Try To Eat In 1 Second Challenge (Speed Eating) | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food

Try To Eat In 1 Second Challenge (Speed Eating) | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food

– I don’t like
ice cream anymore. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) There’s a type of video
that keeps getting lots of views online when people make them
and it’s people eating or drinking things
in one second. – Oh.
– What? – Oh, I just–
I do that anyway. – (FBE) I hope you’re
up to compete in several speed eating
challenges. – Ah.
– I’m very excited and I’m gonna try to get
as much of the food on my clothes as possible,
’cause I borrowed this jacket from Eric. – Okay, I’m actually
really good at this. – Listen, the Heimlich
maneuver was invented for a reason.
We’re gonna be fine. – (FBE) We’ll bring out
a food or a drink item and you’ll have to consume it
as fast as you can. – Glad I wore sweatpants. – (FBE) Whoever does it
the fastest gets a point. After each round,
we’ll show you the video of the original challenge
and see how you did in comparison.
– Oh, God. – (FBE) Let’s bring in
the first. – Oh no.
I have a cavity. It’s gonna hurt.
– Yes. – Oh my God,
I gotta eat this whole thing? – Dude, I love this challenge.
– It’s gonna be fun. – Cheers. – (FBE) Try not to get
a brain freeze. Start eating in three,
two, one. – It wasn’t worth it.
Oh, wow. – This is good. – Oh my God,
it’s cold, it’s cold. – Ow! – Oh, I hate it.
Ow, my teeth. It hurts!
– [inaudible] – She’s spilling.
This doesn’t count. Not by the–
ah. – I feel like I’m doing
pretty good on this, you know? – It’s not dripping as fast
as I thought it would. – Ah, brain freeze. – Oh my God.
– It’s getting so hard to put it down. – I spilled.
– I should have just ate the cone. – (grunting)
– [inaudible]. – Ah, brain freeze!
– Why is she yelling? Oh my God, it hurts. – Ah, you’re winning.
– I’m getting it everywhere though. – Wait, I have an idea.
– How was that a good idea? – Oh my God.
– Messy. – (FBE) Okay, I’m just
gonna stop you guys. You guys failed. – I did 100%.
Oh my God. I got a brain freeze.
That’s good ice cream though. – This is not fun.
I just wanna enjoy it. – (FBE) Okay, both of you stop.
You both failed. – Oh, this isn’t
a fun challenge. You lied.
– (groaning) – (FBE) Okay, we can stop.
Actually, no cone. You got it, you won.
– What? – Whoo.
– (grunting) – (FBE) 41 seconds, you won.
– Ow. – I don’t like ice cream
anymore. – (FBE) Now, let’s take a look
at the viral video. – I doubt we’ll be as good
as them. – I don’t know.
I did pretty good. No, I didn’t.
– What the– – Okay. – How big is that?
– That’s huge. – That is a big boy ice cream,
dude. – Is he just–
shove it in? Oh, oh.
How– no, no. – He’s inhaling it, actually.
There’s no way he’s not. – Where did it go? – Ah, that’s weird.
– Whoa, ew. – (FBE) Okay, so here’s
the next food. – Oh God.
Just gonna get a bunch of phallic items?
Next a Popsicle, then a hot dog. – I’ve had two bananas today.
– Bananas are so good. – I don’t want anymore. – Have you seen those things
where they– down their throat
and then it gets stuck in their throat?
No, no, no. – I don’t even look at
those type of videos. What are you watching?
– No, no, no. – A gone wrong video?
– Yeah, it’s like a gone wrong kinda thing.
– Dude, I don’t know what you be watching.
Jaxon’s mom, check his history.
– No. – (FBE) Three, two, one,
go. – It’s way too thick.
There’s no way I could finish this
that fast. – What? – I’m eating it
from the side. – Ow. – (FBE) And time.
Seven seconds. – What the heck? – I hate bananas.
