(upbeat music) – [Man] Okay, so here’s our crock pot. Here are our eggs. Let’s just go ahead and
throw these in there. Okay, looks good. Let’s go ahead and grab our mixatron 5000. (electric mixer whizzing) Yeah, that looks good. And then we need some carbonated water. Here’s our carbonated water. I’m just gonna go ahead
and put that in there. I’m not sure why this is
a big component of this, but I guess it is. Then we need some salt and pepper. Okay, that ought a do it. I’m gonna go ahead and plug
this guy in for a little bit, and we’ll see what happens. Woo! So, it’s been about three hours. Let’s see how this looks. Oh, oops. There we go. Yeah doesn’t look bad so far. It’s actually cooked,
so that’s a good sign. Let’s go ahead and try it out. (food squeaks) Ooh that sounds so gross. Ah, it kinda looks cooked. It’s a little bit runny. It’s very soft and fluffy though, so that’s kinda cool. Let’s try it. I mean, it’s okay. It’s not like the best
thing I’ve ever had. I think the fact that I put
strawberry water in there made it taste a little bit weird. But you’ve gotta work with
what you’ve got I guess. Well I guess we could say it worked. Okay, now that I have this
half eaten baked potato, which was delicious by the way. We’re gonna go ahead
and see if this works. So I think they put one
inside out like this. Yeah, looking good. Put that in there. Then we’re like, “oh no, our
baked potato, it’s too big”. Actually it fits in the bag perfectly. Ah, just pretend with me here guys. It’s just too big for this bag. This baked potato is
way to big for this bag. So then we’re gonna do this, come on. Ah, it’s sticking. I feel like I need practice
for this or something. Okay, maybe I have to switch them. Okay, now it’s not sticking at all. What am I supposed to do here? This is ridiculous. Stick on there. Oh my goodness. Just buy bigger bags next time guys. This is aggravating. Okay, I can’t get it to freaking stick. Okay, one side does it but
the other side doesn’t. Because, how it’s made. I’ll try it one more time. I just want to put my baked potato away, so that it doesn’t become bad. Oh, I got it to stick. Oh my gosh, I actually did it. Okay, we got it to stick together. Well guys, I guess we can say it works. It’s just very time consuming though. I spent five minutes doing this. Now let’s try open it up. Oh yeah, that’s some nice baked potato. Yummy! Okay so I actually went ahead and bought some canned pineapple, because regular pineapple is actually out of season right now. So we’re just going to go
ahead and open this up. I don’t need that. I said I don’t need that. Get the heck outta here! Okay, thank you. Ooh this looks delicious. Here’s our cupcake tray. Just going to go ahead
and put them on here. Just like that. Oh yeah, this is going to be so good. Okay, looks like were two short. Ah, I’m going to go pop
these puppies in the oven. Okay, here we go. Okay, so one hundred and twenty degrees. And we’re going to pop them in there. You guys be good, I’ll see
you in about twenty minutes. We’ll see what happens next. Ah, let’s see what it looks like now. Dang, these just don’t want to dry. This is crazy. Okay so even on three hundred, it’s been like forty five minutes. They still not dry. I don’t know what the heck is going on. Okay, gave it another twenty minutes. How are we? Hah, they’re almost actually dry. And it only took an hour and a half. Let’s look at these puppies upstairs. So here’s our pineapples. I mean they aren’t perfectly dry like they are in the video. But they look pretty good. I like baked pineapples. They not like ultra-dried and it took an hour and
a half to really cook. I’d say, if you really wanted to
cook it all the way through, it would probably take
closer to two hours. Anyway, let’s try this bad boy. It’s not bad. Well I guess we could say it kinda works. Not 100%, because it would’ve two
hours to fully cook it. So, this kinda works, I guess. Okay, please ignore
these little scuff marks. I didn’t want to get another background, because that would be wasteful. So here’s our chocolate. I’m going to go ahead and
cut this up a little bit. So we’re just gonna… (chopping) Now that looks good. Then we’re gonna put it in our jars. We don’t need the cap because, these are actually made out of plastic. And I’m just going to go ahead and put some tinfoil over them. Yeah that looks good. Ugh, it’s all over my hands. Yeah, that’s good enough. Just going to put the
aluminum foil on the top. There we go. Looks good. Now for this guy. Oop, poked a hole. There we go. Now we’ve gotta get out crockpot. Ugh, here we go. Put them in here. Now we need water. Here you go, drink up guys. Maybe a little bit more. Yeah that ought to do it. Let’s throw a lid on this guy. It didn’t say how long we’re
supposed to do this for. So, I’m just going to
