Try Not To Eat Challenge – Marvel Food | People Vs. Food

Try Not To Eat Challenge – Marvel Food | People Vs. Food

– Whoa!
– Aw, that smells really nice. – Guys, I’m so hungry! – I don’t think I’ve ever had this. – Neither have I,
but it looks really good. ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) Are you guys fans of the MCU?
– Yep. – Yep.
– Totally. – Absolutely, I’ve seen
like every single movie. – It’s a love-hate
relationship, you know? I love ’em, I bash ’em,
I go see more. – (FBE) Well since you guys
are such Marvel fans, we’re gonna show you some scenes
from the Marvel franchise, and then we’re gonna present you
with a professional chef’s gormet take on the meal
you just saw on screen. – This is the worst,
this is the most hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. – I’ve never had a gormet meal
in my life. – (laughs) That’s a mood. – Aw, we’re gonna see
Hulk eating tacos. – We’re gonna,
you know what we’re gonna see? The Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.
The Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! – (FBE) Oh guys, there is
a little twist today. – Yeah? – (FBE) This is
a Try Not To Eat contest. – I’ma eat all of it,
because I got a card! – (FBE) Winner was Izzy!
(Izzy screams) (both laugh) – That is, no, no, I object! – (FBE) If you can get through all
four dishes without eating anything, we’ll present you with
the final winning dish for you to enjoy,
however, if you do feel the need to sample something, you’ll have to
complete a little punishment per food you try at the end. – See my only question is
what would the grand prize food be? – What if it is the ice cream?
(Ethan sighs) – (FBE) Alright guys,
are you ready to see your first clip? – Hell yes! – He has to help me.
– I have to talk you down, I have to tell you
why it’s a bad idea. – Yeah, you’re right, okay,
let’s do this, we can do this. – (Happy) Where to, sir? – (Pepper) Take us to the hospital.
– (Tony) No. – (Pepper) Please, Happy, no?
Tony, you have to… – (Tony) No is a complete answer.
– I don’t remember what food this is. – I don’t remember
a lot of this movie. (laughs) – Oh, the orange.
Such a lush. – (Tony) I’ve been in captivity
for three months. There are two things I want to do,
I want an American cheeseburger. And the other…
– (Pepper) That’s enough of that. – (Tony) Is not what you think, I want you to call
for a press conference now. Would it be alright if everyone
sat down, please? – Is that a burger? – It’s like a cheeseburger,
’cause like isn’t like the whole Endgame thing
that he loves cheeseburgers? – Yeah. – This character is just,
RDJ kills Tony Stark’s character, like, I honestly can’t think of anyone that could’ve
done that better. – (FBE) Now, it looks like the burger
that Tony was eating was just from a drive-thru,
but inspired by that scene, we had our chef make you
the ultimate gourmet American burgers. Can you resist two
American cheesebugers… – Stop! – (FBE) With Bacon, cheese
and the works? – Guys, I’m so hungry! – The pickle smell is so strong,
I can. – See, I didn’t even notice
the pickle smell at first, all I smelled was burger. – I might smell it. (laughs) I might smell it
just to feel like I’m eating it. – I can indulge, right?
Hell yes! (laughs) I’m so sorry, but I don’t care. – I technically haven’t eaten it yet. Oh my gosh, I need a bite,
I’m gonna take a bite. (buzzer rings)
Mmm. – I like how I said
you’re gonna help me win, when I’m just like,
(laughs) cheeseburger! – I’m supposed to be like coaching you
and talking it, oh, that bacon does look really good.
(buzzer rings) – I’m gonna do it.
(laughs) (buzzer rings) It is [bleep] amazing,
I’m sorry. – Oh yeah, this is really good. That’s really good,
you’re hungry aren’t you? – I’m so hungry.
I think I’m resisting. I’m looking at the pickles. – I’m gonna pass on this one,
just ’cause this is an everyday thing. – Yeah, yeah, no.