They’re so nasty. – [inaudible] – (FBE) You got it. – (FBE) Okay, eleven–
twelve seconds. – I’m not dealing with that.
I do not like bananas. Look at how weird– That’s not how you eat
a banana. – (FBE) So, you did
just as– you did the same amount
of time as Tom. – All right.
Rubbing that banana in his face.
That’s weird. – I’m a little nervous
to see how fast he eats this banana.
– I’m nervous to see any grown man eat
a banana. It doesn’t really matter
the speed. – Yeah.
Oh God. – Why’s he wearing
a shirt like that? – They’re all tough guys. – Okay.
Dude, oh my God. – Oh.
He just threw it in. – It’s gone.
I don’t think he has teeth. – He swallowed it?
– It went. – He literally inhaled it.
That did not go in his stomach.
– That guy was like, “what?” – He’s freaking out. – Yo, that’s the best
party trick I’ve ever seen. – There’s also another one
where this guy, he just swallows a bunch
of hot dogs and then spits them back up
like rockets. – I don’t know what
you be watching. – Oh, water.
– All right, we’ll hydrate up
and then we’ll do the next one, right? – Oh, I hate this.
I’m not good. – This is so–
I will throw up. – I have a friend that
can do this where they go…
They crush it in their mouth and it’s just a
jet propulsion into their stomach
and I can’t. – (FBE) Get ready in
three, two– wait, wait.
What are you doing? – Cheating over here.
– (FBE) Hold your horses. – That was a mistake. – I’m choking. – Done.
Oh, there’s still water left. – Nope. – (FBE) There’s still
more in there. Okay, you still won. – [Bleep] this game. – I hate this video. – Done. – (FBE) It’s time.
– I think I drowned. – That did not feel good at all.
– Yeah, I had a bad strategy off the gate.
Immediately choked myself. – The trick is, you can’t–
I was trying really hard not– ’cause he’s doing this
over here and I’m trying not to laugh,
’cause when you laugh, everything spills on you.
– Hold on. You’re saying the hardest
part of that challenge was to not laugh at me
doing it? – Yeah.
– I don’t think I like her. – Oh, he’s rolling up
the sleeves. Okay, he’s ready,
he’s ready. – All right, looks confident. – Oh my gosh.
– They literally inhale it. Bwoop.
– You added the sound. – It’s like an accordion.
Whoop. – What? – Oh, oh.
– That’s exactly what I did. Where’d I go wrong?
– Clearly you did something wrong.
– No, I was– whoosh and then
it went whoosh. – You got pretty close.
– I feel my technique was closer than yours.
– Way closer than mine. – Oh, watermelon?
Ugh. – Watermelon’s good.
I don’t know what you’re talking about.
– I hate watermelon. – How can you hate
watermelon? – I know, right?
Feel like I’m the first black person to hate
watermelon. I’m breaking the stereotype
right here. – Okay, I know how
to do this. I know how to do this.
– I don’t really like watermelon. I feel like it’s for kids
that went outside during the summer.
– You didn’t go outside during the summer
as a kid. – I like reading. – This is gonna be easy.
– [Bleep]. – You don’t like–
– It’s just like I know. I feel like if she says
it’s gonna be easy, so now I definitely lost
all my confidence. – Dude, this has to be
your thing. If I win this,
I don’t know what you’re gonna do. – (FBE) How fast do you
think you guys can do this? – Pretty damn quick.
– Mine’s kinda fat. I don’t know.
– I’ll trade you, if you feel at a disadvantage.
– It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m not a little bitch. – (FBE) Go. – (FBE) Yeah, you got it.
Five seconds. – I think I’m done.
– You know what? – I don’t even like watermelon.
– Did you get a smaller piece? – (FBE) Okay.
That was close. – Oh my goodness. – (FBE) You got it.
– I ate part of– – How’d we do?
– I ate more than him. – (mocking) – This has gotta be
just like the cartoon. It can’t be the actual person.
– No, there has to be someone. – Oh.
