Try Not To Eat Challenge – Studio Ghibli Foods | People Vs. Food

Try Not To Eat Challenge – Studio Ghibli Foods | People Vs. Food

– (man) Sponge cake.
– Sponge cake? No.
– No no, don’t do this to me. – I’m gonna move on from this.
– You sound like you’re in pain. – I am! ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, you’re going to
be doing a Try Not To Eat challenge! – Yay, these are my favorite,
and not my favorites at the same time. – I feel that exactly,
because they’re super fun, and I love that we get to watch
the scenes where the food is from, but I hate punishments at the end. – (FBE) All of the foods today
are going to be from Miyazaki films. (Jeannie gasps)
– Can I stand real quick? – She’s like covered in Miyazaki art.
– I have three Totoros. All like different versions of Totoro.
– Totoro! – No-Face, Gigi, San. – The food always stands out
in all his films. – Yes.
– Every single one. – I never usually use the term
mouth-watering for food, but Miyazaki films actually
look mouth-watering, like they’re scrumptious. They look, for some reason
they’re like dreamy. – (FBE) The rules are pretty simple. For every food you eat,
you’ll get a strike, and then you will suffer a punishment
at the end if you lose. – Do we ever get to go back
and try the food we didn’t get to try? – (FBE) No! – Ope, well.
– Oh okay, well that’s gonna… – Huh!
– I’ll be so sad! (laughs) – I’m so hungry,
this is gonna be so hard to say no. ‘Cause I didn’t have lunch. (fire gurgles) – Hey! – (Sophie) That’s a good fire.
– I knew it! – This is the eggs and bacon. – (Calcifer) May all your bacon burn. – I swear if you’re gonna
bring bacon out there. – (Howl) Calcifer,
you’re being so obedient. – Sensual touch. – (Calcifer) Not on purpose,
she bullied me! – It’s the voice,
it’s Christian Bale’s voice. – It is, it’s just so… – It’s very different from the (growls). – (Howl) And you are, who? – (Sophie) Uh, you can just call me
Grandma Sophie. I’m your new cleaning lady,
I just started work today. – (Howl) Give that to me. – Hi, let me cook for you. – That was actually quite good. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – (Howl) Hand me two more
slices of that bacon. – Ugh, yes, more bacon.
– (Howl) And six more of those eggs. – Dang, get yourself a man like that.
– Right? (laughs) – Oof. Stop, my stomach’s already growling.
– The egg, the egg! – Mmm.
– Look at him, and then he eats like, whatever drops, I love him. – I like the face in the fire. – Oh wow.
– I can smell that. – Yeah.
– How can I like smell that? (Calcifer chews loudly) – I’m just entertained watching. – If I were anyone, I’d be the fire.
– Uh yeah! – The fire even makes
the eggshells look appetizing. Like that’s how messed up this is. – (FBE) This first dish
is the bacon and egg breakfast from Howl’s Moving Castle. This is a scrumptious breakfast
with bacon, eggs sunny side up, bread, cheese and hot tea. And don’t worry,
Calcifer’s curse didn’t work, the bacon is not burnt. – Those eggs look scrum,
scrum-diddly-umptious. I can’t get it.
– Not gonna, you can’t get it? – No.
– No? – I’m trying to win. – I ate eggs this morning,
I think I’m fine. – I think I’m okay.
It’s a good breakfast. My mouth is… – Miyazaki films have
so much other food, that I wanna try the other ones. – This is American food.
We don’t want this. – It smells really good,
’cause I’m hungry, and I didn’t have, gah,
oh my God that bacon though! I’m gonna say no right now
and look away. I want that winning meal. I feel like it’s gonna be worth it.
– I’m good. – ‘Cause, you know, Miyazaki. – I don’t like bacon,
so I’m gonna pass on it. – I don’t know!
– You should have some, Tori. – My mouth is watering,
but it’s also only the first dish. – It is.
– And I don’t wanna lose immediately. Like I, (sighs).
But you started so strong, which is why I’m so torn. – Here you go, eat this,
you must be hungry. – Aw.
– Spirited Away, this is my favorite. – Ooh. – (Haku) I put a spell on it,
so it’ll give you back your strength. – Ooh.
– I love this movie. – If your food
doesn’t have a spell on it, I can’t eat it. – Is the food we eat
gonna have a spell? – Oh my God, this,
I’ve always wanted to eat this. – Her eyes light up
and it sparkles, look at that. – The music is unmatched. – Just everything about it is so good.
– She starts to cry. – Don’t cry, Chihiro,
I’m gonna cry too! – I would love to cry when I eat.
(both laugh) That means the food is that good.
– It’s so good, she’s crying! – She’s a young girl
who’s been through a lot, and now she has comfort food! Aw.
– It looks really good. – (FBE) This next dish