Burgers are too frequent, regular. – He said American cheeseburger.
– We are in America. – We can get those anywhere. – (FBE) Here is your next clip. – Pinch of paprika. – (gasps) Yeah! He doesn’t know how to cook. – (Vision) A pinch.
– A pinch. – What was it called? – (Wanda) Is that paprikash?
– There we go. – What did she say?
– Paprikash? – (Vision) It might lift your spirits.
– Like paprika? – It would be better
if he was the one preparing it for us though.
– Oh my God, that would’ve been great! – You know, I don’t see it. You know, they kinda like
jump from this, to them being together. Then they’re releasing a sitcom,
and I’m like, I don’t know about that. – (Wanda) Spirits lifted.
– Their romance is starting. – I mean you can tell, she’s
a little like, I’m being nice to you. – I know, you can totally tell. – See, like even though
she made that face, I couldn’t tell if she was
trying to be nice to him, or if it was actually decent. – (FBE) So inspired by
Vision’s cooking in Captain America: Civil War,
but made by our amazing chef, who’s actually eaten food before,
we have chicken paprikash, a traditional dish, and trust us,
it will lift your spirits. – I don’t think I’ve ever had this.
– Neither have I, but it looks really good.
Yeah, I need a smell. – I’m gonna be honest, I never knew
what paprikash was, til now. – Yeah!
(Ethan laughs) We didn’t…
– I thought it was like a soup. – We didn’t get to see it
in the movie. – It was a big ol’ pot, I’m like, that looked like
it could be a soup, maybe a stew.
– Here you go. – Thank you! – Stop, I’ve already lost
at this point, that looks so good. – I don’t know how you could
do better than a robot. – Look at that!
– I wanna say all yours, but like…
– You know that looks good. You can’t even deny.
That looks good. – I feel like…
(buzzer rings) …like the table right next to me
got food before me when I ordered like 30 minutes ago. – It looks good,
tell me how it is. – I shall.
– Yeah. – I like pasta.
– Mm-hmm. – Take a bite and tell me how it is. – Alright, here we go. – Tell me if it’s worth
going to the dark side for it. Oh, those noodles look too, oh.
(buzzer rings) Is it good?
– It’s pretty good. – Honestly, because I can’t smell it,
I’m chillin’. – Yeah, I’m gonna chill
on this one too. – Usually the smell is what
gets to me, and that’s what makes me hungry.
I’m not smelling anything. – I kinda wanna win too. – Out of curiosity, did they have
those same noodles in the movie? I’m just seeing if it’s
comic book worthy, comic book accurate.
(buzzer rings) – (FBE) We never actually
see this dish, it’s so inedible,
they suggest pizza instead. – Really?
– That’s not any regular chicken, that’s like…
– My hands are shaking. – (laughs) You want a bite.
Come on, a little bite. I’m like the devil.
You know you want some. – Give up a little bit
of our dignity, oh my God. – Mm-hmm, I believe in you.
Look, end up being bigger. (buzzer rings) – Okay.
– It’s good. – Okay, it’s worth it,
we’ll take the punishment. Oh my God. – I think it’s pretty easy
to resist actually. I don’t know what it is,
I feel like you know, her just bragging about it
makes me not want to eat anything and just not, and fast
the rest of my life. – (clerk) Mr. Parker.
Number five, right? – (Peter) Yeah.
– (both) Oh! – You’re gonna take
my favorite character and his favorite deli,
that’s not fair. – Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. – Gummy worms?
– I love you, I love him. – Oh no, here comes the comments. – Why, do people say
you look like Tom Holland? – All the time.
– What? Let me see. I could see it, yeah. – (Peter) And with pickles and could you smoosh it
down real flat, thanks. – (clerk) You got it, boss. – He mentioned pickles.
– Which you don’t like. – So that’s good.
– Which you don’t like. – I’m doing good.