do it like half an hour. So, I’ll see you guys in half an hour. Okay, half an hours up. Let’s go get it. Here we go. Take that off. Let’s see how melted these guys are. One of them actually got tipped over so, one has a bunch of water in it. And I think that’s this one. Ew, that does not look very good. I’ll put this off to the side for now. So now it’s a bad one. This is the good one that I did properly. Let’s see- Oh, that’s hot! Let’s see how melted this chocolate is. Here we go. And, wow! That’s actually pretty melted. Yeah, I think that actually worked. If I didn’t get water in it, the other one would have
probably worked too. So I guess we can say this one works. So for this one I’m going
to need a can of coke that just won’t open. Now I’m going to try my best to make it so that this just kinda falls off. But no promises. Maybe I could just cut it off. Let’s see. Woo, it worked! Yeah, I don’t need this anymore. Now I need some chopsticks. Here are our chopsticks. We really only need one. So.. Now we’re just going to
go ahead and poke this I guess, until it opens. (screaming) Oh my god, Woo! That was terrifying! I was not expecting that. Oh my gosh! I need a minute. Oh my god! (sigh) Well I guess we can say this works. How am I supposed to just… Yup, still good. Okay, so here’s out ramen. I just cooked it just for you. Here’s our hair straightener. Now, let’s see of we can de-congeal some of these noods. Is congeal the word? Congealed – [Google Voice] Having become semi solid, especially on cooling. – [Man] Okay, yeah I used that word right. Let’s see if we can de-congeal this. I don’t know if de-congeals a word. But, lets see if we can yeah… So here we go. Maybe if I line them up. So I’ve gotta line them up properly too. Okay, give me a second here guys. Okay, here we go. Now we’re just gonna… Oh that does not sound good. Oh this was an awful idea. Okay, let’s keep going. I mean it’s slowly making
them straighter actually. If I do this though, it’s
going to take so long. Just like straightening my hair. How many of you is this
triggering right now? Oh my goodness. This is so weird. Why am I doing this? We have ones breaking off. This is what happens to your hair if you straighten it too much. Maybe if I just do it in
like sections, like this. I’m just going to do it really slow. Okay, so weirdly enough
this is kind of working. So I’ve been working at this for five or six minutes now. And it looks like they’re pretty solid. I mean they’re not perfectly straight. But- Dude, that’s kinda weird. It’s not as perfectly straight as it is in the video. But, I mean, its still pretty straight. So, I guess, we’re gonna
have to say this one worked. Okay. So I’ve actually
seen this one around the internet for a while now. And, it does work. I have tried it. Well, let me just show you. It’s our classic can of olives. Here’s our can opener. Then we’ve just gotta put it on there. Just like that. Yeah, fits on perfectly, see. Now you just twist it at the top. Yeah, see. So the whole thing about this, now you have juice everywhere if you had opened it the other way. The juice goes all the way to the top. So you already spilt all the juice. That’s one this wrong with this. Number two, now you have
the sharp edge on the can and you can really cut yourself on this. I mean, it would have been on this part. There’s two ways of
doing everything I guess, and this is just a way to do stuff. Mmm, olives. Anyway, I guess we’re gonna
have to say this one works. Okay so here’s our cucumber. Here’s our knife. So apparently, we just supposed to cut
down most of the way, like that. And just keep going. Okay, flip it over. Now apparently we’re supposed
to do it at like an angle, like this. Let’s see how well this works. Okay, I’ll be just as amazed as you guys if I do this correctly. So we’re just going to pull it. And, no, I didn’t do it right. Maybe deeper. Okay we’ll try this again. Ready? One, two and… It’s kind of working. I’m so close. I mean, I kind of, no. I kind of did it, yeah. I did it, woo! Kind of. It needs some salt and pepper. Oh yeah, now that’s some good cucumber. Well guys, I guess we can say, this- I don’t know if this works. But I mean, I cut the cucumbers and that’s all that matters. I’m just going to eat my cucumber. Here’s our potatoes. Here’s our tin foil. Just wrap some of these
puppies up, shall we? So first we supposed to
stab them with a fork. I only have this plastic one, so… I hope it’ll do. Okay, wrap this bad boy up. One down. Oops. Wrap this guy up. Two potato. We’re just going to do one more. And, three potatoes. Here’s our crock pot. Just gotta put these guys in there. Perfect. So here’s our bread pan. We’re just gonna spray
that up really quick. Looks good. Now we’re gonna flop our bread in there. And apparently we’re supposed to let this rise for a little bit. But according to the video, I can just put it in there