is from Spirited Away. These are delicious rice balls
made by Haku to give Chihiro her strength back. These are filled with
pickled ume, or pickled fruits and salted salmon.
– Wow. – I like salmon. – I would love to try one,
but I can’t. Play to win!
– (both) Play to win, play to win! – I’m not a fan of salmon.
– Oh, you’re not? The presentation itself
just makes me wana bite into it. – Ooh, smell it.
– You don’t like it? – Smell it.
It smells good. – I know, it does smell good. – Bye bye, take this away from me.
Take it away! – I’ll do it, because I think
it looks really pretty. But I know I’m gonna be
really [bleep] pissed when that final one comes out. (buzzer rings)
– Aw, that looks good actually. I could smell it.
– It is good. – I still think I’m gonna lose,
but I’m not gonna lose to this one. I’m just gonna smell it,
and move on. – Fine, well I’m losing to them. (buzzer rings) – I know I’m not gonna make it
towards the end, but I’m trying my hardest
to put up a fight. – Mmm, I understand
why Chihiro cried over this. – Aw. Oh I love this from The Wind Rises! – (man) Are you hungry?
I have two slices of sponge cake. – Sponge cake?
No. – No, no, don’t do this to me! (paper rustles) – Oh, it looks so nice.
– (gasps) Oh, this looks good. Oh, this is gonna be eaten.
– Ooh, that looks good. – I think it’s…
– Looks like jam. – No, I think it’s like
red bean or something. – (man) Go ahead, take it.
– (woman) Come on. – Oh!
– Why did you not eat it? It’s right there, it’s free. – Don’t take things from strangers! – I would easily take
that sponge cake. – From a stranger? – (clears throat) He looked
like a nice guy. – If it’s a dessert,
it’ll be easier for me to… – Really, it’s the opposite for me!
– Really? – I’m like a sugar addict. – (FBE) The next thing
you’ll be eating, are the Siberia cakes
from The Wind Rises. They are a soft Castella cake
layered with Yokon, or red bean paste. – I love red bean.
– It’s on a newspaper. Damn it.
– Oh, it smells good. – It looks moist too. – Play to win?
– Play to win! Get it away from me! – Oh wow, that’s cool.
I’m hungry. – That’s good.
The bean paste is sweet. – Just gonna pass on this one.
I don’t know why. I’m gonna hold out. – I already went for one, so like,
I’m not getting the winning dish. I might as well, you know,
from this point. – I don’t know!
(buzzer rings) Damn it.
– It’s like a nice mix of kind of like sweet,
but not too sweet with the cake. I like it, it’s good. – I’m okay, I’m okay.
– You sure? – Yeah, I’m okay.
– You sure? – I’m gonna, I’m gonna,
I’m gonna move on from this. – You sound like you’re in pain.
– I am! – This one’s the cutest.
The cutest one so far. – Oh my God, it’s so good. It’s like…
– Oh my gosh. – Eating an angel’s butt cheek.
It’s so good. – If this is good,
I bet that winning meal is like 10 times better than this. – But are you really winning though,
’cause you’re missing out on all this good food? – Hmm.
– (laughs) Cute. – Everything looks so good. (Muta grunts)
– Oh my God. Any time, the way anime characters eat is just the most
delightful mouth noises. – Listening to people enjoy things
and eat things, this is torture. I am starving. – (cat) Tell me, who is that cat?
– (cat) I believe his name is Muta. – (cat) Muta?
– Muta. – (cat) Never heard that name. – The sass of that cat. – It’s all gone! – (Muta) No match for my stomach. – I wish I could be like
ho ho ho, no match for my stomach. When instead, I can’t eat
anything right now. – (FBE) So this is our take
on the fish covered desserts featured in The Cat Returns. It’s a delightful red velvet cake decorated with fondant
fish decorations. (buzzer rings)
Cream cheese frosting… – She already, she’s already,
she already started! Oh my gosh! – (FBE) Just like Muta,
you’re gonna wanna gobble it all up. – I can’t, because I’ve gone this far. I really need to get
that winning meal now. Like, I deserve that. – Bon appetit, I guess.
– I, ugh. Yum.
– Bah! The frosting.
I’m turning into Muta. – Ooh.
– That looks so good. – And then…
– Yeah, do it. I’m on your team here!
– I know. Ooh, now look at that.
– That looks really good. You know what?
– You can’t. – No I’m doing it.
– Oh wow. That switch was so quick. – You know why?
– Why? (buzzer rings)
– Are you gonna eat some? If you don’t,
I’m gonna eat every single one of these cherries. – No you won’t. – Are you going to eat it? – I’m not gonna eat it.
– ‘Cause I’d feel bad not leaving any cherries for you. – I don’t really like cherries.
– Okay. – If you’re gonna
take one for the team, I’ll salute you. I’ll like,
the whole time while you’re eating. – This is worth it, I don’t care. – That for sure, is red velvet.