– Yeah. I’m confused about
what I’m about to eat. – These are progressively
getting less and less descriptive. – (FBE) So next up,
we’ve got Peter Parker’s favorite, a number five with pickles
squished down flat and some gummy worms. This is supposedly
the best sandwich in Queens. While we don’t see the sandwich
in the movie, we decided to make it
a hot Italian sub in honor of Aunt May. – This was in Spider-Man
the video game! – Okay, I mean,
I’ve had Italian sub before. So, it’s nothing new to me.
– Yeah, I think we’re okay. – Well, gonna grab some, yeah.
– Hey, if you enjoy it. – I don’t like olives though.
Just knock them off with me. – How dare you. – That’s looking really, really good. Oh, I want a bite! – It feels like the back of a dolphin. – I think this is a calm enough meal,
where I’m not missing out on too much. Like that last one.
– Yeah. – I feel like it was
so finely prepared, but I could go to
any deli and get this, any dollar store
and get these gummy worms. Like, it’s fine.
– Agreed, agreed. – (FBE) Carson, is this
a hard one too resist? – Uh, for the gummy worms, yes.
Sandwich, no. I don’t know what it is. No, I like, it’s the wheat bread.
(buzzer rings) Thank you for the saving grace. – We will be strong this time.
– We’re strong, we’re strong! – I mean, I think if you
eat some of that, you technically won’t lose.
This just looks so good. – No, I think I will lose, and I think you’re just tempting me
to eat that toothpick, and I will not listen
to your peer pressure. – Mmm. – No can do. – (Wong) We swore an oath to
protect the Time Stone with our lives. – (Tony) And I swore off dairy,
but then Ben and Jerry’s named a flavor after me so…
– (Stephen) Stark Raving Hazelnuts. – (Tony) Ben and Jerry’s
named a flavor after me, so… – (Stephen) Stark Raving Hazelnuts.
– (Tony) Not bad. – Are we having ice cream?
– They’re giving us ice cream? – (Wong) Hunka Hulka Burning Fudge
is our favorite. – (Bruce) That’s a thing? – (Tony) Whatever, point is,
things change. – I knew it!
I knew it! – He called it! – They don’t show you
the ice cream at all. – They just say it. – But I’m going to try it. – Did we get custom-made ice cream?
– (gasps) Do we? – Are you telling me
we got custom made ice cream? Oh no. – The only snack in that picture
is Tony Stark, so. – (FBE) So sadly, Ben and Jerry’s
said they would not be making these fictional Infinity War flavors.
– Oh, ’cause they don’t want money, and millions of dollars in revenue
based on ice cream flavors. – (FBE) But luckily for you,
we made them! – Hell yeah! – (FBE) We’ve got
Stark Raving Hazelnuts, and Hunka Hulka Burning Fudge. Two ice creams that you can only get
in the MCU, can you resist? – That’s funny actually,
that’s really funny. – Oh my God! (laughs)
Oh my God! – Ah, I like what you guys did,
Benny and Rafi’s. (laughs) That’s good. – Mmm.
– Holy bajeebers! – (laughs) Holy bajeebers. – Whoa!
– Oh, that smells really nice. – That is like, oh my God,
look at the green in this. – Wow, oh my gosh!
– This is like Hulk green. – Dang.
– In its true form. – I’ve already lost,
so at this point, I’m like, what else do I have to lose? Mm-hmm.
– Mm-hmm? – Mm-hmm.
– Mm-hmm? – Are you sure?
– I’m so sure. – No, dude, dude you gonna…
– I’ve already gone this far! – Yeah, but, you know. (buzzer rings) Mmm. – Nevermind, we’re good.
We’re good. (buzzer rings) And hazelnuts are delicious,
when they’re not in their nut form. Oh, but it smells so nice. – You try yours, I’ll try mine,
and then we’ll switch. – Oh my good, we should!
– You know, like. – Cheers!
– I don’t know how you cheers ice cream.
– Like that, exactly like that. – Okay.
(buzzer rings) Oh, this looks really good.
