.
– Oh, her cookies? – Am I gonna eat a chameleon?
– Oh, exotic! (Tom laughs) – ♪ Paper mache ♪
♪ A bit of ballet and chess ♪ – Out of like the newer
Disney Princesses, I feel like she would be my favorite. – The only thing I saw was cookies,
which I’m still a fan of. – I saw a lot of hair,
I thought it was mainly just hair. – (FBE) First up, we have
Rapunzel’s freshly baked cookies. 18 years locked in a tower
really gives a person the time to perfect
a chocolate chip cookie recipe. – They smell really good too.
– Mm-hmm. I’m just such a fan of a cookie
that looks like a scone. (Tom laughs) – They’re thick, let me just say. – They are.
– Thick. – I want a smell.
– I can hold off, I can’t smell it or else
I’m gonna want it. – Ooh.
– That was a bad choice. – That was a bad move.
– That was a bad choice. – Because they do smell fresh. – It looks like biting a cloud! I’m gonna see if you can bite a cloud.
(buzzer rings) Oh, whoa, it’s really fluffy. – It’s really soft?
– Mm-hmm. – Only if he’s doing it. I don’t want him to eat alone,
that’s rude. – Yeah, cheers, thank you.
(buzzer rings) – Oh, ding, mmm.
(Tom laughs) – I have been such in the mood
for cookies recently, and I’m struggling.
– I just can’t look. It’s the smell,
it’s honestly the smell. – It’s yeah, but like,
you smell it, see? – Oh wow, that does smell good.
– It does! – I’m gonna have to say no.
– Come on, should we, yeah, okay. – Ah, no, I’m gonna say no. – Okay, I’m just saying no, stop.
– I’m not gonna do it either. – Stop making us look at it. – Take it away.
– Yeah. – (FBE) Alright guys,
you ready for your second dish? – Yeah!
More cookies! If it was just all
chocolate chip cookies. (laughs) – (James) Mmm, gumbo
smells good, Tiana. – Oh no.
– (Tiana) I think it’s done, Daddy. – Gumbo’s one of
my favorite meals ever. – Oh, I love gumbo.
– We shoulda ate the cookie. Damn it.
– I told you! – This is such a good movie, I watch this movie like
three times a week. – Yeah! (laughs) – I don’t know man, I don’t think
frogs have good taste buds. (Tom laughs) – (James) Hmm.
– (Tiana) What? – The gumbo at Disneyland slaps. – (James) Best gumbo I’ve ever tasted! – I mean, she has her own restaurant.
It has to be good! – Not yet, this was made
by an eight year old. (Tom laughs) It’s got glue in it!
– Mmm, yummy. – Bring it out. I’m gonna eat the gumbo.
– Ah, so good. – (FBE) So now we have Tiana’s gumbo
from Princess and the Frog. This classic Louisiana dish
has shrimp, sausage, veggies, bacon, and of course, Tabasco. Even Tiana would agree
it’s the bee’s knees. – Ooh!
– That does look really nice. It also doesn’t look like
enough for two people. – Yeah, it’s one or the other.
(both laugh) – Mmm, maybe I can just like
dip my hair in it, and then suck it off my hair,
and then it won’t count. – Oh my goodness.
– Do you smell how good that smells? – It smells so good though. – Could we tempt you
with some Tabasco? We can touch it,
it’s Try Not To Eat. What if I did just a drop?
Just to… It’s coming out.
– You gotta go like… – Oh, Tom, look at that.
Tom, oh! (buzzer rings)
– Oh did that? (both laugh)
Damn it! – Yeah, I’m kind of excited. We shoulda just ate
the [bleep] cookie, man. – I told you.
– Whatever. – You’re making it just look
even more appetizing. – It looks so good.
Okay, I need to get the shrimp. – Get a shrimp, mm-hmm.
– Yep. (buzzer rings) Do you hear my stomach?
– ASMR. – My stomach just growled.
Yeah, ASMR. – Well, I guess I gotta eat it now.
I screwed myself, dude! That’s so [bleep] stupid!
– Ha ha ha! – That was mean!
– I’m like a Disney villain. (buzzer rings) – Yo, what?
– Yeah, bomb! – You look so happy! – I feel all warm inside.
It’s really good. – I’m about to start crying.
– It looks really good. – But I don’t think I’m gonna do it.
– Okay, we’re not doing it. Take it away, take it away.
– I’m resisting. – I’ll cover that up for you.
I might have that later. – (FBE) Alright, ready for
your next clip? – Yes. – (gasps) Mulan! – Oh no, he did it!