– That’s a full one. – What?
– Dude. – That’s huge.
– That is giant. – Oh no.
– What the heck? – Okay.
– Is he gonna– – Whoa, dude.
Okay, well that’s just all going on the table.
This is just messy. – I’m terrified.
– Eat it. Queen, yes.
– He’s just smooshing it. – He is a chipmunk. – What the heck?
– And he realized he forgot a chunk.
He picked it up and he kept going.
That’s a champion. – That’s scary. – At least we actually
ate it. His was just everywhere.
– That’s true. – So we are the actual
champs of this challenge. – Stakes are high.
– You could tie it up. You’re not gonna win.
– Oh, I can not. Now I feel like
I have to win. – That water messed me up.
You should have saved that for the end.
– Yeah, to wash it all down. – (FBE) The final one
we’re going to have you do is from one of the masters
and champions of online challenges
and competitions, record holder Matt Stonie.
– I love Matt Stonie. – (FBE) So, we’re going to have
you take on the 17 hash brown challenge.
– 17? – Nah, nah.
– You don’t like hash browns? Oh, what a reversal. – (FBE) He did it
in under a minute. – Oh my God.
– Wait, I’m sorry. The hash brown to ketchup
ratio is absolutely terrible. – Yeah, it’s a little minimum.
– It’s very off. – It’s okay. – (FBE) Go. – Oh, they’re squishy.
Okay. – So, how’s your day
today, Tom? – Pretty good.
– Good. – How was your day today?
– It was good. – I feel like you’re
struggling over there. – I’m trying to get it down. – Jesus. – Wait.
– I’m not doing a bunch. I have lunch after this.
– Maybe I can… Strategy. – Oh my God. – I can’t, I can’t. – I’m not dealing with that.
Hell no, hell no. – I’m definitely not–
I can’t eat any more. – (FBE) All right, stop eating.
– Okay. – I’ve seen this guy before
a couple times. How does–
oh my God. See, he’s got McDonald’s.
– Whoo. He didn’t even unwrap them. – That’s three bites a brown.
Are you serious? – He has the ketchup,
but he ain’t using ketchup. Boy’s going for speed. – How is this guy that skinny?
If this guy’s a competitive eater…
– True. Ugh. – Ooh.
– He doesn’t look like he’s having fun.
– No, I don’t think shoving 17 hash browns down
your mouth is enjoyable. – 17, holy cow. – It’s under a minute.
Let’s go, boy. – What?
– That’s why he’s the champ. We ate two.
– Yeah, I ate two and a half. – (FBE) So Tom, you won.
– Ay. – I won. – (FBE) So, you won. – Did my thing,
ate my food, drank my water.
– Drank your– – And I feel real good. – This channel’s the reason
why I can’t stick to a diet. I had to smoosh an
ice cream cone in my face within a second,
I ate a bunch of hash browns, a piece of watermelon, actually,
so I got a fruit in there. – That’s good.
That’s good balance. Balance is key. – I’m not great.
I have a stomach ache and then my brain
has a stomach ache too from knowing that I lost,
so it’s not a good day. – I mean, how do you feel
losing to a 14 year old girl? – Congratulations.
– I mean, the score wasn’t that–
we didn’t do that good. – There’s no losers.
I didn’t lose, okay? I just didn’t win.
Okay, I just– – Technically, you can never
lose when you’re eating food, ’cause food is amazing. – Thanks for watching me
attempt to eat things in one second
on the React Channel. – If you wanna see me
dominate another challenge, hit that Subscribe button. – Bye. – Hi, Caprice here,
your React Channel producer. Thank you so much
for watching people eat a bunch of food at once.
Make sure to Subscribe for new shows every day,
give us those great comments. See you later.

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  2. We had a banana eating contest once and boy lemme tell you even if you eat in the middle not gonna help its best to eat from the tip as big bite as you can chew (or swallow if you can) the repeat steps till ya done

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