(buzzer rings) – If you like hazelnuts,
you’ll like this. – Oh my God. – So what was the flavors here
other than the nuts? – Listen, just try it. – (scoffs) Rude. (buzzer rings) That is actually pretty [bleep] good. – Man, this fudge is really good.
– Hunka Hunka Hulk. – Uh-huh. – Oh, this is perfect. Honestly, if they had this
as like a regular flavor, I’d eat it. – Yeah, right?
Same with this. – That was worth it. – This was better than I expected.
– Yeah. – (FBE) It’s time
for the winning dish. So, if you haven’t tried
anything yet, like Ryan here, you’re gonna get to eat this. Jordan, of course,
you’ve tried the food, so you won’t get to eat this one,
but I’m gonna make you look at it anyway.
– That’s right, that’s what I get. – (FBE) Izzy, since you’ve already
eaten some of the foods, you normally wouldn’t
get to try this one, but you have a get out of
punishment free card from a previous episode.
Do you wanna cash that in today? – Yes I do! – (FBE) Ready to see the clip?
– Okay. – Yeah! – (Tony) You ever tried Shawarma?
– Shawarma! This is my favorite scene! – I’m down, I’m so down. – You know what?
Now I’m kinda sad I let you talk me into
the ice cream. – Fun fact, that’s not Chris Evans.
– Wait, what? – That’s not him,
that’s a double. – It’s like a body double?
– Mm-hmm. – Oh my God. – It’s still the best scene.
I think this is great. – See this is how fat Thor starts. – I mean, I can relate. – (FBE) So we’re gonna bring out
the winning dish first, and let you look at it. Reminders that you can’t eat this. If you had won today,
you would’ve gotten to dig in on this delicious Shawarma. – See, that Shawarma wrap
looks bomb. – That looks so good.
– Sad. – (FBE) So Izzy, this is what
you would be eating. – Yum! – (FBE) But you’ve got that
get out of punishment free card. – Exchange this card to skip
a future episode punishment and take the reward instead.
Hell yeah! – This is what I’m missing out on,
I’m like you know what? I only have Brandon to blame for this. – You like when the Christmas thing,
and you try to like unwrap it so that you can
save the wrapping paper? That’s exactly what I’m trying
to do right now. – You wanna cheers?
– Yeah, there we go. – Alright! – You got it all.
You got to bite every single one. – It was a great day.
– Yeah? – Yeah, yeah.
– I bet. – (FBE) Just like Groot,
we’ve got some twigs and leaves
for you to chow down on. (Kendelle laughs) – You couldn’t just adapt it to… – See, Groot’s the only one of you
who has a clue. – (FBE) But not so fast.
– Oh. – (FBE) To make this punishment
just a little worse, we wanna make you angry. (Kendelle laughs) So you’ll have to eat this
while wearing Hulk hands. – Okay. – I can’t even get the other one on! – What? – You know these are made for kids,
when my wrists are barely in. – How do you ingest this?
Is this safe for human consumption? – There we go. – A bay leaf by itself
isn’t very flavorful. – Groot does not have good taste.
I’m not gonna lie. Wow! – (FBE) Alright guys,
are you regretting any of your life choices today? – I wish I didn’t listen to Brandon. – The ice cream was good though. – I mean, he’s not wrong. – No, actually. I liked that ice cream. – (FBE) And Ryan, this is your
first ever Try Not To Eat, right? – Yeah. – (FBE) So how do you
feel like you did winning your first competition here? – I’m definitely feeling
some sort of pride. Not the pride
that you would think of, but there’s something.
There’s definitely something. – Thanks for watching us
Try Not To Eat Marvel Foods on the REACT Channel. – Subscribe for new shows every week. – If you liked this episode,
hit that like button. – What should we eat next? Let me know down
in the comments. – Deuces! – Hey Fam, React Producer
Mary here. Are you following @FBE on Twitter?
Well come talk to us, tell us what you thought
of this episode, and let us know
what we should react to in the future. Thanks for watching guys!

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