– This is my movie! – You were just talking about Mulan!
– I know! – You have to eat it! – Oh, I’ve never had those.
– Okay. – What are those called?
– Is it a dumpling? – (Mushu) Who knew you’d end up
shaming him and disgracing your ancestors
and losing all your friends. – Aw.
– Damn, Mushu’s savage! – Oh!
– (Mushu) Let these things go. – I really hope the wonton
was cooked by a dragon. – So we’re gonna eat
a cold dumpling? – Or a dragon.
(Tom laughs) – Or Eddie Murphy!
(both laugh) – (FBE) Inspired by the dumplings
Mushu was roasting, our chef made some delicious
pork and veggie potstickers for you to try and resist.
(Danny sighs) – What if I just go om?
Are all four in one gulp. – That’s like jumping
on the grenade for me. – (laughs) I know,
it’s like Eric can’t eat it. I’ll take this, don’t worry buddy.
– I have to. This is my movie, if I’m getting,
no, I can’t. (Danny laughs) – Let’s go for it.
– Okay! – I want a potsticker. – You did say Mulan
was one of your favorites. – Exactly, so I have to.
I’m ready. (buzzer rings) – Tell me everything
that’s going on in your mouth. Right now.
Paint a picture. – It’s really good. – If I’m already losing,
then I might as well eat this. – Alright, so eat it!
– No! – See, ’cause you’re competitive.
– No, ’cause I… Yeah, it’s a good point,
I’ll eat it then. (laughs) (buzzer rings) (buzzer rings) – Mmm.
– You feel like Mushu? – It’s good, try it.
You won’t even try it, rude! – That’s the thing that’s really hard
is that once you have one of the meals,
you’re like [bleep] it, so… – Keep going.
(buzzer rings) That looks good. – It’s even harder when
the person next to you is like this is the best thing
I’ve ever had in my life. – You just gotta eat it,
come on, it’s right there. – You happy with that?
– Mm-hmm. – Is it good?
– It’s pretty dang good. – Yeah, okay, I’ll have one.
– Right on! – You had it too.
(buzzer rings) Mmm. – I’m gonna sleep on these.
I’m so sorry Mushu. – No, I want something sweet.
I’m gonna wait. – Nah, I got this. (laughs) – No matter what,
I already had one, this means I have one,
another bite towards the bad thing. – We’re losing together.
Like a team. – (FBE) Alright guys,
ready for your next one? – Yes.
– (FBE) Okay! – ♪ I suddenly see him standing ♪ – Frozen!
– Oh! – Oh my God,
this is gonna be the chocolate fondue. – Okay! (laughs)
– ♪ Chocolate in my face ♪ – I also wanna stuff
some chocolate in my face. – I mean, who doesn’t?
– I mean. – Okay so…
– I don’t care for chocolate. – I said yeah, I mean,
I’m like… – No, you have to eat it!
– Why? – Get it over here.
– You said you wanted something sweet. – I did, I literally just said it.
– And it’s literally chocolate. – I’m totally gonna eat it. – (FBE) Inspired by Anna and Elsa’s
love of chocolate, our chef whipped up
this colorful chocolate Bundt cake for you to stuff in your face. – If you eat just one bite of this,
you only have to eat one bite of the punishment.
– Yeah. Or I could just keep not.
– (laughs) That’s fair too. – Are those M&M’s?
– I’m okay. Yeah, they look good.
– Those are thick M&M’s. – Give it to me! – This is exactly
what I could’ve hoped for. – (whispers) God yes.
(buzzer rings) – If I can eat it properly.
Oh my God. (buzzer rings) – It’s so good!
– Worth it! – I’m like gonna cry.
(buzzer rings) (buzzer rings)
– It like melted! – This is way better than gumbo!
– Yeah, it is! – I can stop on this one.
I don’t need this one. – I’m okay, only ’cause
I don’t really like chocolate. – Not a fan of cake, really,
so this one’s easily passable. – I’m gonna have another bite.
– I’m in too. It’s so [bleep] good.
– Aw, that was good. What’s the prize gonna be, dude?
We already had cookies and cake. – That’s true!
(Tom laughs) – (FBE) Okay guys,
so it’s time for the winning dish. Danny, since you’ve
already eaten some of these foods, you won’t get to sample it. However, you’re gonna get
to eat this, are you excited? – Yes! – (FBE) Are you ready
to see what it is? – (laughs) I’ve resisted a lot, yeah.