and then put a top on it. Yeah, I don’t really know how long we’re supposed to put it in because it doesn’t say on the video. So, I’m just going to go ahead and plug this in for a little bit and we’ll see how it looks
when they’re both done. So I just wanted to update you guys on this little fiasco. And it’s been about two hours. Not really a lot has changed. I mean it has blown up a little bit because its baking. But it’s very slow. And I figured it would be good if I kept this tin foil on it. Oh no, it’s falling off. Yeah, I’m keeping this tin foil on it, so that it keeps more heat inside. I’m gonna let it sit
for another hour or two. Maybe two hours. And I will let you guys know
what’s going on with it. Here’s our bread and our potatoes. It’s been smelling very
strongly of yeast in here. So it hasn’t been smelling the best. I gonna let this cool
off for a little bit, and then we’re gonna cut it
open and see how it looks. Okay we let it cool for a little bit. Let’s see if we can move it out. Oh wow! The perfect loaf of bread. Okay, move that out. Let’s see how out hot potatoes turned out. Ah, hot potatoes! Let’s see how out hot potatoes turned out. Just gonna. Okay, let’s see. So just so you guys know, this was in here for
like three or four hours. So, it was basically in
there for a very long time. Let’s see how easy it is
to cut this bad boy open with a fork. Oh my gosh. It just slides right in there. This is actually a baked potato. All I need is butter and its perfect! Give it a little bite. Wow, this is actually really good. I can’t believe it. I actually made a baked
potato in the crock pot. Well I guess we can say
that this one works. Okay, lets cute open this bread. Here we go. Oh my gosh. It actually came out. That is so cool. The bread actually baked. This is perfect little pieces of bread. I mean it’s a little gooey on the inside. Actually, that was perfect! So fluffy. Wow that’s actually pretty good bread. Well I guess we can say it works. Okay guys, now its
everyone’s favorite part of the video where we
recreate the thumbnail. So here’s our bacon. Just going to open that up real quick. Yeah, here we go. Now that looks like one
nice piece of bacon. Here’s our hair straightener. I went ahead and set it to four hundred and thirty degrees. That’s the highest it goes. So let’s see if we cook some
bacon with this, shall we? So we’re gonna start in the middle. I’m gonna do this one really slow. I mean it’s sizzling. I think it might be doing it actually. This is going to take so long. For one piece of bacon. I’m only going to do half of it. So that, I can make it
look like it’s cooked on the top part. If it does cook. So we can really see the difference here. This is so going to break
my hair straightener. Oh my god, if this thing catches on fire. Where’s my fire extinguisher? I mean it smells good in here. This is so greasy. Okay, I’m going to wipe
off my straightener. I have to say this is probably the most inconvenient way to cook bacon. I already knew that going in to this but I just wanted to confirm it. I don’t even know which side I was doing. I think it was this side. Nope. It was this side. Ah, that’s hot. Okay, let’s keep going. I’m just going to leave it here and see if it cooks it over time. God, this is so stupid. It’s slowly, slowly cooking it. It’s taking so long for this. Okay this is obviously not working. I’ll be right back. Okay so here’s some bacon that I cooked. As you can see, I’m not
very good at cooking bacon. It is completely burnt. So now we’re just going to go ahead and try to recreate this thumbnail. Gonna go ahead and cut this is half. Okay, here we go. So we’re just gonna go ahead. That here. One right there. And then one up here. Perfect. No, not perfect. Getting close. Oh, did I just break it? Okay, mmm. This is harder than I thought. Okay, try this again. Oh there’s a hair on it. Ew, this is disgusting. Okay that should do it. Woo, okay guys thanks so
much for watching the video. If you liked it, make
sure y’all thumbs up. I’ll save my bits for right down there. So I just got a brand new laptop and I want to cover it
completely in stickers. So if you guys want to
send me any cool stickers to put on my laptop, I will
send to a sticker back. My PO Box is right here and
I’ll put a downscription down below. I freaking love stickers, so I can’t wait to see
what you guys send me. If you guys want to watch me do more five minute craft stuff, you can click right here or downscription down below. It’ll be the first playlist by the way. If you guys are new, make sure you hit that subscribe buttton. If you guys want this shirt, stickers or any of my other merch, you can click right here. Okay yeah, love you guys so much. I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love and wifi. Over and bye.


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