– What happened to that saluting? – Oh, I’m sorry, the whole time.
The whole time, the whole time. – Honestly, I could eat this all day. – (laughs) Yeah, just eat
the whole cake, why don’t ya? – I just like want a cherry.
But I can’t even eat a cherry, ’cause it’s a try not to eat.
Evil little. Everything about this is so cute.
– Mm-hmm. – I love the fish and the cherries
and the oranges. I’m close enough to the end. – Yeah, you’re close.
Like at this point… (laughs) – But like, I’m still mad at myself,
and angry at this episode, I think. – (FBE) Here is the final dish.
– Alright. – I’m excited,
is this the winning food? – (FBE) Yep.
– It’s my turn. – Would you do me a favor
and open the box? – (Kiki) Yep.
– Oh, is it Kiki’s cake? – I love Kiki’s Delivery Service! – It’s the Kiki, ah!
You know, I’m fine, it’s fine. – (Kiki) I don’t get it. – (woman) Would you please bring this
to a young delivery girl? She was kind to me
and a very big help. It’s my way of saying thank you. Ah yes…
– This is the most wholesome movie. – (woman) Can you find out
when her next birthday is? Then I can bake her another one. – I love her.
– Then she tears up. (Kiki cries) – (woman) Kiki?
– Kiki. – (both) Do you love me? (laughs)
– Beside me. – (Kiki) Of course I will!
And maybe the young girl will want to know
the lady’s birthday, because she’ll be able to… – This makes me so happy.
– (woman) You’ve got a deal. – They’re so sweet! – This makes me wanna
rewatch this movie. – Yeah, I wanna watch
all of these movies. – Yeah. – Ooh. Hi! Wow. – How cute!
– Aw. – I love the little fondant
Kiki and stuff! – (FBE) The winning dish is
the chocolate cake from Kiki’s Delivery Service. It is a decadent german chocolate cake
that has been beautifully decorated. – German chocolate. – I just don’t care.
– Oh my gosh, she’s going in. She’s hungry, hungry.
– I am so hungry. – (FBE) Alright,
now for the losing food. – What the [bleep] is that? – (FBE) This isn’t technically a food,
but it is the cause of all of the evil
in Princess Mononoke. This is noodles covered in vegemite
with char-broiled calamari to represent the iron
and the demonic curse in the film. – That’s so cute, honestly.
Dangerous game. – I honestly kinda wish
I ate everything. because, like those buns…
– Bro! – I keep thinking about those buns.
(laughs) – (screams) Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm.
– Oh God, oh God. – (spits) Why is it sweet?
– What the [bleep]? – And then you chew it,
and it tastes like a tire. – (both) Cheers!
– Alright. – Mmm. – This is really sweet.
– Is it bad though? – Yeah, now it’s bad, aw! – Aw man.
– Let’s try this. – Why would you want to go
(mumbles) after this? Mmm, mmm.
– I legit feel like I’m eating rubber. This is so bad. – It looks delish.
– Oh [bleep] you. (laughs) – I am really happy with my decision
to stay away from the punishment. Oh my God.
– Kinda tastes like black licorice. – Okay, okay, okay,
it wasn’t that bad. – Now the aftertaste is coming!
– I’m proud of you! – I did it! – To everyone who’s done this,
congrats if you won. I’m sorry if you lost. I’m sorry if you won too,
because all that other food honestly looked really good.
– That’s true, that’s true. – So win-win, lose-lose, win-lose.
Everyone’s happy! – Play to win.
– Play to win. – (both) Play to win! (laughs) – Thanks for watching us try
not to eat food from Miyazaki films. – On the REACT Channel. – Subscribe for new shows…
– Every week! – (both) Bye! – Hey y’all,
React Producer Blythe here. Wanna keep seeing the content
that you love? Then subscribe to our channel,
and click that notification bell. You may even get to talk to us
in the first 30 minutes. Bye!

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  7. The subtle back noise is quite distracting during the whole episode. I don't know if it was just me but it was really light and had me saying "what is that noise?", "is it there?". Press the pause button and strain to hear my imagination. Get headphones, do it again. Raise volume and again. Yup, I'm not crazy…..or…recycle listening for my imagination.

  8. Even when you win, you don't really win. Which is why I don't neccessarily like these Try Not to Eat Challenges. In the end, the winners get something that can never amount to what they didn't get to try previously, but I guess it's still better than the punishment :/

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  12. Generations React to Scooby Doo's 50th Anniversary (which just recently passed) or Jonny Quest's 55th Anniversary (this wednesday)

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