(Danny laughs) – Ooh, we gonna have
the grey stuff? – Oh, is that pie? – ‘Cause we did
the grey stuff last time, so the pie, the blue pie.
– (laughs) The grey stuff. – It’s just gonna be
a feast, isn’t it? – Yeah, this is gonna suck. – (FBE) Since we’ve already featured
the grey stuff on our channel, we thought a culinary cabaret
of other Be Our Guest foods would be the perfect
winning dish. It features beef ragu,
cheese souffle, pie, and pudding, as well as
a creme brulee that has been flambed. – You son of a bitch, Mary.
– You said it earlier! – I’m so mad right now. – Dang!
– Oh, that was nice! – I’m gonna cry. I’m really just about
to start crying right now. – Wow, that smells really,
really, really good. – That does smell really good. – I always forget
that the winning dish isn’t one dish, it’s a spread. – You get to have all this,
you get to go for it. – Yeah! – So you better dig in
everything for me. – Okay, lemme try this first.
– Yeah, that’s a good move. – (FBE) Of course, you also have
your Get Out of Punishment Free cards. – Oh, what do you mean, this? – (laughs) Oh, you’re
talking about these? – (FBE) So would you like to use these
to eat this dish? Or do you want to see
what the losing dish is before you decide? – I wanna see what the losing, yeah.
– I wanna see the, yeah. – (laughs) Me and Eric have
been through some bad punishments. – (FBE) Alright Danny,
are you ready to see what your punishment food is?
– Yeah. – (witch) Dip the apple in the brew. – Oh, a poison apple?
– Oh, end my [bleep] right now. – Murder us?
– I’m gonna die? – What’d you put in it? – I mean, I could really
use a nap, so I might have to eat this. – Maybe like some…
– What’s something nasty that’s green? – That thing is cool.
– (witch) Have a bite! – (screams) That’s Mary right now.
(laughs) – How much could you
screw up an apple? – Yeah, I mean…
– What could you do to it? – I’ve never had one before,
but I feel like I could eat an apple. – (FBE) So of course,
this apple isn’t really poison, because in your contracts,
I can’t kill you, but it sure does taste like it. – Whoa! – (FBE) You’ll have to take
one bite of this black apple for every food you ate today. – I hope it’s not
Vegemite stuff on it. – (FBE) It’s not Vegemite,
although we considered Vegemite. (Brandon yells and spits) – What is that? – It has fish sauce, tajin
and other spicy ingredients. – Ugh, I hate fish sauce! – Oh yeah, oh, it smells more
after I moved it. – Oh my goodness gracious. – (FBE) So Ary, you took
two foods today. – Yeah.
– (FBE) So you’re gonna have to do two bites, Brandon,
you only took one food. – (wretches) Oh man!
– It smells really bad. – Yo that reeks! – This is actually [bleep] awful. – I don’t wanna do it! – Tom, don’t do it!
Tom, don’t do it! – (gags) Yeah, I’m definitely
[bleep] using that. I’m gonna keep it for a while. – Quickly, quickly, ready,
okay, here we go. – Can I just…
– (FBE) So one bite Brandon, two bites for Ary. (apple crunches) – Ugh. I did it. – (gasps) That was a big bite. – It’s not the worst. – Together, ready?
(sighs) This is not tempting at all. – Uh-uh. (screams)
– It’s on my teeth! – Okay. – Oh my God!
– Mm-hmm. – Eat it all! (apple crunches)
Mmm, cheerleader. (Brandon whimpers) – I’m gonna try some more
of the good stuff. – You, I wanted to curse at you.
I really did. – (FBE) So we’re gonna trade
for the winning food instead? – (both) Yeah. – (FBE) And let’s also both
give them their princess crowns. (Tom gasps)
– You should’ve mentioned that first! – Yeah!
Aw, yes, tiaras! – Oh the food too,
that looks nice. – Yeah, but mainly…
– (both) Tiaras! – (FBE) Alright guys,
go ahead and dig in, you two winners, you. – You two winners.
– (laughs) We did it! – We’re so good at this!
We’re great at this game! – Do you ever feel
like we didn’t earn this? – Not, nope!
– Mmm. – We ate all the food!
I did, I won! (Eric laughs)
‘Cause I ate all the food. How’s the kingdom?
– It’s doing well, yeah. – That’s good.
– Just raised taxes. – Oh my, Eric!
– I had to afford this! – (laughs) It’s supposed to be
happily ever after! – Ah, for the business owner.
(Tom laughs) – For the bourgeoisie.
(both laugh) How do we ruin this episode? – Anyway, thanks for watching.

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